Friday, June 26, 2009

WIP's and Stash

Happy Friday!

This is a drive by post. I am limiting myself to 1/2 hour each day to the internet, it has worked out great around the homefront with Kellie. We are doing lots and getting lots done

Block 3 of VoHRH

Summer House

And can anyone identify this one yet?
I added a few new LHN designs to my collection
Hen Party, Alphabet Rhyme and Coming To America

Here are couple neighborhood cows, they live as close as the horses but different farms

My sweet precious granddaughter

Off to work in the garden, lots of weeds with all the rain, then the hot humid weather.
Thanks so much for visiting with me.
Have a great sunshine filled weekend

Sunday, June 14, 2009

In God We Trust

Happy Sunday!

From the moment I saw this freebie I pulled the fibers and got right to stitching
I will make it into a pillow. I need to get the appropriate fabric. I have some in my stash, but that wouldn't make it as fun now, would it?!

"In God We Trust" by Plum Street Samplers

Freebie found Here

Stitched on 30ct dark chino w/ DMC

I changed out the 1776 color and made it the blue.

I started a Facebook account yesterday. Some of you that I had email addresses, got an invitation. I know when I was setting it up there were suggested friends. I skipped that, maybe I was suppose to check or uncheck. I had two people ask me who I was, lol. I should have gotten the kids over here to help me. I spent all day on that thing, trying to figure it out.

I need all the friends I can get to beat the kiddies, lol. Like that would ever happen,lol

I stayed up all night trying to put a dent in my stitching.

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Friday, June 12, 2009

Freebie, Block 2 finished, BBD SAL, Boo Club

Happy Friday!!

I was finally going to post and read blogs yesterday (I am so behind)... but I stumbled across this freebie and just had to start it.

Block two of VoHRH is finished

I am behind in posting my SAL progress
Here is last Wednesday's progress SAL

This Wednesday's progress

Summer House by Blackbird Designs

I am taking Monopoly Gameboard and Quaker Christmas off my WIP list, they are intentionly UFO's as of right now.

I downloaded the Mary Wigham. I just need to get a big enough piece of 40ct fabric for it. My LNS don't carry that high count.

Cindy F... I posted two hardcover's for you in my trade blog found in sidebar. You get first dibs.

Two more done on the LK Boo Club

two more to go and it will be done, yay!
Well, I think that covers it all for right now.
Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much