Sunday, July 31, 2011

New blogger

Happy Sunday!!!

There's a new blog in the neighborhood
Anna and I have been playing around with the computer this morning
Here is a link to her blog Anna

Please stop by and see what she has been stitching
She also does Hardanger, beautiful!!!!

Now on to regular scheduled stitching

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Constuction completed

on house #5 of Hawk Run Hollow

House #6 is going to be a brut with the block being stitched solid, yay!

I had alot of emails about the crushed walnut that I use in my pinkeeps.

I am sorry if I missed a response to anyone.

I buy it at the pet store in the bird dept. The bag last a long, long time.

It keeps your needles sharp and clean

I keep the bag in the deep freeze to kill the eggs or worms or whatever

I have never seen or had a problem with it, but have heard of others who have.

Well, I better scoot.

Anna (no blog) is coming from Madison to stitch and do some finishing tomorrow with me, yay!

Keep your fingers crossed I will have some finished finished products to show

If anyone close by wants to drop in, your more then welcome, just email me or call if you have my number

Happy Stitching!!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunflowers N' Crows freebie

Howdy! again so soon

I loved stitching this little freebie up and it went so fast,
just what I needed in this heat wave

You can find it over at Primitivebettys

I stitched with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads
Brandy, Mulberry, Burnt Orange, Avocado, Apple Cider, Garden Gate and Black Crow
on scrap piece 40ct linen that I coffee dyed last night and then made a pin pillow with walnut chips. Yes! I did my chores first thing this morning before I started my sewing machine

And then I got this in the mail from Brenda (no blog) we have been talking for awhile and send each other things. She seen I had started Halloween Rules and came across this and knew it was me.

Here's an up-close, it's the wooden bell pull hardware by Images Stitchery Design

Some of the tombstones say

Quilter Clara, died by a blot of fabric; Slim Sue, pulled her last thread; Fast Jane, died with thread in hand, Netty Needler, knit herself to death

It is so me, huh? I think so too
Thanks Brenda you are the bestest

Thanks for all the suggestions on commenting, I tried and I think I have it down now,
knock on wood!!!!!!

Tata for now

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sampler aux Bouquets

Howdy! Folks
I am happy to be posting a finished Jardin Prive "Sampler aux Bouquets I, II, III

Stitched on 40ct Maritime linen w/ DMC

I think it is one of the most prettiest I have ever stitched

I am selling all three charts for 27.00 (that includes shipping) SOLD

I take paypal for US only, no international, Sorry!

I have tried many times to change my paypal with no success.

I still can't comment on certain people's post. I have to keep logging in or the internet page can't be found, I am so sorry for this. Anybody else with problems??

It is going to be hot here in northern Illinois this week. I am going to in stay where it's cool and hopefully stitch on block 5 of Houses

Thanks for visiting :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A finish

Peace Inside by MidSummer Night Designs

stitched on 36ct Truffle by PTP

w/ Gentle Art threads

I just noticed I forgot to stitch the intials above the bird on the right, Ooopsies!!!!

I do hope everyone is having lots summer time fun