Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last finish of 2011

Happy Tuesday!!

I finished stitching and made this little pillow hanger this morning

December Wordplay by Brenda Gervais

stitched on 35 ct Abercedarian with GA threads

I even got to use the bells I rusted, yipppeeee!!

That inspired to finish framing Greetings by Blackbird Designs

I love how it came out. The frame was bought at a goodwill store, it fit perfect, Score!!!!!

I love mail!!!!
This charming little FOB came from Teresa.
The beads are gorgeous. Thanks so much, I will cherish it forever
I will be emailing you

I will leave you with a scene out my back window, lot different from the last post pic.
I woke up saturday morning to SNOW, yay!!!!

The sad news... it's all gone, back to the yucky browns

I want to wish everyone Merry Christmas.

I hope the New Year brings lots of comfort and joy to your days and nights

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The start of Sergei

Blogger's not playing nice for me today
I have tried all morning and afternoon to get the photo turned the right way
I refuse to let it take anymore time from me that it already has

I started Sergei last night by Plum Street Samplers

Stitching on 40ct maritime

Well, I'm off to stitch a little more

Happy Stitching!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Framed pieces and expecting news

Happy Monday!!!!!

Yesterday I went to The Inspired Needle found Here for the Stitch-in

Wonderful stitchers, food and stash

I picked up two framed pieces
Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs

Winter Wonderland by Blackbird Designs

I was excited to get them posted, that today was a gloomy day, so the photo's are really bad and don't show the beauty. They always look better in person anyway

Additional stash I aquired

I don't like how Homespun Elegance package thier charts, now in a thin plastic that is sealed, so when you open it, you ruin the plactic. How do you keep the pages together? besides using your own expensive zip lock.

Linda borrowed me the Sleigh Bird chart, so when I returned it to her yesterday, I gifted this back for a Thank You

Now for the expecting news....

This is DD Heather and her hubby and Brianna

(photo taken last week at Brianna's daycare Christmas program at the hospital, where heather is an RN)

Brianna'a going to have a baby brother or sister
So that makes me Grandma for a third time.
With all the trouble Heather had with Brianna being 10 weeks early and 2.9 lbs. Both their lives being in danger. She is considered high risk, please say a prayer for her and this baby. She has had several blood test to watch (I think) her count, she has a scheduled ultrasound in the middle of Jan.

I know this is such a busy time of year. Even I have fallen behind in commenting.

Thanks so much for taking time to comment or email. I love reading them.

Happy Stitching!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Glory To God

Good evening!!!

by Little House Needleworks found in the JCS Christmas Ornaments 2008 issue

And here is my sweet little bunny, I hope he doesn't hop of my fabric.

Not sure if I'm liking his black eye, looks kinda weird to me. I stitched him in WDW Mocha. I didn't care for the so called CC, it was blue.

I'm planning on picking up two framed pieces tomorrow from The Inspired Needle, can't wait!!

Good nite!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New start and new Ginghers

A new start...

I'm having a bit of trouble getting into this design, maybe stitching the rabbit will get me excited to finish it, so it don't end up as a UFO

Here's what it will look like

"March Hare" by Blackbird Designs found in A Fine Collection booklet
stitching on 30ct Flax Fields by R&R

A new pair of Ginghers...

Alicia 4"

Looking out my window today, I decided we need snow, lots of snow
I can't wait to see it all white and pretty
I'm making a stash pile for kitted designs for 2012, I will have a photo coming soon

Thanks for taking time to leave a comment or email.

Happy December!!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dashing through the snow, Yay!!!!!

It's a gloomy rainy day here in northern Illinois

Dashing by Birds of a Feather

stitched on 32ct Iced Cappucino w/WDW

I changed the color of the boys overalls, I didn't care to dress him in pink, so I found a blue that looks alot better on him

Here's my attempt to rust bells and pins

for December Word Play by Brenda Gervais or any other finish

I put them in bleach for 2 days then cider vinegar and salt for 2 days. I put them in the sun with what little we had. They were still shiney, what the heck!!!! So then I put them back in cider vinegar and salt for another day and put them on a paper towel as they dried they rusted a little. Ebay! here I come, lol

I took advice and looked for cheaper ones at the dollar store, no luck finding bells.

Does anyone know what their new start will be for New Years day?

I ususally have something picked out and kitted already, but not this year. I have no clue what I want to start. I looked through my stash and nothing calls my name. Are there any SALs?

Happy Stitching!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sneak Peak

"Dashing" Birds of a Feather
I'm almost done, another day or two and it will be finished. It's so darn cute, I love it!!

I have these three patterns for sale

They are Two Country Barns, Two Cottages, and Two Cabins from Nancy's Needle.

I am asking 25.00 for all three and that includes shipping to the US

If interested email me lilpebblecreek@aol.com

Thanks for all the responses to the BoaF freebie

Happy Stitching!!!