Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween is getting close

I have a spooky ooky finish.
I made a little hanging ornament out of a design that Mindi created using motifs from the Samplemakers Autumn Challenge, pattern can be found HERE
Thanks! Mindi

Here are two Halloween WIPS, I hope to have finished by the end of October

Lizzie*Kate "ABC Halloween"

Blackbird Designs "Midnight Watch"

Thanks for stopping by

Friday, September 23, 2011


Happy Friday!!!!

Lots of progress made on Halloween Rules this week

I am so happy to have the BBD Casting a Spell and the box,
now to get the linen and maybe a couple GA threads

I need some help here..

I am torn between two designs, which one would you like to see me start stitching next??

I am kinda leaning toward the Winter Wonderland, since that season is coming up really, really fast
But then again I love the PS and have that kitted up longer

I captured this little sweetie, it's not as dark as it appears in the background

I think I may have spooked him, the hummingbird would not feed, when I had the camera in hand

Thank you for all the comments and e-mails,

they are much appreciated and so fun to read

Have a great weekend!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Penny America

Hello! fellow stitchy peeps

"Penny America" by Tree of Life Samplings
I don't care how I finished it, now what to do??

GD Brianna is always going into my sewing room and picks out a little finished pillow to lay on.
I rememebered I stitched a design for Heather (her mom) when she was her age or probably younger.
I dug deep into a tote and found it, ironed it, picked out a backing material and sewed it up for her to take home

She loves it so much, she even took it to daycare for show & tell.

I don't have a clue to the design or designer, but I may still have the booklet somewhere, lol

I don't think you can even find aida like that anymore, can you?

This last weekend was Homecoming

Kellie with her best friend down the road

Caitlin and Kellie in the black

I won't bore you with group pics but here is Kellie and her date Andrew

Thanks for visiting and for all your kind comments

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday Funday

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Anna and I finished our boxes from Blackbird Designs
She came to my house on Sunday

We painted and put them together in the morning. They are not all the way finished here, because we took a break to the stitch-in at

The patterns are out of the Stitcher's Journey booklet

And here is my box all finished

On the way home we stopped by the Chicago Outlet Mall. We made a bee line to the Vera Bradley store. Anna come out of the store with this bag and accessories. I have no clue what the pattern is called. I love how the green and purple pop with the black background.

That's it for today.

I'll be back in a couple of days with a finish


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack

All dressed
All down

Stitched on 36 ct Sparrow w/ needlepoint silk 993
It was started way back in August 2009

I won, I won, I won

over at Butterfly's blog for her contest of followers

She sent me Teresa Wentzler's Carousel Horses, so beautiful

A pkg of Thank You notes, they will come in handy

Scented sachel tea rose, smells so nice

2 dragon flosses, so soft

and a Country Vintage 2012 calendar, I will hang this in my sewing room and try to use it for a stitchy journal

Thank You! June, I will email you soon

It is so fun to find things like this in the mail

And this little cutie is a thrift store find for 50 cents

When I peeled the tag off the bottom it quotes

"When life gives you scraps - make a quilt"

Blessed are the peacemakers, Matt 5:9

1998 Sonshine Promises by Gretchen Clasby

Remember 9/11

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spooky Friday Finishes

Happy freaking Friday!!!!

I finished off a couple of recent stitchy pieces today

I just love the little parrot button on sock monkeys shoulder

Next is a almost finish, it's getting real close

Brianna's little magic trick as she calls it

It's a little toad

Sunday will be another Funday. Anna is planning a trip down to finish off our BBD boxes and then we will take a road trip to Lemont to the Inspired Needle stitch -in. The retreat is getting close and I can't wait for my 1st one ever, I can't even imagine... maybe a little, only from seeing pics and stories from other bloggers.

Have a super duper weekend :)