Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biscornu Happy Dance and Winston

Good Evening!!

I finished a biscornu this afternoon

The freebie can be found Here

I apologize to those who have given me awards and have not recognized them. I am truly Sorry!
The most recent awards come from Meari, She is a fairly new to me blog and I found out she lives close by :)
Sue is a wonderful stitcher and commenter.
I really hate to pass them on, there are so many of you and I can't pick just a few. I have so many friends from all over the world and hope to continue to do so.

Mr Bunny has been officially named. It was so hard, you gals came up with some really good ones. But in the end I had to chose one.
Please let me introduce to you Winston wabbit

Kajsa Thanks so much for helping me name my little guy.
Now to go thru your blog with a fine tooth comb for your prize,lol
Please email me your addy.
As you can see Winston is adjusting very well here with many friends.
Everyone seems to like the birdie photo's so here's a few more.
This little thing hit our big window.
Happy news! He did survive and we got up close and personal on the patio while he recups. As you know I keep a very close eye on them till they can fly away. There is a very naughty kitty in the hood.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

Blue Jay

Indigo Bunting

Faithful Cross Stitchers- Floss Daily

Monday, April 27, 2009

Hippy! Hippy! Shake!!

Shake that tail feather!
I have a finish and I even framed it.

"Princess Parade" Country Cottage Needleworks (Country Cottage Kids)

Stitched on 32ct cream cashel linen with called for floss. This is going to hang in Princess Brianna's room. Now I need a little boy to stitch "Boys & Bugs."

I started this spring biscornu this weekend

I also started Happy Camper by Raise The Roof Designs, but I don't really care for it right now.

The party went great and now if I can get through this Friday nite I have it made. I would show photo's, but I am not sure about the other girls pics being posted on the internet. I really don't even like to post pics of Kellie or Brianna. You can never be too safe

Here are some pics I took out our window yesterday between showers

American Robin

American Goldfinches

The big fat cat that looked like she ate a few of them

You gals have really made it hard to pick one name for Mr. Bunny. I will have to throw some in a hat and chose that way. I will post that soon

Check out my trade blog It's updated with photo's.

Take care everyone and Thanks for stopping by.

Don't forget to floss each day

Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been RAoK'd and We have a winner

Happy Friday!!

I have been RAoK'd

by Julie.
I love him, Thanks so much I will take extra good care of him.

Isn't he just handsome? But the little guy has no name. So lets hold a contest


Choose a name for him that you think best suits this little guy, in this post. The winner of the name I like the best, will get something from me. I don't know if it will be chart, linen or some stitched by me. It will depend on the winner, I guess

Now on to that winner for the Boo Club charts.

I put the names in a bowl (even the ones that commented on The Spooky Stitcher SAL blog, because the way I wrote it sounded like that post, duh!!!

The person's name I picked was

Tammy please send me your mailing info to the email on my About Me.
Congrats! you will get the first three charts, then after I finish the other three you will get them.
Can you help??
I am looking for the Cross Stitcher magazine December '94 issue (from Crafts and Things) with the Nature Lovers' afghan series. I will gladly buy it. I want to stitch the afghan, I love birds and was looking through my oldies and had 3 of the 4 together. I never looked for the magazine, way back then I didn't know where to get it.
I have so many magazines. Are you looking for a certain one? Ask! I just may have it.
Kellie's 13th Birthday is today. She is having slumber party #1 tonite and party #2 next Friday night. She is in two different groups of girls, that don't get along too well together. So to avoid conflict the spoiled girl get two parties. I really would like to see all the girls get along, but it ain't gonna happen. I hate to see feelings hurt.
How would you feel about the situation if it was your daughter? just wondering.
This is the last party, till she turns 16, then the girls will probably go out.
I better scoot and tweak a few things around here for tonite.
Live Well, Laugh Often, Stitch Much

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Chart Recycle

Happy Earth Day!!!

I am going to recycle these three charts now. You will get the other three when I get them stitched.

Lizzie Kate Boo Club Flip-Its
Black Cats, Eek and Spooky
charts only No buttons
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post only
Good Luck!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New addition to the neighborhood and BBD contest entry

Good Evening!!
I went for a walk/run yesterday morning between rain showers. And this is what I discovered. The owner let mother and baby for a few hours while it was nice.

Then mother noticed me and it was time for me to leave.
This is my version of the Blackbird Design contest.
I stitched in on 28 ct cream fabric with Needle Necessities
#127. I used my paternal Grandmothers first and middle name with her dates.
I have included a lady bug (from my window) on the piece for good luck to win.
I have many e-mails and blogs to catch up on tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting with me. Until next time...
Cross Stitchers Count

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Under Contruction and two finishes

Good Evening!!
I have time to post on a Saturday nite as the fishing season is now officially started. So while the boys are off to play this weekend, Kellie and I did some shopping and come home to paint. She is painting her room while I touch up my hallways, fun!!!!
Here is Princess Parade. The castle is now under construction.

Sorry!! I was too lazy to take it off the scrolls. I also forgot to get a close up of the little frog, the princess in the yellow is holding it, cute!! I hope she has a firm grip on that little fella.
I finished the deer ornament from the Prairie Lodge chart.
I even have a finished finish.
"The Little Sampler" by The Goode Huswife.
The back is leather. A little pricey, but I think it gives the primitive design an elegant look.
**This could be up for trade if you think you can entice me to give it up. Let me know what you have as way of something stitchy, charts, fabby, kit, floss, etc. either leave a comment with email or you can find my addy in the About Me. I will leave it open for a week and see what you can come up with.
Some added photo's of Easter weekend at my in-laws. It was sunny but the temp was very cool
They live by a pond that gets fed by springs and run off from a major highway. I don't know, but there is probably other photo's in my blog with better pics, it's pretty cool place for walks and picnics and oh yeah fishing, lol
For those who noticed you had a follower and shortly after that lost one. It was me. Everytime I followed or went to a blog I followed, I would have a lot and I mean alot of window internet explorer popping up over and over again. I had to shut down AOL using the ctrl, alt and delete buttons to make it stop. I ran my PC Tools, but it didn't fix it. Sorry!!!
I do have everyone in my google reader
Thanks so much for your visits, comments and emails.
As ye sew, so shall ye not RIP's

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday was a Good day

Good Morning!!!

This is the highlight of this post

Annie RAoK'd me. It's a totally awesome PS luggage tag. It was a unexpected delight to open the envelope and pull this out. It is stitched and finished perfect. I can't stop looking at it. O.k. I am a little excited to get a stitched gift in the mail, since I only have a few. Thanks so very much Annie, I will treasure it forever. I think I will have to use it before I travel, so I am going to use it for my stash money next time I go shopping :)

I started this needle punch a few weeks ago and was so inspired by some punch needle blogs that I picked it back up. I've had the kit since Oct_2007 , yeah!!! It sure puts wear and tear on the wrist.

I also have started the crochet hat, I thought it would go really fast, Not!!!

I am just about to the point where I can start the brim. Here is the cutest model I could find,lol

It's a wee too big for her, but you get the idea

This is some stash I received from Wasatch Needle Craft when she just had a sale and now has another one.

How can a girl resist all the Easter Sales?

I have surprised myself with the LK Boo club, I am keeping up. I just got the newest three charts.

Not very much done on The Goode Huswife, but a little counts, right?

I have been stitching the grass on ATS, it's getting there s-l-o-w-l-y

I am slowly following blogs, If I haven't added you yet, I will, it just takes time. I notice I have been having trouble since that, so I will have to see about that issue.
I better go get my butt in gear and run my errands before it gets any later.
Thanks for visiting!!
Please come back!!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Progress on Princess Parade

Happy Friday!!

"Princess Parade" by Country Cottage Needleworks

"The Little Sampler" by The Goode Huswife

Does any know where I can get "Bed Bugs?"

I believe it is by Little River. I have been scouting for it and can't find it anywhere.

Have a great weekend!!!