Sunday, May 31, 2009

A day out at Welcome Stitchery and lunch

Yesterday was our outting at Welcome Stitchery and lunch at Finn McCools Irish Pub.

Eva, Marguerite and a blurry Kim. Sorry!

left around the table is Cindy, Val, Renae, Mike, Barb and another blurry Kim I guess she couldn't stay still

I stole pic's from Eva's blog. They include me, just to prove I was there, lol

This is a pic of the group in front of McCools
From the left Eva , Mike, Val, Kim, Renae, Barb, Cindy and Marguerite. minus me, I took the pic.

My shopping bag consisted of fabric, threads and I copied Cathey and bought Photo Booth Snowmen kit. It is so cute. They also have a new one out with a chicken and pig, but I love the snowmen.
I also left "And They Sinned" to be framed. So in like three-four weeks I will have it back. Yay!! Hopefully it can be picked up for my birthday in a month. That will probably be my only gift, lol, I will be happy to get it back framed and hung in the house
It was a fun day and I got to meet a few new stitchers, including
blogger Cindy.
It was great to see ya all.
I was so excited I thought I would have company driving there, but Meari woke up not feeling so good that morning. I hope she can make it the next time.
Thank You all for your kind comments and e-mails. Thanks to those who also follow my blog. It's so much appreciated.
Have a super duper work week.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Finish

Good Evening!!

I finished the Judith Kirby's House #9. I consider it only half done, because I am adding House #15 with it.
I am not sure I will go with the border. What do you think?

Here is a terrrible photo of a update on Summer House, Wednesday's SAL. I didn't realize it was that bad until it was uploaded. I am not taking the time to take another one. I have to make a list for Welcome Stitchery meet up tommorrow Yay!!!

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Block one and another UFO

Happy Tuesday!
It sure feels like a gloomy Monday here.
This is block one of VoHRH

and this is the weekend progress of block 2

Every stitchy minute I got went into this. whew!!!!
I was digging through some of my hard cover books for Cindy this weekend

and lookie what I found....

from this book

Sunday...the kids went to the Brookfield Zoo. They couldn't get Brianna away from the tanks.

That's it for me until next time...
Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer House progress

Happy Friday!!

My progress from Wednesday night SAL

not much.

I did finish block one of VoHRH.

Does anyone know what this design is?

Is it screaming Halloween?

Look!! this just come in the mail today, Woohoo!!

I love this ornie, she is just the cutest

Happy Memorial day to all those who celebrate it.

Please! remember it's not about family picnics or sales, it's about our Veterans. God Bless!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two new starts...

Thanks You!! Thank You!! for all the 60+comments and 15 e-mails regarding "And They Sinned" Thank You! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

This is what I started on Friday night and stitched all weekend.

Villages of Hollow Hawk Run by Carriage House Samplings.
40 ct. Sand Dune from Lakeside Linens w/ DMC

Kajsa and I started a BBD SAL on Wednesday's,(if I can hold that down) maybe with stitching VoHRH, I can.

"Summer House"
32 ct. Americana Blend by R&R
It was a toss up between Sunflower House, but that one will wait to the fall.
Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And They Sinned...

I just finished it
Yeah! for me

"And They Sinned" by Exampler Dames Design
36 ct Edinburgh w/ Sampler Threads
Started 01-10-2008
finished 05-13-2009
stitch count area 809 X 168

Thanks for stopping by

I'm singing, I'm not cursing la la la

As promised I received my wireless card yesterday and have been surfing ever since.
Look!!! No cords
I can surf anywhere in the world with it.
As long as my battery don't die.

All it takes is the little thingy on the right to plug in the USB
You can email me for more info.

You can make me pick these
You can make me clean these
You can make me cook these

But you can't make me digest them... Morel Mushrooms

I finished LK fright last night, then this morning decided I should add the inside border.


See the difference? The bottom pic is the truest color. Before pic was taken last night and the after pic this morning.

Anyone that was interested in Welcome Stitchery - meet up. In Crystal Lake, IL. It is going to be Saturday the 30th at 10:30ish

Faithful Cross Stitchers~Floss Daily

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi! Like my title?

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day. I tried to get on the internet yesterday, but it just didn't happen. I haven't put one stitch in since Friday nite :(
First of all Saturday I went to Inspired Needle in Lemont, which is 1-1/2 drive one way. My hubby didn't care because there was a Bass Pro Shop close by. He just dropped me off and I went in to browse, buy and visit with the owner Cathy. She also has a blog Inspired News. I haven't really had time to browse it myself. I was so surprised when she gave me my bag of goodies. Does this remind you of chocolate? yummy

Here are the goodies that was inside that wonderful looking bag.

I love that she tags the fabby with the color, count and project it's intended for.
She even stuck a needle to size according to the fabric. How thoughtful and generous is that?

Cathy, I really enjoyed my visit to your store. I wish you prosperity in your new venture
You are well stocked and very very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Laura and Lelia for directing me to your shop.

We then headed back toward home, but not before having a late lunch at the Long Horn restaurant. They have some really yummy food. DH always has to eat there, and of course it has to be right next to the Bass Pro Shop.

Me... feeding my face.

Sunday... We visited my mom and then MIL

Later that day I received a fire pit from my kids. We had to put it to good use right away and make S'mores. By nightfall it was getting chilly and the fire felt so comfy. I snapped a few photo's.

Kellie and Dusty

DD Heather and GD Brianna

DD Kellie, me, DS Dusty and SIL Sean

I have exciting news. We will hopefully no longer have sucky dial-up anymore. While at MIL's yesterday. We were talking about how s-l-o-w ours is. We live in a rural area no cable, no DSL and no satelite signals.

She introduced me to her wireless card at our home. We get signals yeah!!!!

So late last night after everyone went home and we come inside. I played around and surfed and downloading was so fast, I couldn't believe my eyes. boom and it was done. Huh! No way! I love it.

So then today I have been checking and rechecking it out and finally ordered the USB wireless one. It should get here tomorrow, next day. I am shaking with excitement here folks, lol. Please please keep your fingers crossed and say prayers for me that it works out.

Does anyone else use the card or the USB wireless. Do you like it?

We get on the Internet Explorer tab, so I am trying to figure out how the web works that way. We have had AOL for 13 years, so we don't know anything different and AOL makes it just too darn easy, spoiled I guess. I am going to be spoiled taking the laptop with me anywhere I go I can surf.

Heck! I can surf in bed or the backyard. I can take it to my mom's and let them see what it's all about. It would blow there 87 year old minds, lol.

And oh! how the blogs will load so much faster. Which reminds me I am so far behind in reading and commenting. This darn dial-up and everyday thing get in the way. I will get to them soon. DH will be gone for 4 days fishing this weekend, so that leaves me four days to catch up.

Gosh! I have been rambling, lol

Thanks so much if your still with me throughtout this long post

My fingers are itching to stitch a little before we are off to softball practice.

Happy stitching!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

progress on JK UFO

Good Evening!

Yay! I stitched on House #9 and made progress.

I seen the 35ct grab bag on Barbara's blog, she purchased from Hand Dyed Fibers. I ordered some pronto and received it in yesterday's mail delivery.

This is the book that is competing with my stitching time. Ted Dekker's Boneman's Daughters. Anyone reading it?

I better get crackin' on ATS
Until next time... keep on stitching

Monday, May 4, 2009

Judith Kirby Victorian's UFO

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I got bored and found a box to go through. This is what I found

Judith Kirby's House Number 9 & 15. I had lots of pewter aida, so when house number 15 came out I cut it to size for both, yipee!! I just hope she didn't come out with another one to add, lol
I am really going to try to finish this one this year. It's been so many years since I started it. I plan to stitch on it later tonite.
This was also in the box.

It is "Wild Rose" stamped embroidery 58" X 86" oblong tablecloth kit by Tobin. I believe I bought it from the Herrschners catalog, along time ago.

I better scoot so I can do some spring cleaning.

Be good!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Good Evening!
The guys are fishing again this weekend. Kellie and I are just at home chillin' tonite. Ready to go to bed early, as last night was pretty late before we went to sleep with party #2. I am so glad it is over. The girls were playing Spoons and a couple decided to carve in my anitque dining set, YES! you heard me right. It's actually my craft table downstairs and I always have a tablecloth, but still

There's more, but you get the idea

I have been stitching on BBD "Greetings" I am still loving it so.

I just snapped the pics so they are kinda dark taken in the house

This major WIP will have to be done by the 31st of this month. Last night I added the finish date.

We went for a short walk this evening and took some shots of the horses

Until next time...