Friday, August 31, 2007

The Gift of Stitching?????

Does anyone get the download of The Gift Of Stitching??
Do you like it?
I was wondering if I should buy it.
Does it download easy?
Does anyone print it out?
How many pages usually?
Sorry for all the questions.
I have seen it on the sidebars of some blogs and just wondering, if it would be worth my wild.
Hope everyone has a long beautiful weekend.
Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Proud grandparents....

Hi! I hope you have all gotten in more stitches then me this week. I worked on SS SAL yesterday on and off and this is my progress.
It calls for Wisconsin Woods GA, I changed it to Mulberry, next week I will stitch the broom and if i dont like the way it looks, I will rip it out along with the pumpkin and chose some other color. I have been so busy around here trying to play catch up. It really helps when you stay off the computer for a few days. There were so many times I wanted to sneak on and read blogs, lol. Oh what! a vicious cycle it is, lol.
I have exciting news.... Are you ready?
I held Brianna Friday nite for the first time, only after I collected myself from being emotional. So my eyes are all red, swollen and welled up, but I dont care. It was totally unexcepted and I loved every minute.
Do we look proud or what??
She will probably be home before the baby shower which is the 9th. I have been with heather getting everything from shopping to washing baby blankets, clothes, etc.
I have finally gotten all my pics printed and sorted too. I did get alot done, but missed you all.
I trying to keep this short and sweet. Until next time.... Happy Stitching!!
I must have messed up my camera somehow, my photo's look blurry, Sorry!!
Oh yeah! check out your favorite online stitch stores, alot of them are having sales over the weekend, here's one J.J.'s Collectibles free shipping over 50.00 purchase. Yea!!!
mental note: must allow time to browse for purchasing, lol.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rain, Rain go away....

Hello! I have a finish to report. I finally finished Wild Fairy Lights. I stitched it on 28ct Wichelt Babble Brook with GA Midnight. To give the inside of the wings a little sparkle I used Kreink blending filament 032.

I love stitching this design, now I have to finish the series, lol. If anyone is interested in trading charts, email me. I do keep all my BOAF though.

Wednesday, I was so excited to start a SAL with Lizzy and Sharon. We are stitching Salem Sisters by Plum Street Samplers. I am using the recommended fibers which are 36ct Autumn Gold and Crescent colors: Bramble bush, Black Coffee and Wisconsin Woods. The only progress I stitched was the pumpkin

So I might have a thread change, we will see. I did take a pic of the chart, but the glare from the cover was terrible, I will post a pic next time. Wednesday cant come fast enough :)

Oh yeah! I do have something kinda of funny to share with you. When I showed my DD and DH my finished Fairy. My DH was very serious when he saked me, " What is it a flying monkey?" Men!!!! My DD laughter forever and is still chuckling over it. It will always be a conversational piece. But come on a Flying Monkey?? And he also thought her bangs were horns. Do any of you have a hubby like mine? lol. Thats awhole other blog, lol. With that said I will leave you with a smile on your face. Thanks for all the kind comments and inspiration.

Have super great weekend!

Happy Stitching All.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hi! Where has this week gone? Here is a recap on my WIPs.
Wild fairy Lights is just about done except for a leaf and the inside of her wings. Which I am debating what to use. I was to lazy to take it out of the scroll bars,lol.

Here's Witchy Washy by Raise The Roof Designs. This has been such a joy to stitch.

My Cirque des Cercles update is here, if you dare to take a look, hehe! I have only stitched a little since the last time I post of it.

As for having Baby Feet framed, I ususally do my own framing. I am the proud owner of a miter saw. I love to paint my own frames and it is so much cheaper. I forgot to mention that I had a letter which I wrote to Brianna and had it put in the back, so if she ever rips it apart, she will find it, and hope she cherishes one day. I didnt tell anyone, so HUSH is the word,lol.

There is so much rain and flooding here. I will post pics the next post of what it looks like in my backyard. we do have a creek behind us, but hopefully will never reach us. Kellie had her first full day of school yesterday, so I thought I would go down to our local firehouse and help with sand bagging, until I saw there was a group with orange jumpers, lol. I kinda of changed my mind and hoped they all had it under control. I hope the sand bags worked to keep the flooding waters out of their homes. Alot of people packed up their kids and pets to stay at a safer home. While they stayed to do anything to save their homes. My prayers are with all through out the states in similar incidents.

I will leave you now again with pics of my favorite grandbaby. Heather has been trying to feed Brianna with a bottle, but not to successful just yet. She has to get that breathing, sucking and swallowing thing down yet. But the due date was Oct. so she still has awhile to work on it. Heather was so excited to give Brianna her first bath yesterday. I wasn't there to get pics, but she has some. I thought last week I was coming down with a cold virus and stayed away, but I guess it was allergies. Now I have poison ivy/oak again. Well, without further ado here she is

Well enough for now, I am off to read a few, just a few, lol, blogs then off to stitch abit.

Have a great week and stay dry for all those that are soaked.

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Feet framed...

Hello! I hope this finds you all happy and well. Here's my weekend progress:
Wild Fairy Lights and I started Witchy Washy just like I said I would. You gotta love her purple and green bra,lol.

I don't think I ever showed off my Footprints In The Sand, as I just ran across it while searching deep for a frame for my Thistle Manor. I stitched this many years ago and am going to hang it in our bedroom once again.

Its so hot and muggie here... my DD and her BF made me some new scissor FOB's. I love them so much. The girls are turning into couch potatoes. As summer winds down, I hope the hot weather does too. I too am feeling drained.

I think the hotness as gotten to my furbaby too, lol. She loves her new playgym.

I thought this made an interesting topic. It's called the Fallen Gaint and he travels all over the U.S. You can tour the inside of him, heart, lungs, all that. Very educational for kids. He was set up in our mall's parking lot. I just happen to stop at Starbucks and snapped a pic of him.

Last but not least here is my framed Baby Feet. What it cost and the job they did i felt like I could have did it myself, but oh well!!

I did find a frame for BBD in a box, it had a 50 cent sticker on it. It has a touch of burgandy that really brings out the Cherry Bark thread I used.

It looks like some of the pics are blurry, will a low battery make that happen?
Brianna is now weighing in at 3lbs. 10 oz. woohoo.
I am kinda slow at my blogging at times, I promise to get to all the blogs sometime or another.
Someone ask me if I set goals or have a rotation, the answer is no. I just stitch whatever I feel like that day/nite. It's just too much pressure and stitching is a leisure actitvity for me. I will be stitching a SAL with Lizzy, but I can handle that once a week. We are stitching Salem Sisters, but more on that later.
I havent updated my blog list on my sidebar, so if your blog is not on there, doesn't mean I dont read your blog. I went with google reader, Blogrolling does not update fresh post anymore.
Ahhhh!! There, I think I have covered everything, lol.
Thank You!! Thank You!! for all your comments and e-mails. For my silent readers, Please leave a comment, so I can enjoy reading your blog.
Well, off to stitch...
Have a very happy week all.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

pics, pics and pics

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by. I have two finishes to share. Well, at least one pic for now, it is Blackbird Designs freebie "Thistle Manor" I looked for a frame in my stash, but couldnt find one. My next is "Baby Feet" which is at the framers. It's taking longer to frame it then it did to stitch it.

Here are pics I took this early afternoon at the company I work for. (Hint- the logo is on the plane).

It was the 7th annual plane pull. A team of 10 people pull a 175,000 lb. Boeing 757, 50 feet. I think there was 13 teams. We didnt stay to long becuz of the hot, muggie weather. Rockford Airport has the 2nd largest UPS Air Hub. Louisville, Ky has the 1st.
They had games for the kids and lots of food. They even had a very small plane for kids to pull, that is Kellie my DD in the middle pic. She did pull it with three other kids, but I couldnt get my camera out and turned on fast enough, before they got done. Then all I heard was "Mom shouldnt have been talking", Sorry!!
I finally got "Witching It Was Halloween" Glendon Place with the fabby Storm under the chart. And then there is The Trilogy, Secret Snowdrift, Secret Egg Hunt and Secret Pumpkin Patch kits. I forgot to take a pic of Little River "Stitcher's Brew #157

Since I finished two WIP's, I am by myself this weekend, besides kellie , so I am going to start Witchy Washy by Raise The Roof as soon as I pull myself from this keyboard.
I will leave you with pics of Brianna, which is still chugging along. Mom and Dad now get to hold her the regular way and she even gained enough weight for us to now put her in premie cloths, which makes her even cuter. I feel like I am getting a bug, so I have to stay away for a little while :( I am drinking lots of O.J.

Kellie starts school this coming Friday, what ever shall I do, all by myself, lol.
I hope the weather is nice and enjoyable were ever you live.
Happy Stitching!! Ta Ta for now...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Stitchy news and update on Brianna

Hi! Wow!! Let me start off by thanking everyone for such the wonderful comments, e-mails and prayers. Never underestimate the power of prayer. God Bless each and eveyone of you. Brianna is doing so well, the doctors are amazed. She now weighs in at 3lbs. 4 oz. The ibufprofen that they gave her did work to close her PDA valve, so no surgery. She is now tolerating breast milk. Everything is going so well. Mom & Dad get to hold her now. I can't wait for my turn.
In the stitchy world, I did get to stitch a little yesterday. I started this for Brianna, it is a small project, so I should be done with it in a few days. I worked on it a couple of hours in the afternoon and a couple in the evening.

Wild Fairy Lights is the only WIP that has any amount of progress and here she is
I want to buy the others in the series and wish I would have done her in some kind of green, rather then blue.
I want to keep this short. I am anxious to read your blogs and see what you guys have been stitching. I was gettting caught up, but now I am behind again. Thanks again and God Bless you and yours.
Until next time.....