Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Earth Sampler Dance

Happy Saturday!!
Whew! what a week without a kitchen, more on that later.

I have a finish to share.

Friday nite SAL with Suzanne

Earth Sampler by The Primitive Needle

stitched on 40ct Ale w/GA & WDW threads

Any votes for the next stitch. Take a pick!

Hollow Sampler or Mystic Sampler

I finally received my JCS Halloween

That prompted a FOB giveaway

so take a pick out of one of these and leave a comment on this post.

There is a non-Halloween, so if your not a fan you can choose the other one.

I can't wait to see what this ad is all about, it's sure piqued my interest

I did a trade for one of my charts and this was Myra's end. They are all so beautiful and I loved getting something in the mail to offset that dang kitchen scene, lol

Thanks so much, you went overboard on your end.

I also received this Deer in the Woods Sampler

from CJ. Thanks so much
This is some new stash I acquired

that also come in the mail this week. I love my mail lady

I have been mowing the front lawn and all the season
This little sweet birdie has been diving bombing at me, everytime I mow. The bird sits on this wire that runs from the road to the house and torments me. It refuses not to look at me when the camera is in hand, how rude is that?! lol

I can get right up close to her and he/she will not flinch, but I do, lol

Hmmm!! Your in luck.... that spider is no where to be found

O.k. here's the eye sore

The dry wall is out where the tile refused to come off. The soffit is out. The electrician has done all the wiring for the switches, plugs, under cabinet lighting and for the pendulum lights where the soffit was.

Next weeks agenda...

The floor ripped out, the plaster guy comes for the ceiling, the drywall goes up and hopefully the start of cabinets, is that too much to expect?! lol.

Oh yeah! almost forgot the Wednesday nite SAL.

Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs

It seems like it has taken me forever to make this post. I am behind in my google reader, but am slowly recovering from the hundreds.

I have almost a 100 followers, that will prompt a giveaway, so watch for that.

A special Thanks to all my followers, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.

Wanna win this?????

Visit DEB to enter to win the frog and THE scissors. She will announce a winner Tuesday, September 8th!!

~Live Well~laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Demolition 101

Happy Monday! or is it?

We started this major overhall on Thursday. While it is exciting to get a brand new kitchen, it is however very stressful and emotional. This is the first time we have did a remodeling job. And it will be the last, lol.
Everyone said my kitchen was just fine, but now I wish I would have left it as is and just replaced the floor and something small. Too late now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh! The wallpaper was terrible and there was so much. You can see in the photo the red steamer I rented. On the right the paper has been taken off the wall, paper on the left side is still up.

The tile was fun to destroy and the cabinets are being taken, so no fun there, lol

There is a soffit on the top in the middle of the kitchen. There were cabinets with an island. The soffet is coming down, so it will be more open. There will be a replacement island. Dummy me! forgot all about taking a before photo. This is all I got from now on.

I have a ton of blogs and emails to read, so If I am slow at responding you know why. Our job is almost all over, hooray! Then it will be up to all the contractors to do their part. My whole house is a total mess, I mean every room and that is very unsettling to me. I never knew that so much could fit in those cupboards, lol. Stuff I have never even used since we moved in 11 years ago. It's all going bye! bye!

We have lots of shopping to do for a stove, over the stove microwave, refrigerator, sink and faucets, and flooring. So It might be awhile before ya hear from me.

On the stitching front I did finish this last week

"By the Light of the Moon" a freebie by The Primitive Needle

I was hoping to finish, finish it before this weekend. My sewing machine is put away for a little while.

Well I better go see what else I can demolish, lol beside my insanity

Take care!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

whew!! new starts

Happy Wednesday!!

I have a couple new starts to share
The first is Birds of a Feather

"Dancing On The Moon" stitched on 32 Sparrow w/ WDW

Yes! It is hard to find OOP

Next up is a LA D Da

"Miss Mary Mack"
stitched on sparrow once again w/ NPI silk black

Kajsa and I talked about stitching Sunfower House months ago, but decided to go with Summer House. Since we are both done with SH, we are staying with our Wednedsay SAL and stitching Sunflower House, so thats another new start for me today.

update on the LHN

"Starr of Mine"

Thanks to JULIE (a recent new to be, blog. This spider is called a Spiney (Back or Bellied) Orb Weaver

I knew you wanted to see another photo of it.

Lastly here is some flower power

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Happy Sunday!!

I have been stitching all weekend and here are the results...
Yay! or Nay!
Most said "yay" so I went with it

"Starr Of Mine" by LHN from the TGOS online magazine.

This is the Friday night SAL

""Earth Sampler" by The Primitive Needle

I decided to go with a freebie by The Primitive Needle

"By The Light Of The Moon"
stitched on 35 ct from a grab bag from HDF

What is this????

It's some kind of spider. I thought it was carrying a bug, but it doesn't appear to be. It's attached to it. I live in the woods by a river, so we see lots of things, but I have never seen anything like this before. Could it possibly be an egg sack? If you know please inform me.

I wish for my Halloween issue of Just Cross Stitch in the mail tomorrow

I love to read all your comments and the e-mails you send me, Thanks!!

Faithful Cross Stitchers~Floss Daily

Friday, August 14, 2009

Finishing Friday

Happy Friday!!
This morning was due for some finishing touches...

Summer House by Blackbird Designs Loose feathers #14.
This photo does not do this piece justice. It's hard to see the alphabet due to the glass

Ida Mae Crow by The Goode Huswife.
I thought she would like to be surrounded by her farm friends, lol

Spooky Row by Bent Creek
I stitched this a year ago and just now made it into a pillow roll.
Thanks for visiting and letting me share these finishes with you.
Have a great sunshined filled weekend!
~Live Well~laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thank Goodness!!! It's back home

Hello! All
I am so excited to report my And They Sinned is back home and it's framed. I love it.

I made the 1 hour trek today to Crystal Lake and it was worth it, Yay!!
The lady said "She was sorry it took so long, they were overwhelmed with the frame sale."
Well! Why didn't they tell me that over the phone.
Thank you! Thank You! for the ones that commented support, even though it made me even more depressed. You gals are the best.
My intentions were to only go pick up the ATS, lol
that didn't happen

I purchased a frame for Ida Mae Crow, a couple of threads, Bohin needles, "Checkered Halloween" by M Designs, the fabby 28 ct straw/natural gingham and the buttons, 30 ct havanna and a chart and fibers for a personal exchange (not shown of course)

I am a few hundred dollars poorer but surely happier all around. I lost my mojo for a few days, but I think it's cured now, lol

Off to stitch!! yay!!!!

I am so happy and I hope you all are too in some way or another.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sick with worry HELP!!!

Good evening!!
I have a question for you all.
Do you think a stitched piece at the framers for 10 weeks is a long time?
or is it just paranoia setting in?
I called yesterday for the third time to see if I missed a call from them. I stated who I was and she said both the framers were not there. o.k. So I will call back on Tuesday, because she couldn't find my piece. I can't imagine there was no framer, on a Saturday?
When I dropped off "And They Sinned" on May 30th they said, "three weeks"
The frame has been in since the first time I called on July 6th.
I just thought it might make me feel a little better telling someone who can relate.
Thanks for visiting!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

Happy Saturday!!
I am bored, so I thought I would post something
I finished my Summer House, but before I post a pic I want to get it in a frame.
I finished block 4 of VoHRH this morning

I started this last week sometime and just don't know about the color fabby. What do you think?Is it too blue? for this design. It is 32ct, unknown color

It is Starr of Mine by Little House Needleworks from this months Gift of Stitching.

A friend and I went shopping today. We went to the Yankee Candle store. I spent 26. 00 on a jar and there seems to be no scent as I sit here and have had it burning for awhile now. It is called Patchouli, they carry discontinued scents from time to time and this is one. I should have bought Thunder Storm.

I will leave you with a snap of a Monarch butterfly on my coneflower taken yesterday

Faithful Cross Stitcher's~Floss Daily

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mystery Witch

Happy Tuesday!!
I have been stitching a little more on this witch

Since nobody could guess it, and so many people wanted to know what it is.
It is this...

"Halloween Poster" by Stoney Creek Boowitching book 374
There the secret is out, lol

There is way too much backstitch, I might tackle a little at a time

Stitchers have been asking about "Greetings"

Friday nite SAL Earth Sampler

Thanks so much for visiting!!!