Friday, July 31, 2009

So Sorry I forgot...

to show a up close photo of the bottom border on the Boo Flips-it

you can download it off the Lizzie kate site. I had to email her for it when the charts first come out.

Here is progress on block four of VoHRH

I will leave you with pic's of our back yard creekIt has been a fabulous place to live for the kids to explore the water and the island across.

Have a great weekend

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Please! Let me introduce to you...

Ida Mae Crow

by The Goode Huswife

35ct Straw with DMC floss

I added a little blue in the flowers

The Black Eyed Susans and the Coneflowers are from my flower garden.

Susan is having a great chart sale, go check it out. She has super speedy shipping.

The Gingher scissors that are shown on my Summer House WIP on Tues. the 21st are called Abigail.

The ones shown on Monday the 27th are Jamie

Thanks for all your support, I really apprecaite it.

Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday

Can you believe Brianna's 2 years old already??
For the ones that didn't know, she was born 10 weeks early at 2.9 lbs. details Here

Are you getting tired of seeing Summer House?

I love the specialty stitches. I guess the basket is hard to see

It should be finished this Wednesday

Here is the Friday SAL progress on Earth Sampler by Primitive Needle

Notice the "R" is in blue and not the "L"? I stitched the "L" blue and then thought it stood out for the designer, so I changed mine to blue instead.
Go over to Bev's blog for a give-away until aug. 1st.

Off to try to finish stitching Ida Mae Crow.

Thanks for visiting

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!!
Here is an update of my Wednesday's SAL
Sorry for the dark photo's, it's very dark and gloomy here today.
Summer House by BBD
Thanks so much to Jolene for sending the the HTF Dandelion Stem needed for my leaves. Thanks to the couple of stitchers that looked for it in your LNS.
Jolene HAD an awesome La D Da giveaway, she is new to blogging so go and check her out. I did have her giveaway link on my side bar, I have to remember to remove it.
Tattingchic has a giveaway, that link is in my sidebar.
Friday's SAL

Earth Sampler

My goal is a line a week, so it should only take 2 months to finish,lol

That 40ct Ale took awhile for my eyes to adjust then the thread was knotting, great start!!

And here are photo's of Kellie's room painted

The green is much darker like a army green

I made the curtains to match her bed spread not too shabby huh?!

We also took some camouflage ribbon and made her a tack board. We may decide to put a border up too, I just have to recover from all the painting, lol

CindyMae has been designing her own cross stitch, go check out her freebies, she also has a store now.

TammyK has been designing too, she has some adorable freebie witches, also another good check it out blog.

I RAK'd Deb with two beaded scissors FOB's you can see them on her blog.

I was going to kit up Sunflower Fairy out of CS&N, it's hard mtching up those Valdani threads with dmc. I went to their website and found a few WDW threads to the conversion but not all the colors. Any suggestions??

Also on my Earth Sampler pic, do I have my q-snaps on wrong??

I know I am backwards.

Some asked about my ATS... it's not back yet from the framers, hopefully soon though

Well, I think that covers everything for now. I have lots of mail and blogging to do.

Thanks so much for your continued support, it's so appreciated

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy "Boo Club" Dance

Happy Thursday!!!
It's done!!!!

Lizzie Kate Boo Club Flip-its
32 ct Kermit by PTP w/ dmc and overdyed threads
The mail lady brought this to me today.
I love it!! It has so many good things to stitch, I think anyway.
Have you seen what's in it? Check it out...

It's low humidity, so it's time I get Kellie's room painted, before summer vacation is over, lol or I will get stuck doing it by myself.

Faithful Cross Stitcher's~Floss daily

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Block 3 is finished

Happy Tuesday!!
Whew!! The brick and mortar almost killed me in block 3, but it is now done
Suzanne and I decided over the weekend to do Earth Sampler as a SAL on Fridays, so if anyone is planning on stitching it, feel free to jump in.

I will leave you with a couple of WIP's

Oh yeah! I did pick a winner for the magazine

KimB is the name of the lucky draw, please email me

Thank you everyone for your kind support

Happy Stitching... until next time

Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Finishing Friday

Better finished late then never...

"In God We Trust" by Plum Street Samplers
Freebie found Here
Stitched on 30ct dark chino w/ DMC
Applied to a stenciled basket
This is one of my favorite finishes to date. I am very proud of it.
All my Stars and Striped finishing stuff will go in the basket, so it's easy to find

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Do you like???

If you would like me to pass this on to you.
Just leave a comment on this post. Easy as that!
You don't have to be a follower or post it to your blog

Summer 2009 Samplers & Antique Needlework Laura had the give away on her blog, she sent it to Diana (no blog) who in return sent it to me.

I am now passing it on. Here is a sneak peek. Look at this Sampler

It's so adorable!

I am going now to go look for a subscription, I am sold

Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Road trip

First of all we headed down to see Lincoln's Tomb, a little educational tour for Kellie. 16th President of The United States of America

Shhhh!! you have to be very very quiet.

Kellie rubbing his nose
Right across from his tomb is Mary Todd's and their sons.

Then on to St Louis, Mo. to the

Do you like my pretty new shoes?

Well after our tour I didn't think they were so cool.

Almost 700 feet up

These are the little capsules you ride in to up to the tippy top, 5 people can fit in one
The view from the top

The shadow of the Arch in the muddy Mississippi River from the top Looking straight down, to look out the windows you had to lean over the wall to look out. I was afraid too many people on one side was heavier and the thing would tip over, lol Notice the teeny tiny windows you have to look out. I was really trying to smile but I thought I could feel it swaying, I really think it was.

My Lewis and Clark movie ticket come in real handy. I had a raw spot and it hurt so bad. We saw the movie, waiting for our turn to go up. They have a really cool museum down under the arch too.

Darn shoes anyway, lol

We then hit the capital, Jefferson City

They had some really cool statues.

Branson, Mo. was our next stop. Kellie and I had our cd's autographed and picture taken with Kelly Bryant.

Here is just some of my stash from a store in Branson, finally a needleshop, right?! I know!

More then half the store on Hoffmans website is closed. I found that out last year on our trip to Florida

A couple Franken-Ort kits; some cupcakes; Cherished Works by With My Needle, 32ct Exampler; rectangle tin necklace for the Hornbook Angel or Miss Mary Mack; Hornbook Angel by Primitive Needle; 36ct light exampler; 32ct Chestnut for Mary Wigham and other misc. things I can't remember, they are already put away where they belong :D

The shop was

They have HTF "And They Sinned" 48.00 and also LHN The Traveling Stitcher kits for 60.00 in stock. I know some of you are looking for them. I will have my ATS for trade when my framed piece is safe with me.

I also shopped in Clinton,Iowa

For the record folks, I went to my LNS today and walked out emptied handed, Yes! can you believe it. I went in to get Crescent Color Dandelion Stem, I can't find that thread anywhere. I guess I will have to sub it. I needed it for Summer House which I should be stitching on, since I missed last Wednesday.

I better scoot. I hope you liked my little tour. We made it down as far as Arkansas, but that was boring, then headed back. I love my home!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I've been busy

Happy Monday!!
The week before the big 4th The Bass Masters of N. Illinois put on a free fishing derby for kids that don't get a chance to fish. We had a really good turn out. Us wives give prizes and bait for all the kids that sign up from 1 to 15 yrs of age. We give away bikes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd age catagories with the most fish caught. We then feed all the families a lunch of burgers, chips and soda. We get a clown that makes animals out of balloons. It is a really fun day and the weather was gorgeous
The photo above are all the big winners and the Bass Masters

Then on the 4th... another gorgeous day of sunshine and fun.

berry picking

A dip in the pooland a little fun at night. I think I am getting a little too old for this Look at this Gypsy Moth. While they are gorgeous they are very destructive to trees O.K. now for some stitchy updates.

I finally started my Mary Wigham. I bought the fabby down in Branson, Mo. while on a road trip last week. That's another post

32ct. Chestnut

"Ida Mae Crow" The Goode Huswife. I think she would look darling with a straw hat.

Well! time is running out with all this gibbrish, so I will catch up on blogs later tonite or tomorrow. We have a ball game tonite, so I hope the weather holds out for that, since it is a make-up game.

Thanks for staying with me if you made it this far.

I would like to put out a very big Thank You for all the birthday wishes I received by way of email, comments and facebook. I didn't get any stitchy stuff as usual, but I did get a couple Hobby Lobby and Starbucks gift cards and some really big hugs.

I need to shut-up now, lol

Have a great work week everyone :D