Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's no place like frogging

Happy Thursday!!
First... lets get right down to business, shall we??
I just did the random number generator for the scissor frog drawing

Number 9, which is Nancy Congratulations!!!!!
Please send me your addy. My email can be found in my profile.
Here is "There's No Place Like Home" all back on track again

I sure hope the rip-its! rip-its! froze in that last scene or at least slowed them down.

You can find me here check it out

Thanks for all who entered the give-away, all the comments, all the emails and to all my followers, WoW!! almost 200, who would have thunk???

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Sunday, April 25, 2010

make-over frame and WIP's

This is the frame I was talking about in the last post. I bought it for a few dollars at the flea market last weekend.

I liked the grape vines, but over all I though it was ugly. I could envision something like this:

I think I will try to find a vine stencil to add to it.

I think a Tombstone Angel design will fit it perfect.

Here is Frederick so far

Shown with my new purchase "Charlene" Ginghers. Finally my local JoAnn's had the designers series, and with a half off coupon, sweet!!!!!

My next WIP didn't get too far again, because of the frogs. They sure love The Drawn Thread's "There's No Place Like Home"

It should be called "There's No Place Like Frogging"

See where it starts with the "H", it's a thread to short at the top. It took me forever to find it.

This is what I started for my Wednesday BBD. The only day that is dedicated to a WIP

"Their Song" Stitching on 28ct Apple Bindy Brown w/ WDW. It seems so huge on this count, I can hardly stand it, lol

There's still time to add your name to win the scissor frog in the last post. Please! comment on that post only for a chance to win. I will pick a name later this week

Until next time...

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

I did take a few photo's outside a little bit ago.

Since I was so fortunate to run across those three flower frogs, and I already have one filled with scissors from another give-away.
Scissors are displayed so beautiful out in the open, not in bottom of drawers or baskets.
I put a few DMC in the bottom to add color, those come with it.
Who wants to win this one shown???
Just leave a comment on this post only
Good Luck!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

LQQK at this quilt

My sweet MIL sewed this quilt to commemorate our 25th anniversary

It is more gorgeous in real life. She took photos and transferred them on fabric.

She took snaps (left bottom, counterclockwise) of our wedding party, our rings, us eating cake, Heather & Sean's wedding photo, family photo of all of us last year, us with our parents, us with his grandmother's, my mom & dad and last but not least my MIL & her husband. I will always cherish it, everytime I look at it, it still brings tears to me.

She is making a quilt for each grandchild starting with the oldest. She finished one for my niece and it is just as gorgeous. She used images of childhood memories. It is sew cool.

I did find a base for one of the scissor frogs at the flea market Saturday. I also found a really cool frame too, you should see what I want to do with it. I will have it ready to post next time.

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Friday, April 16, 2010

Queen of the House and a find

Wow! I love a fast stitch.
It only lasted a few hours

"Queen of the House" by 4 My Boys
I will most likely use that fabric for a finish, maybe a flatfold??

I went to my very first garage sale today and look what I found..

Three flower scissors frog, now to just find bases for them.
They were only 1.00 each.

Remember my neighbors??
Brianna and I went for a visit yesterday
We were just as happy to see them as they were to see us
Thanks for visiting.
Have a super duper sunny warm weekend

Monday, April 12, 2010

Frogging, trunk show and concert

It was a busy, busy Saturday
First thing in the morning I made a post, then I frogged the roof and windows

I used DMC 310 instead of 610,
I thought it looked a little too dark, but didn't check the code until I was finished, a big no no Much better

After my hubby went fishing in the morning, we headed to Bass Pro Shop, he went there. I went to to see The Primitive Needle truck show.

The frames were ridiculously fantastic.

There were lots more, Cathy's wall was full. Thanks for letting me take photo's and post them, Cathy.

You know, I didn't leave the store empty handed.

"Witches Nine", "Wicked Alphabet" and "Tombstone Spots"

Fabrics: 36ct Hertiage, 40ct mellow and 40ct Earthen.

I was so inspired, I even kitted up the "Witches Nine"

I could kick myself, I wasted battery on the wind farms on the way back home .They do soothe my soul.

We were only home 15 minutes before we had to leave for the concert. We had an opportunity that day to buy two tickets for Kellie and her freind, so they got to go, yipppeeee!!!! They didn't get to sit by us, but Kellie got to go to her first concert.

Then I camera went totally dead, Arghhhh!!!!

I miss taking snaps of her in the back of an old truck suspended over the audience.

Carrie on a spectucular show. The Son's of Sylvia awesome and Craig Morgan fabulous. Dusty and his girlfriend were there two, but we didn't get to see them, it was a full house.

Thanks so much if you are still with me.

This post, I believe is my longest one, lol

Now... off to take a power nap.

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help!!!!! I'm addicted

I can't put Frederick down.

I am loving the colors. I am stitchin on 40ct Pearled Barley w/DMC

These tickets just happen to fall in our laps, so I guess we are going

Maybe after tonite, I will be a bigger Carrie Underwood fan.

Well... I better get a froggin' this mornin' and git r dun.

Happy Stitching!!!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beneath the Sunlit Sky

Happy Thursday!
Happy Dance!
I finished this last night. Kajsa and I was stitching this on Wednesday's for our BBD Loose Feathers SAL
So far we have finished this BtSS, Sunflower House and Summer House. We haven't talked to see if we are going to do another chart or not. I think I may keep going with it.
Again in this design, I stitched the bird a dark color.

"Beneath the Sunlit Sky" by Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers #26
Stitched on 30ct Sea Fog W/ GA

Did I just recently read that someone was looking for this chart in exchange for something stitched?? Maybe it was a dream, lol
I am game. I would love to trade something stitched, since I don't have alot from other stitcher's.
Alot of you's asked how old I was in the wedding photo. We were both 21 years old,
Believe it???!!!

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Happy Hump Day!!!!

I have been stitching on Frederick

This was then.....

This is now...
25 years later

I do believe we are like wine, getting better with age, lol

We had a great dinner out with the kids. We wouldn't have celebrated it without them. There is way to much down time now that they are older and doing their own things. We went to Stone Eagle to eat. This photo shows the limestone eagle carved in 1935 in Germany.

Dan had this delivered to me

Edible Arrangments. The hearts are pineapple, chocolate covered strawberries, grapes and way over priced, lol

Thanks for the comments and e-mails, it's such a joy to read them. Thanks for stopping by, See ya soon!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finish and pin pillow exchange

I do hope everyone had a glorious Easter Sunday with family.

Friday night.. I finished this

"Hornbook Angel" by The Primitive Needle

stitched on 40ct Days Gone By with CC threads, black coffee and whatley woods

I received this beautiful perfect pin pillow from Michelle

I am so happy to get this, because now I don't have to stitch another one for me. I fell in love with the one I sent Jolene. I can have the joy to stitch something else plus enjoy this BBD pin pillow.

This was my first public exchange, I had so much fun, it was a joy from both ends. I love getting stitchy items from others. This is my 5th one. There will be more as I intend to get in more exchanges.

I will leave you with a photo from yesterday.

Brianna, my sweet little grand daughter. I always gets lots of request to post more pics. The older she gets the more nervous it makes me.

Tomorrow, the 6th marks our 25th Wedding anniversary, woohoo!!

Time sure does fly. There's nothing special planned, just going out to eat with the kids.

I hope everyone is having a sunny and bright Monday afternoon. They are calling for thunderstorms here in Illinois tonite.

Live Well~Laugh Often~Stitch Much

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunny Gingham ornament

Happy Friday!
Blogger finally decided to let me post, only after I got creative and come back, more on that later.
I also tried to comment on a bunch of post, but that stupid error kept coming up.

Here's what I did with the Bunny Gingham by Twisted Threads

I made it into a ornament. It was sent to Deb to Thank her for the scissor frog, I won back in Sept. I have been wanting to get her something made and this was it.

This was the creative little side of me while I was waiting for blogger to play nice.

I finished painting my craft room today. I purchased one of those see thru covers.

See! I cracked it, so now I will have to buy another one. I cut up one of hubby's map. I want to find a sewing related photo out of a magazine to replace the map someday.

Ewwww!!!! Look what sneaked it's way up from the river to greet me as I was scrubing patio furniture. I got a pitch fork and carried him right back down where he belongs.

"Good Ridden's!! Mr. Snake"

I am just so excited here this afternnon, when I read newsletter. Lisa from The Primitive Needle has her trunk show there this month. I will see ya soon, Cathy.

I want to wish everyone and their families a warm Easter weekend

If you see this post, I will be back, lol

After writing all this.... Blogger better post it or I quit