Saturday, May 24, 2008

Plant Love


I am still here. It's been so crazy around here with the weather being so nice and the end of the school year. I have been trying stitch a little here and a little there. My wrist are starting to hurt again. I now have a knot so I might go to the doctor here in a week or two and see about some relief.

I did finish Plant Love, pattern found in The Gift of Stitching - Digital Cross Stitch Magazine. A Lizzy Kate design. Stitched on 32 ct star sapphire with DMC

I was so excited to hear that I won Sally's contest and have already received Winter Wonderland, perfect cause y'all know how I just love snow. I hope mine turns out just as beautiful as hers. Go take a visit, she has a awesome stitching blog, much to be respected.

I was so tickled that Staci had used the site for the freebie Quaker. I love to hear when there is good feedback at my posts. It turned out wonderfully too.
Here is another freebie I love that I will share with you

I helped out at kellie's science class for the end of year disecting a worm. Here are photo's of the starfish.

Thank You for the couple of my readers that inquired about my MIA. It means alot to me, that I am missed.

Happy Stitching! Happy Weekend!

Don't forget to reach for that floss!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

BEWARE!! x-rated x-stitch

Did the title catch your eye? LOL
I didn't even notice the mermaid was topless, till I was stitching her.
Good Things/ BOAF
Here is a new start, when I downloaded May/TGOF, it just jumped out at me.
Plant Love shown with Gingher "Abigail"

I am stitching it on 32 ct star sapphire

I finally broke down and bought, not one, but two HAED.
OMG! what did I get myself into??
I fell in love with the new Celestial Night and thought I might as well get Pumpkin Pixie with it. I even ordered the fabby for CN. So keep on the lookout for that WIP.
The second biscornu I stitched from the last post. I received word that Sharon received it. She loved it!! Happy! Happy! It was so nerve wracking sending something handmade, but I finally did it. yippeee!!!
Well! I better stop yaking if I want some time to read your blogs, lol

Arghh! How come my photos aren't clickable for clarity anymore?????

Thank you for all your support.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

1st of the month ATS

I thought I would show closer photo's of ATS in four segments, so you can see the details

I don't have anything to show or tell.
Thanks you for all the kind comments and e-mails. It gets so lonely stitching all by yourself and these really help keep me motivated.

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Stitching!!

Don't forget to floss!