Thursday, March 29, 2007

I am so tired today. I pulled a all niter, its just a small one. It was so quite and i just got on a roll. I did the finishing this morning, just didn't put a hanger on it. I didnt use the floss it called for, I used colors I didnt use much of and some scrap linen. You can get the freebie here-->Glory Bee Free Design. I did finish my afghan last nite too. I took my daughter to see The Last Mimzy yesterday afternoon. I have seen better and worse. I bought a floss organizer at wal-mart yesterday and put my WDW threads in it. I dont know if I really like it, its so like flimsy. It does keep them in alphabet order. What is the best way? Your help would be appreciated.And does everyone have a problem with getting the hand-dyed fabric at your LNS. I have two shops that are a ways from where I live and they never have the fabric I am looking for. If I order from online, it never seems to be the right color I'm looking for. I might try to travel a little ways this weekend to try a different shop, then i could stock up, as my fabric stash is gettng low. Well, time for a nappy before I start dinner.
Happy Stitching!!! :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gosh! I cant believe it's been awhole week since I left a post. but , I have been busy, busy. I finshed up two old projects this week. The kitty afghan I sure hope it dont fall apart, when I wash it up later,lol. I also finished a bass that I put on a spring coat for my hubby

actually I only had the lure to put on and I did that last evening. Now on to start a new pattern, probably BOAF or BBD. I am so excited that I am finishing up these old projects I started so long ago. I was started to feel overwhelmed with starting new ones when I had old ones to be finished. I love the work the other bloggers do, so I really wanted to finish up some old ones up, before I started new. Later, I am going to focus on my granny squares afghan, which I dont have much left on except to connect some more squares. Well, enough for now I have to catch up on some blogs, and hopefully I will post a finished afghan tomorrow. Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hello! Sunshine

It is so sunny here. I love snow, but I am ready for the nice weather now. So much to do and so little time. Woohoo!!! tax day is the 17th this year, two extra days. I might need them. I am starting to get nervous and stressed out. We own two small businesses, I work part-time at UPS and stitch full time (jk). I do most of the taxes myself, I take them to the tax guy just to be sure they are right. I hate the green books and all the adding of columns. It would be so much easier and stress-free if dh had a regular job. He likes what he does becuz can he can take off to do his fishing, which is all the time, argghh!! Well, at least he's out of my hair, and I can do pretty much anything I want, when i want like stitch or read. I went to the book store over the weekend, I was so disappointed that The Bridge To Terabithia was so small. I thought it would be really thick. I can read that like in a day. On to my stitching, here's a update on my Palomino, its going fairly well. Its hard to tell the mane, cause of the colors, but the piccy does not show well anyway.

I bought another tote for my stash organization. I took a pic before I put it in the tote for recent projects and finishings. You can see I received my Mirabilia. I just love the 2007 pattern-a-day calendar. I must just enjoy looking through it, i guess, I haven't stitched a thing from it yet, someday though, hehe. I would like to find the 2005 and 2006. And there's my silly kitty, she has to be right on top of what I am doing, all the time. I never get lonely. My next project AFTER I finish two. I am going to start the June Berries out of the The Fine Collection from Blackbird designs. I would love to do all the months,but I like to break up and do other designers too. I need to go for a walk before, the temp drops and starts to rain. Happy Stitching!!!

P.S. I enjoy reading your blogs and Thanks to all for the very nice comments.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Geezzz!!!! Where did the week go? I dont have to much to report on my stitching, except that I bought dmc for my afghan and have a good start on finishing, since its about about 15 yrs. I have a pic of the farm one too, I started around the same time b/c it was in the same stash. I hope to find the chart somewhere else in my stash, seeing it is close to finishing. I broke my promise to myself and went to the Stitcher's Closet and bought the Mirabilia Halloween Fairy. I didnt include the 15% off coupon code MARCH, the sale is over tomorrow, Sorry!! I received a e-mail today saying it was sent. I cant wait. I have neglected my cooking for the past oh 2 weeks, but this week I cooked like mad, so I didnt get much in for stitching. I spend a good 3 hrs preparing dinner, yeah! I love to cook. My dh was started to strave to death, yeah right. It's like when I get to the end of a book, sorry no gets dinner, till mama's done with the book, lol. We only have a 10 yr still living at home. So, its not like I have to feed a baby. Speaking of babies, I am going to be a 1st time grandma around Oct. 1st. I need to start a baby project, maybe a stamped blanket?? What do you gals think? I am going to go and read some blogs and then stitch for the rest of the day and night. Pizza tonite.
Happy St. Pats Day! & Happy St. Stitching!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hi! Well, yesterday was framing day. I framed three of my projects, woohoo. I made the frames myself for the scared silly and sunflowers, that is a gift for someone who has sunflowers all over her kitchen and dining area. Press the button , I already hung in my kitchen. I have so many unfinished projects started from like 15 years ago. I vowed to myself last night, I would not buy anymore or start any till I finished two old ones. Well, wouldn't you know the Stitcher's Closet has a 15% off sale starting today with 100 new products. They also have no shipping fee, if order is over 35.00 (thats no problem for me) and shipping is so quick, compared to some. Two older projects I cant even find the charts, but one is a afghan with a silhoutte cat, so I can just copy the border and cats I already have stitched, finding the dmc color shouldnt be too hard. Happy Stitching!! and oh yeah shopping!!! No, No I cant do that, hehe. I might just sneak a peek. Have a fab weekend!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hello! I have been so busy, I have tried to get on to leave a post and get back into stitching, as I have slacked off the last few days. Here is my updated stitching on the palomino. I think my messing up and to keep working on it, helped out alot, then to throw it in my box, never to been seen again. I need to start working again on my L'Autumn. I started it after the New Year. It seems to go quickly, the stitching is just outlining. It is so hard to get the linen for the Birds Of A Feather designs, I went with, I think a dark color and I dont know if I care for it, the more stitching I do on it. It is a huge pattern 293 x 383, 32ct for a finished size of 24 x 30, whew!!!!! I am sure it will cost a little to have that matted and framed. oh well, here it is . The picture didnt come out right, I lighten it up, thought that would help. Maybe next time I will get a better pic. Can someone tell me how to enter a favorite bloggers list, without the whole address showing? I have tried and tried this morning. Well, off to read some stitching blogs and get motivated. Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

I am going to leave a post , so I can VENT. I messed up my Palomino and I'm not going to frog. I have way too many stitches to fix it, so i guess I will have to work around it. ARGHHHH!!!!!! It took me an hour to figure it out and decide on what to do, so then i worked on it for a while, so i would feel better about it and not trash it. I couldn't keep the frame on my lap stand, kept falling out, Arghhhh!!! I missed a line and then found it when I started the other page. I will have a pic next post, I think I have accomplished alot on it and will also post a pic of my L"Autumn by BOAF. It is finally a sunny day, it has been so dreary for more then a week with rain, sleet or snow. Here's a pic of my backyard, the creek is over flowing, becuz of the flooding. Maybe a walk would make me feel better. Hubby is taking me out to dinner tonite. I could chow down a blooming onion from LoneStar. He thinks I take my c/s too serious, think so?? Maybe. I need to surf the net for the Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia. I am going to try to tackle that. I just hope i dont get hooked like alot of stitchers do on Mirabilia becuz I go through different stages of all different things, right now it is fall and halloween. I have always admired Mirabilia. well, I will go back to my palomino and get a few more stitches in.
P.S. I feel like I won the lottery, I went to a church rummage sale and found about 20 c/s magazine and leaflets for a dime each. I also got a really large hoop, I think it is for quilting, but it will be nice for my L'Autmun becuz it is a huge design and also picked up a large 16 x 20 padded mounting board all for 4.00, woohoo!!!. more stash for cheap. I hope everybody has a more productive stitching weekend then me. Thanx for the vent. Ranae

Friday, March 2, 2007


Hi! Thank Gosh It's Friday. I just love reading these stitching blogs. I dont think I have hardly put my needle down, since reading blogs. Everbody does such wonderful work and neat designs. I like the divisity everyone has. Well, I finally got around to framing my Blackbird Design, it will be ready for this fall, if I dont hide it too hard. I have to show off my kitty kat, her name is Smidget. Can someone tell me a program or something that will put her picture in a c/s graph? My daughter would love it. Do they also have the color chart too? I would appreciate the info. She is not quite a year old and loves to sit under my stitching and watch the thread, if she is feeling frisky, she will try to play with it and I have to find something else to do. I hope when I give my projects away for gifts, anyone who recieves them are not allegric to cat hair, lol. To the few who reads this have a great weekend. Happy stitching!!!!!