Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finished and Framed

Country Poppies by Cedar Hill
28 ct White Graziano Milan Linen.w/ DMC
If you are interested in the chart, it is up for grabs, just e-mail me (found in view my complete profile at sidebar).
I was so pleasantly surprised to see my bookmark that I stitched from a Barbara Ana design freebie was modeled by me on Cyberstitchers.
Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hello! I think I have lost my blogging mojo. I have been trying to keep up with the google reader though. I have limited my time on the internet to an hour a day, which is really no time at all to do anything, as you all know. I have really been working on ATS and think you will be surprised with my progress. I will post a pic of ATS around the first of each month. I did stitch a bib for Brianna last weekend. I just added my own stuff to the sheep, I got out of a HC book.
I finished Poppies, just have to get it in the frame.

As you all know from last year, I prepare our business taxes. Blah! Blah! I hate it .
I might just feel down too from the weather, it's so cold. They had a news paper article, on the front page one day that read Colder Than Alaska. It did warm up for a day and we ended up with 8" snow. They are calling for rain tomorrow. Maybe I am coming down with something from all this crazy weather.

Here's Brianna all bundled up and ready to go home. I will leave you with a pic of my friend Nibbles. It's so cold out and I have to feed my feathered friends, so I was just throwing seed out the patio door.

I am still awaiting my fabric to start the mystery SAL. part 2 is out and is so cute. I cant wait.

Here is a new freebie, if you havent seen it My Big Toe Designs - 2007.

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Woohoo!! LQQkie at my fabby

Good Afternoon!!

I received my fabby from the Needle in A Haystack. All I could think when I opened it was WOWZA!!!! look at these colors, they are so rich. I am so happy. I only paid 20.45 w/ shipping

What a deal? huh?

They shipped with lightening speed too.
The colors are richer in person then my camera probably captured.
I am a happy camper!!!
I just wish they were marked with the color and count, but that's o.k.

I see JoAnns has a big fabric sale too. I would love to make a cube. I did buy the cube the other night, that's a start huh?

When I first got my ATS chart, Kellie and I were looking it over and talking about what was going on in the scene. Well, I made her promise me that she wouldnt let me set it down, to make me keep stitching it, no matter what. Well... after 2 weeks, she is really really annoyimg me.

She went to a sleepover on Saturday nite. Ha!! I can stitch on something else, lol. I didnt even want to go out to dinner with hubby,lol. But I did, but was in a rush to get home.
While we were out he got a call saying that the heavy equipment that he donated for the massive clean up effort for the tornado (took place that day). They felt bad that the machines were full of mud. Hubby said "That's o.k. me and the wife will swing by later and clean them off with the power wash." whoa!!! back up.. me and wife, huh? I dont think so, I have to stitch. So we called DS and I coaxed him to go by the shop and give them a shower, and he could have my leftovers from Olive Garden. Yipee!! it worked.
Kellie come home Sunday and I had to confess right there and then. She knew I stitched something else and this is what I started..

Bad! Bad! Me!
It is Birds Of A Feather "Good Things'
I displayed my Favorite Ginghers Alyssa. I thought they went good with the colors, lol. Someone had emailed me and asked what Gingher's were with the pinkeep pic. They are Sophia.
I just watched the noon news, brrr!! it's suppose to get really cold this weekend.
I took my CDC into Michaels to see what the cost would be
Gulp!!! With 60 % off, it would come to 140.00 . I did find a frame I liked that I could do it myself, for half off it would be 24.00 , plus other material.
I did buy a frame Friday night for Fairy Lights finally and put it together yesterday. I took the pic in my kitchen for better lighting. I love it.

Well.... I think that's it, if your still with me. I know i usually have small post. I guess I am just jibberishy happy.

Hey! Is anyone doing the mystery SAL with the wXSw : Wonderful XS World? I just joined and I love the designs of Barbara Ana and Helga Mandla. I joined at just the right time.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The forest is growing

Happy Friday!!

Here's the progress I have on AAFG

Blogger wasnt playing very nice last nite. I couldnt open any blogs up, or download any pics

Since I dont have much to say

Besides Thanking everyone for such encouraging words on my pinkeep. I will have a go at it again. Blogging has so enriched my life with all the kind stitchers out there.

I will now go and play catch up on blogs.

Happy Weekend!!

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blah!!!!! 1st pinkeep done

Hi! I really dont want to post this horrid thing, but hey! it's my first one and I did learn a few things. I do like the biscornu's better though. This is why I dont get in exchanges, lol

Stayed tune for more chuckles as I tackle a scissor FOB. I have beaded ones, but nothing stitched.

I would like to share a good bargain, I think?
Here's a link to Needle In A Haystack - Sale Information they have 5.00 R & R Reproduction grab bags of 4 Stitcher's Eighths of various colors and counts.
I have ordered a few. I hope to get a good selection.
I have ordered off ebay from sugarmaplefabrics their assorted cuts and have never got anything of real satisfaction.
Happy Stitching to all and to all No frogging!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hello! fellow stitching buddies.

The bird in this photo is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker for those who asked about it.

I am waiting for the glue to dry on my pinkeep.
I dont think pinkeeps are going to be my stitching forte,lol. I will try to post a pic later or tomorrow, if it comes out half way decent. I finished stitching The Bear and the Bees/ PS. So that is my first finish of the year and a pinkeep at that.
I have to go catch up on blogs.
Have a beautiful day.
P.S. Northern Illinois had a tornado touchdown, 25 mins. from me yesterday afternoon, leveled a apple orchard and half dozen houses, out in the country, so damage was limited. Everyone is o.k. Thank God!!
Yes!! in Januaury, we had some scary weather.
Happy Stitchin'

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jan. 1st progress on ATS

I was so excited to start "And They Sinned" on the 1st of 2008. But I did wait till then to start it. I managed to get 3 finishes done in the last couple weeks of 2007, before I started ATS. I stitched all day from 9am to 10:30 pm with only a few short breaks. I am stitching on 36ct Edinburgh Flax with GAST 1 over 2. I am very proud of how much of a good start I got, believe me I will probably never get that many stitches in a day again.
I hope you dont get bored of seeing this one all year.
I didnt stitch yesterday, I was playing the role of a domestic goddess, lol.
Today kellie and I went shopping and out to lunch before the school holiday is over. Brianna comes tomorrow.
I was browsing online and have seen a few things I like, Jingle All The Way by Notforgotten Farms and Autumn in the Square by Just Nan, the buttons are so cool that go with the four season charts.
It was bitterly cold the last couple of days. I did get out to my feeders. Sew!! I will leave you with a couple of photos from my backyard feeders.
click the photo for better clarity
Happy Stitching!!!