Saturday, August 30, 2008

Contest! Contest! Read all about it

Happy Weekend!!
Do you know the name of this design and the designer (must know both)

I will show what I stitch each post to reveal a little more. Please no e-mails. No other clues just yet. The first to guess right...

Will win the Just Cross Stitch halloween issue and some fabby for the finishings


if you have the issue and want to play along I made this floss tag and you also get the fabby showing with it. This is the second floss tag I made, so its far from being perfect.

This is open to any and all bloggers. Good Luck!!

Here's another blog worth mentioning She has a very cool halloween SAL going on.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Dance

A Happy Dance is in order

by Prairie Moon

Can you believe... I went into town yesterday to run some errands. I stopped at B&N to see if they had the Just Cross Stitch. Well, they did so I bought it, wouldn't ya know when I get home and retrieve the mail, there's my issue.

Now, What to do with the other copy???

Do you want me to think of a contest for the give-away?

Hmmmm!!!! let me think about it!!

I was given awards by Teejay and Dawn. B

Thanks so much ladies.

I am suppose to pass these on. I have so many blogs I love to visit and comment, but here a just a few that have stood out lately it's the coolest 15 sided biscornu

I have to run right now, the time got away from me, but I will list some more

Kellie has her first volley ball game of the season at 4pm. She is so excited about being on the A team. I will try to remember my camera.

Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I did it!! I did it!!


As many of you already know smalls are not my forte.
I love to make biscornu's and now I love to make the floss rings.
I did this little fellow in a few hours last night.
I followed Staci's tutorial, it was easy as 1-2-3

Don't look to close, my border is a little iffy. The design come a freebie Owls & Acorns at Blue Ribbon Designs

It was so hard to go to sleep last night, I was just so tickled with myself. So now its time for a little nappy. I was wanting to post first thing this morning, but I slept in, then I had to met a lady from freecycle to give her some of Brianna's left over formula. Which made me feel even better then I already am with the floss ring.

Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

AAFG and Peacock Sampler, Butt Dust??

This is where I am at with And A Forest Grew by Rosewood Manor
4 more pages to go. I started almost a year ago.

And this is The Peacock Sampler by The Goode Huswife
I have just the thick border to finish. I think I will leave the open spaces on their tails, which should be filled in. The color is almost the same and I like this contrast better.

You will get to see And They Sinned at the first of the month

Hooray!!!! I passed my training and exams at work last night for my transfer. Tonite I will start in my new area.

Thanks for all your comments and e-mails, they really do mean the world to me.

I also see some new commenters :) So I really have to go update my google reader, add and subtract some.
Well, Thats all thats happenin' around here.
You can read down further if your interested in a little giggle today.

What, you ask, is 'Butt dust?' Read on and you'll discover the joy in it!
JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister.
After a while he asked: 'Mom why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?'

MELANIE (age 5) asked her Granny how old she was.
Granny replied she was so old she didn't remember any more.
Melanie said, 'If you don't remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six.'

STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his Mom good night.
'I love you so much that when you die I'm going to bury you outside my bedroom window.'

BRITTANY (age 4) had an ear ache and wanted a pain killer.
She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle.
Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a child-proof cap and she'd have to open it for her.
Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: 'How does it know it's me?'

DJ (age 4) stepped onto the bathroom scale and asked: 'How much do I cost?'

JAMES (age 4) was listening to a Bible story.
His dad read: 'The man named Lot was warned to take his wife and flee out of the city but his wife looked back and was turned to salt.' Concerned, James asked: 'What happened to the flea?'

TAMMY (age 4) was with her mother when they met an elderly, rather wrinkled woman her Mom knew.
Tammy looked at her for a while and then asked, 'Why doesn't your skin fit your face?'

The Sermon I think this Mom will never forget....
this particular Sunday sermon...
'Dear Lord,' the minister began, with arms extended toward heaven and a rapturous look on his upturned face.
'Without you, we are but dust...'
He would have continued but at that moment my very obedient daughter
who was listening leaned over to me and asked quite audibly in her shrill little four year old girl voice,
'Mom, what is butt dust?'
There ya go, Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, I did it again. I started another Halloween design. This one is Holey Sheet by Poppy Creations. It will go in a pumpkin frame I have.
This is where I am with the Prairie Moon

I will post ATS and AAFG soon. It really does help to write things down. I think you will be pleasantly surprise on how far I am with both. They kinda of got lost during the summer hours, but I have put in quite a few hours in this past week.

Kellie is back at school today, it's so quiet here, right now. lol.

Here is some fabric I bought for my Halloween ornies, WHEN I GET MY ISSUE

How do you like my halloween ort jar? He usually sits in my closed book case, so I am setting him free for awhile. I think he gets bored watching me stitch all the time, good thing he has a good readI found some fabby in my stash for that surprise Halloween WIP I was talking about It's called Over The Hill Purple I love it!! More on that later
I will leave you with a couple of photo's of a hike we took in a local park Saturday

Don't forget to floss today

Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Witchy weekend


I started stitching on Friday nite and this is where I ended up with it today.

I took a break from her black skirt and stitched a little on The Peacock Sampler.

I found another Halloween design I am going to start tonite, if I can find fabby for it, maybe purple it it's a big enough piece for it. I will have to do a floss toss.

I am so happy right now with my part-time job. My transfer finally went through and I dont have to work Sunday nites anymore. That puts me at Mon. - Thurs. ((yippee!!) I just have to work like an hour more a nite. I put the transfer in April of 2007 with 12 years in. I am so happy today, but tomorrow will be a different story, cuz I start training and certification for the next two weeks (yikes!) I know I will be nervous. They did a handshake just before the contract was up on Thurs. so no strike days off (hehe) and my vacation will be no more next week either, being in classes :( Thats not too bad though cuz I get 5 weeks anyway, only 4 this year but its worth it. Enough on that.
I have been forgetting to post pic of Brianna's 1st BD party so here ya go.

I dont think she knows quite what to think with everyone standing there singing to her. I think she is still pondering it. Look at the cute pink Bears (Chicago) jerseyAnd of all the toys, they both want the same thing, lol.

We went to the pool on one of Heathers days off. It was so refreshing in 90+

I WAS going to share a piece of dyed fabric. But, I can't find it and NOBODY threw it away. I pulled some fresh beets in the garden and was boiling them for diner last week and thought it was a pretty color and why not try going green,lol I mean purple/pink. Yes! I laid the fabric on a napkin after dunking it a few times and left it there to dry. It dried up alright and walked away, lol. It came out a beautiful pink, just right for a Valentines design. You bet I will try it again and safe guard it.

Well, I better run and dig up some fabby , so I have something to show you with the new WIP.

Happy Stitching!!

Thanks so much for the visits, comments and e-mails.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ole & Clarence

Ole lived across the Mississippi from Clarence who he didn't like at all.
All the time they were yelling across the river at each other.
Ole would yell to Clarence, 'If I had a vay to cross dis river, I'd come over dere an beat you up good, yeah sure, ya betcha by golly!'
This went on for years.
Finally the state built a bridge across the river right there by their houses.
Ole's wife, Lena, says, 'Now is your chance, Ole, vhy don't you go over dere and beat up dat Clarence like you said you vould.'
Ole says, 'OK, by yimmy I tink I vill do yust dat'Ole started for the bridge, but he sees a sign on the bridge an he stops to read it, then he turns around and comes back home.
Lena asked, 'vhy did you come back?'
Ole said, 'Lena, I tink I change my mind 'bout beatin' up dat Clarence, you know, dey put a sign on da bridge dat says 'Clarence is 13 ft. 6 in.'
You know, he don't look near dat big vhen I yell at him from across da river'

O.K. I am off to stitch :)
This is one of the cleverest E-mails I've received in awhile. Someone out there either has too much spare time or is deadly at Scrabble

DORMITORY: When you rearrange the letters: DIRTY ROOM

PRESBYTERIAN: When you rearrange the letters: BEST IN PRAYER

ASTRONOMER: When you rearrange the letters: MOON STARER

DESPERATION: When you rearrange the letters: A ROPE ENDS IT

THE EYES: ! When you rearrange the letters: THEY SEE

GEORGE BUSH: When you rearrange the letters: HE BUGS GORE

THE MORSE CODE:When you rearrange the letters: HERE COME DOTS

SLOT MACHINES:When you rearrange the letters: CASH LOST IN ME

ANIMOSITY: When you rearrange the letters: IS NO AMITY

ELECTION RESULTS:When you rearrange the letters: LIES - LET'S RECOUNT

SNOOZE ALARMS:When you rearrange the letters: ALAS! NO MORE Z 'S

A DECIMAL POINT:When you rearrange the letters: IM A DOT IN PLACE

THE EARTHQUAKES:When you rearrange the letters: THAT QUEER SHAKE

ELEVEN PLUS TWO:When you rearrange the letters: TWELVE PLUS ONE

MOTHER-IN-LAW: When you rearrange the letters:WOMAN HITLER

Yep! Someone with waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands!