Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Happy blogoversary!!! And many, many more, Cathey

We love you!! Our thoughts and prayers are with you each and everyday

Thanks to Sharon~Daffy @
for coming up with such a awesome event for a awesome fellow blogger

Take care! Dear friend

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebration times, come on!!!

Happy Chilly Monday in northern Illinois,

Anna, Lois and I had a fantastic time once again at Celebration of needlework in St Charles, Mo. this past weekend

Here is an overview of the Embassy where it was held, beautiful hotel.
Can you see the stores and designers banners??? The rooms are all open air square,
There is at least 10 floors with three glass elevators

Anna and Lois standing in the doorway of Rosewood Manor, look at them stockings hanging over the window, everything in Karen's room is so awesome

Now for the stash....

Anna and I took both the round robins this year, we have 8 projects from different designers. Each designer has 15 mins. to spend their time talking how they got started, explain the project and answer questions.

Summer Quakers kitted up. Once again Karen signed my chart. I want to buy everything she has in there, but I allow only one thing each year. I bought Old Glory last year and just finished it. Maybe Summer Quakers will get done by the show next year.

Erica Michael's is awesome too. I bought this set. It's all one over one on gauze
I was so tempted last year, so this year I'm biting the bullet.
The frames came from Olde Colonial Designs room. I know I'm missing two frames, but I thought I better wait to see if I can do this, lol
Soooo before I chickened out... As soon as I got unpacked I pulled it out and got started, here's the teeny weeny house done for Live Simply

I couldn't resist these witches, the good one and the bad one, from Acorn House. I love the wired bats. I need one more for Drac in the Box, from the JCS Halloween magazine.

Anna and I picked up Old Glory to stitch together last year, this year we picked the Jardin Prive, Bee Square? Cube?

Linen for some Halloween projects, and Praiseworthy Stitches, A Spooky Halloween kit, Wonderfully Wicked Whimsies.

I'm pretty sure that's it, lol

I better get a stitchin'

Thanks for taking time to stop by and for those who leave comments, I appreciate the feedback

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Old Glory

Good morning!!!!

I'm so happy to announce this is finished and faster then I expected

Old Glory by Rosewood Manor
32ct Heroic linen w/DMC

This signed chart by Karen is for trade

Anna and I bought the pattern in St Charles, Mo. last year at Celebrations
We started it in October at The Inspire Me retreat

I can't wait...
we are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Celebrations again this year
Hmmmm, I wonder what we will find to stitch this year, stay tuned
If your going... let me know and we can meet up
We are staying right at the Embassy, where it's taking place

I can delete the Lizze Kate mystery sampler off my In Search Of list
I made a trade with Daria of Illinois for all three parts
Thanks! Daria

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Places visited

Good afternoon!!!
Here are a couple of place I visited on my way home from West Virginia

Cross My Heart
Columbus, Ohio
Emily was super nice, I could have stayed longer, but I had a long drive home

Persnickety Stitchers
Zionsville, Indiana

And here is my stash

Notice the photo bomber, lol, she eventually laid down across them all.

Here are a couple of old covered bridges we ran across while cruising around the hills in Ohio

The top one was closed, but we did take a stroll through it. You could just imagine the horse and buggy rickety and rackety across the old thick boards

And the bottom we got to drive through

Next is barges being pushed up the Ohio river. It reminds me a lot of the Mississippi River, the fishing isn't as good though. It was tough a tough river to fish. Dan fished for the Wisconsin state, they came in third, he's on his way home :)

I met this couple while we were bringing in the boat off the river
I wasn't suppose to feed them, but they kept following me around, so I did find a few extra slices of bread from lunch that was in the bottom of the boat.

That's it for now... until next time...
Keep the needles flying

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rescued samplers

Happy Sunday!

I totally forgot to show the two samplers I found when Anna and I went to an antique mall
Sorry for the reflection off the glass on the first two

This one has a water stain in the bottom left corner and not marked who stitched it
I still love it

I spent a little time googling this couple. I couldn't find either name associated with the other

I found this one yesterday while trying to find a needle shop in Zionsville, In.
It was only six dollars, the ladies said it was there only a couple days.
I was lucky enough to grab it, as there was someone else looking at it too.

Next post will be two needle shops visited

Happy stitching!!!