Friday, May 11, 2012

Happiness is cross stitch

Happy Freakin' Friday night update

First up is my new start of "Never Let You Go"

by Heartstring Samplery
I gave the 35ct cream linen a coffee bath, I love how it turned out, perfecto!

Next up I received my pre-stitch supplies from Jan at Tree of Life Samplings
for the retreat pieces that is being held in June, can't wait
I stitched the needlebook and the FOB pieces, there is still a pin cushion I need to pre stitch, love the colors
I stitched my bird black instead of the called for pomegranate color, if anyone noticed

I received my Prim Sisters kit from Country Sampler
This time it's a Primitive Betty's design, love the bunnies

I also received my Lizzie Kate "Birdz & Bugz limited edition kit

I believe it's a stitcher's wallet or the like

Since alot of you loved the "Witches Hollow" WIP

Here are some up close snaps for better detail

Oppsies! I missed a few pictures, Sorry! this is all you get for now

Kellie went to prom this year

That's it for this stay at home Friday night.

Off to stitch a little before the bed bugs bite, lol

Good Night!!!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day

I hope it is a blessed day for all you mom's

Saturday, May 5, 2012

High Hopes

Hello! my fine stitchy peeps

Kellie has prom tonight.
Thank Goodness she can drive as of the week before last. She saved me lots of time running her to get nails and hair done today. So that left me a little alone time to snap photo's of almost all my spookies and get them posted
Here are my Halloween/Fall WIP's I hope to get done this year

My favorite is Witches Hollow by The Primitive Needle. There's so much to look at in this design, love it! Next time I will post up close photo's so you can see the details

Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate

Me thinks I have stitched four more Rules since the last time I posted an update. Did you notice I switched the Rules around? Just to make it my own and different from everyone elses

Fancey's Sunflowers by Pineberry Lane

Now if I can finish this off nicely, no promises, it will be for an upcoming retreat exchange

Something Wicked by La D Da
Stitching on Havana linen with silks

Hoodoo Voodoo by The Primitive Needle, love the spooky icons in this one

Victorian Halloween Houses #9 and #15/Judith Kirby

This has been a WIP for oh! some 15 years? lol

14ct Aida w/DMC

There might be one or two more lurking deep in the baskets and bins

Which is your favorite? love to hear from you

Off to take pictures and go to the Grand March

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Pageant and stash

Happy May!!!

We are so fortunate to be one of two high schools in the US to celebrate the crowning of a May Day queen. The school has been doing it since 1933. This year it is the 80th year
The freshman just watch
The sophomores do a march with the flags
The juniors wrap the pole and
then there are six seniors that are considered for the queen
Kellie a sophomore, she is holding the blue flag

This is the current queen this year, last year's queen is sitting on the top left of the photo

We got there an hour early, it was packed. The town is dead for May Day and football games

Before the wrap, the cheerleaders cheer for the queen, two girls sang, one played a piano song and there was a men's ensemble to entertain the queen.

Then the juniors are escorted to a circle around the may pole

The lights get turned off and the strobe lights and the music start to play

Here is the list of the 80 queen's announced since 1933

Next year they are going to try to get as many as possible to return for the celebration.

Quite a few are still in the community

It is a fun event and is so sad more schools don't practice the ritual

O.K. on to the stitchy stash

I can't wait to start this sampler by Heartstring Samplings

"Never Let You Go"

I'm going to my parents to get coffee to stain the 35ct cream linen tomorrow, so by Friday night it should be ready for needle and thread.

I love the Scripture verse:

I wish I was a little seed I'd grow & grow & grow

I'd twine myself around your heart and never let you go

Better run and make some dinner as I am late and everyone will be home soon

My computer is taking way too long to upload photo's

Happy May!!!