Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Finished BBD Stocking

Happy Hump Day!

I finished "Summer Roses" by Blackbird Designs in the Patriotic July booklet

For those who don't know, the little model is my grand daughter.
Does anyone use a sewing machine to sew their stockings? I did!
Do you think hand whip stitching would be easier for these??

I started something new and was hoping to get it finished this week, NOT!

"Patriotic Hornbook" by Dames of the Needle, found in the C-S & Needlework July 2010
The grass was over two and most rest of the design is over 1, not on this 35ct parchment linen. It has taken me a loooooooooooooong time to stitch the dog and the skirt. Maybe it will be done for display next year or maybe not at all, lol

P.S. I found my chart pack for Frederick. It was in my suitcase when I was packing for Arkansas. The key code was in Brianna's coloring books with a few others that I didn't miss, lol

It's my birthday weekend so hubby has a Harley rented for the weekend, FUN!!!!!

Happy 4th of July weekend

Have fun and be safe

Live Well~Laugh Often~Love Much~Stitch Always

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Finished pillow and checkerboard cake

I don't have much time, so I will let the photo's do the talking

How did I do it!!

Off to a softball game, the weather's perfect.
Thanks for stopping by

Monday, June 21, 2010

Angel of Tulips ornament

This is the ornament I made to donate
"Angel of Tulips" by The Goode Huswife, OOP
Unknown fibers from my stash
If you would like to donate a ornament by November 1st, please visit HERE for details
I know Cathey would love to hear from more of us. It's for a great cause. Check it out!!!!
Thanks for stopping by and taking the extra time to comment or e-mail.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Wow! We are having one beautiful Saturday afternoon in the NorthWoods.

I visited The Timeless Needle in historical downtown Galena

Stuff I aquired at 40% off

Some WIP's I have been stitching on

Wednesday's stitch, BBD "Their Song"
BOAF "MY Betrothed Sampler
Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet
Kellie has sure had me busy with softball and volley ball

Stitch on!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am awe struck

Good evening!!!!

Yipppeee!!! I won a give-away that Sally was hosting on her blog.
This is one amazing ETUI and matching FOB
Feast your eyes upon it

Lody Steward A Stitcher Cannot Fail Etui and Fob
28 count evenweave
GAST and Carrie's Creations
From The Gift of Stitching issue 38

The card she made is fabulous too.

Sally! Thanks so much. It is perfect in every way and I will always cherish it and our online friendship across the pond.
I missed Eva and the gang. They went to today.
I went the opposite way to Galena.
The bad news is closing their door as of July 4th :(
The good news, everything was 40% off :)
I am too tired to sort everything and take a pic.
I know it's early, but it's time for nite-nite
Live Well~Laugh Often~Love Much~Stitch Always

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Good Morning!

House #4, summer

It's finish, Yipeee!

"There's No Place Like Home" by The Drawn Thread
Stitched on 36ct Autumn Leaves by R&R
using one strand of DMC over 2
The lettering is recommended Needle Neccessites 130-Woodland Fantasy
I am thinking a pillow finish

I know everyone has busy lives,
Thank You! for taking time to read and even more for leaving a comment
I hope everyone is have a great start to summer

Happy Stitching!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I don't have OCD

because I continue to stitch on "Their Song" and it doesn't bother me one bit, if it'll have bleeding flaws. I love the old and primitive look anyway
Here is Kellie at her 8th grade banquet with just a few of her friends

Hot Springs, Arkansas
The_Shepherd's_Needle Little Rock, Arkansas
Look! no customers

Oh! Here they are

Anna and I
This store was fabulous and the owner even better.
I bought Jenny Bean Pin Tuffet and the pedestal for it

Next up Anna and I hit the The Stitcher's Garden in Conway Arkansas.
I bought some older PS for half price 4.00 each

Anna and I got into a traffic jam from an accident of some sort, so missed had to miss one other needleshop. We had to make it back to Hot Springs in time to see the guys live weigh-in.

Here is DH with FLW host Charlie Evans and Ranger Boats Forest Wood.

Dan come in #20 out of 55 boaters. I forget now what his total weigh was for the days. Did anyone see him live on This one airs on November 28th. He won't be on that one because he didn't place 1st to be in the Forest Wood Cup Tournament.

This was really a neat experience to be up close to the stage, lights and camera's. Kellie and I had a great time in Hot Springs with Anna. Her better half was there too as a co-angler. Dan just happen to know him from Wisconsin fishing tourneys. So we got to hang out and explore, while the guys did their fishing thing.

We plan to keep in touch and get together to stitch or shop. She even showed me how to thread my needle by wrapping it around my finger, too cool!

That's it for this post.

I am so far behind, like 600 post. I try to catch up a little here and there by reading and commenting, so please bear with me.


Live Well~Laugh Often~Love Much~Stitch Always