Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Surprise!! Mystery!!

Hello! again and so soon, lol.
I wanted to share something I recieved in my mail box this afternoon.

The mystery is who sent it? and it sure was a pleasant surprise!!!!

I had to go back to Teejay's The Passion of My Needle and reread her blog from yesterday and it was the same sender that her something too. I recieved Olde Willow Stitchery thread in "Santa Red" just beautiful. Like Teejay I will use the card for a ornie with a piece of ribbon.
Whoever sent it, Thank You!!! It was such fun to find it in my box :)
Until next time....
Happy Stitching!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank You!! & WIP's

Hi! Let me start off by Thanking You for all the wonderful comments on my CDC. I don't have any stitchy friends or groups to interactive personally, so this means so much to me. Thank you my cyber stitching buddies.
I have progress on a few of my WIP's that I havent shown lately.
Country Poppies, all I have left to is one flower and the alphabet

The Bears and the Bees, left to do is the bear and more bees

A Joyous Christmas
I don't get too much done with grandbaby Brianna being 4 months now. She sure stays awake more. She is 11lbs 4oz. and is still on the heart monitor, with no incidents.
I ususally have my shopping almost done by now, but havent even put a dent in the list. My family was over for Thanksgiving, so now that's over, so there will be more time.
I keep forgetting to answer a question, I got from quite a few post down, I deleted a comment, it wasnt bad, it was someone trying to advertise. That's all it was. Sorry it took so long to comment about that.
Well, off to catch up on reading some blogs. You guys are so funny, just when I think I have a few down on my reader, I look up the number of post and it has gone up.
You are posting faster then I can read and comment, lol
Happy Stitching!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cirque des Cercles Happy Dance

Hi! Here is my finished Cirque Des Cercles by Ink Circles. I finished this off just before a late dinner tonite, lol.

I stitched 2/2 on 32ct Lakeside's Sugared Ginger. The floss is DMC 4130 Chilean Sunset.

I started it May 29th 2007. That's about 5 months and I thought it would take me at least a year to finish it. I am going to miss this so much. I might just start it with a different color someday, lol.

I hope this photo's turn out o.k. I will post again after I get it framed, probably after the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bless You and Yours throughout the Holidays.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New stash, new start

Hello! I started a new stitch this morning, it is The Bear and the Bees by Prairie Schooler. I thought I would try a pinkeep, but it looks to large. I am stitching on 14 ct oatmeal? I love this design.

And this is a little of the new stuff I bought Saturday.

Orange fabby for a Halloween design, Pine Mountain Tie On Winter with the quilted pillow, some threads and some older charts. I had to leave something for the next visit, lol.

The weather here is nasty out. I am ready for a nappie. I do have a couple other new things I want tpo start and get done by the New Year so I can concentrate a little more on ATS.

Well, off to read a few blogs before I doze off.

Thanks so much for visiting and the comments.

Happy Stitching!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

freebie done

Hi! I hope your weekend has started off with a bang!
I finished off "I Love You To The Moon" freebie and here it is

I stitched on 16ct white aida with DMC
Here is the link CyberStitchers Patterns it is under designer Barbara Ana. Her designs are so darn cute, check them out.

I finally have in my hands "And They Sinned" here's a pic to prove it, lol

I have been looking high and low for this chart, seems like forever. I have had the fabby for months. This will be my New Years start. It is huge, wish me luck.

I was so happy to share and mailed off the magazine with Painted Ponies to Kathy A and Windy Hill to Barbara who e-mailed me first for the chart, so ladies watch for the postie.

I finally finished raking the front yard and burned, before it started sprinkling this morning. The trees are now bare, yippee!!

Now I am off to the needleshop that moved to Freeport. I just talked to Jill on the phone and is the first day of opening there. I am on my way to check out her store, so I will catch up on blog reading later.

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello! eveyone, I hope this finds everyone well and excited about the holidays coming up. I have been so busy with working part-time, a couple night courses, babysitting Brianna, raking the leaves, cleaning the house to decorate and entertain, hubby's taxes and the garage needs to be cleaned before snow starts coming down, arrgghh. I need more hours, lol. I only have the last two inside circles to be filled in on CDC, then thats done. I am getting sad and have slowed down, I have enjoyed stitching this so much. I might just stitch it again in another color. It is so hard for me to put down.
oh well! here's my progress on AAFG, thats also another hard to put down, the motifs stitch up so fast.

I took a trail off the beaten path the other nite and started this freebie. I should be done with it tomorrow nite, if I can sit with it for awhile tonite.

I seen it on this new to me blog Pull Up A Needle And Stitch and just loved the mat she used to frame it with. I had seen this design stitched up and always looked for it and here it was... a freebie.

Well, better get going, my floors should be dry now. I soaked em' good, lol.

Happy Stitching!!

Until next time...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Painted Ponies


Happy weekend!!

Here's my finished Painted Ponies can you believe I finished it off with a hoop, lol. Haven't done that in ages.

I might just add some rope around the edges. I am giving this to my DD's friend that loves horses. She has seen it and I think she knows it's for her.
Another busy weekend ahead.
After Brianna leaves today, it's out to rake alittle and then in to stitch some on CDC before bed.
Friday fish fry sure sounds good.
Have a super duper weekend all.
until next time....

Edited: Thanks so much for the ones who took the time to comment on my Windy Hill.
I think I will put it away for awhile, I dont know, maybe, cut it away and make ornies with the unused portion.

If anyone would love to have the chart, email me, first come first serve. no charge.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

need advice

Aaargh!!! I need your gals advice on what to do with this piece. I don't like it nor do I want to finish it. Should I just throw it out, take out all the stitching and reuse the linen or what? I just dont want to throw it in a UFO pile. What do you ususally do if you dont like a piece or just cant get into. I cant believe I did so much before I realized I wanted to trash it. This is the very first time I have ever felt about a piece. If you remember a few post down, I started it on barn owl linen, but wanted to start over on a little darker (not much) linen, which I did. I have been getting real comfortable about changing colors. In this piece it called for gunnut stars, which I just exchanged for DMC. Looking forward to what you think!!!
P.S. Some stitchers ask about the fabby I was using for A Joyous Christmas. I am stitching it on 36 ct meadowlark.
P.S.S. I am almost done with the BS on Painted Ponies woohoo!!
Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's a lazy Sunday. I am staying in and stitching all day.

I thought I would take a break and share this Birds of a Feather WIP that I dug up from the bowels of my Christmas tote. It's called "A Joyous Christmas". I fixed my mistake this morning and ready to get a fresh start on it.
We went out and bought Guitar Hero III, for the kids. While it is fun, just say I am not musical inclined, lol, or coordinated, whatever it shall be.
I will leave you with a pic of my furball.
Must be nice to sleep all day.
Happy Stitching!
Please come again

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hi! Happy Weekend to all.

I officially started And A Forest Grew on The 29th, here's what little I have done.

I have an excuse to visit my LNS from Oregon, Il, she moved to Freeport last weekend, so I must go visit and see her new store. Any excuse, lol.
Busy,Busy weekend ahead.
Thanks for all the comforting comments on my CDC.
Love you guys, OO's & XX's
Thanks for visiting me.