Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Sowing Sampler


I finished this morning a prim sisters club piece

By Notforgotten Farms
Stitched on 30ct WDW Tin Roof linen
With GA threads

I received my last one yesterday

I'm sad that I quit receiving this coming year, but it was expensive for the kits plus the postage, plus I still have many to stitch and finish from last year. And have many duplicate threads, that I may never use up
So with the money I spent, I better get them done

Have a awesome weekend everyone

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Primitive stitches

Happy Hump Day

I stitched on two Primitive Needle designs the last two days

Witches Hollow
Stitching on 40ct WDW beige linen
with GA and WDW

The Talking Board
Stitching on 40ct days gone by linen
with WDW charcoal

This is my last post of reintroductions of my WIPs. I don't have many left and their not really calling out to me very loud, right now
I'm really itching to stitch on some of my past WIP's

Bye for now

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Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd finish of 2013

Happy freezing cold Monday,
I fell off the wagon posting reintroductions of all my WIP's of the new year.
I have stitched everyday though :)

"Never Let You Go" by Heartstring Samplery
Stitched on 35ct cream, coffee stained
with GA and WDW
Here a couple more WIP's that I stitched on so far this year

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, block 9
Stitched on 40ct pearled barley linen with DMC

Angels Among Us by Examplers From the Heart
Stitched on 40ct maritime linen with DMC
I plan on stitching on a couple Primitive Needle WIP's in the next couple days, so stay tuned for them.
I went to a surprise birthday party over the weekend in Winthrop Harbors, Illinois and right down the road was The Black Cat Stitchery shop. I stopped in and met Erica one of the owners, very nice lady and shop. I forgot to take a snap what I bought. I picked up Shepherds Bush, Glory Scissor FOB kit and With Thy Needle & Thread, On Pins and Pumpkins.
I have lots to stitch and its too cold to go out, so I'm staying in and stitching all day and evening
Thanks for stopping by
Happy stitching!!!!
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two more WIP's

Happy two for Tuesday, that means I show two WIP's today
I'm trying to stitch a little everyday of 2013, so far, so good
I was also going to post a different WIP everyday, but that didn't pan out
I still have a few WIP's that I'm going to stitch on everyday, until I run out, then I will stitch whatever jumps out at me. I'm hoping this will get me in good shape for some of them old couch, i mean basket potatoes, lol
This first one I just couldn't put a few hours in one day, so it got an extra day of stitching

"Never Let You Go" Sampler by Heartstring Samplings
Coffee dyed my own 35ct linen before stitching with GA and WDW threads
I just noticed I didn't get all the border done, lol

Next up is....

"Old Glory" by Rosewood Manor
Stitched on 32ct heroic linen

Stay tuned for a few more WIP's progress
Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, love to read the feedback

Happy stitching!!!

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

On the fifth day of 2013

I bet your wondering what happened to the fourth day??!!

I went to Welcome Stitchery, not much stitched that day, but I did buy stitchy stuff

Some GA threads, 40ct summer khaki for a reproduced sampler, more on that at a later date, and a Pineberry Lane design. I know not much, but I have soooo much started that I need to finish

Speaking of finishes, I have one...

Then I gave it a coffee bath and this is what it looks like now...

Feeding the Reindeer by Notforgotten Farm
Stitched on 35ct linen with DMC
Any idea's for a finish??

Anna gave me a stitchy present, I don't get many of them

A beaded candy cane ornament, a purple thread picker for frogging, the chart Christmas at Hollyberry Farm by Stacy Nash and the 35ct mink linen, I love it all. Thank you! My friend

When we went shopping Friday, we stopped at a Hobby Lobby and found these trees, 80% off clearance in the Christmas

They will be great to hang ornaments, great find at a great price

Happy stitching!!!!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

On the third of 2013

Happy January 3rd...

I stitched on this WIP today,loving it, especially with my light/magnifier, it helps alot with the dark linen

"A Colonial Garden" by Plum Street Samplers
Stitched on 36ct charcoal linen with DMC

I bought a couple totes from Thirty-One parties for my stitchy-goodness

Happy Stitching!!!!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On the second day of 2013

Happy January 2nd

I stitched on this WIP today

"In The Meadow" by Country Cottage Needleworks
Stitched on 30ct scuppernong linen with CC and DMC threads

Anna and I are planning a trip to Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake on Friday afternoon, then lunch. If your interested in meeting us, email and let me know so we can keep in touch about the day

Happy Stitching!!!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One the first day 2013

Happy January 1st

This Stacy Nash design was my New Year's start

"Tribute to Summer Sampler"
Stitching on 30ct cocoa with GA threads

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