Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Boo! Jack o Lantern Watch

Not exactly boo! I exchanged the words for autumn

Time For Halloween by With Thy Needle & Thread
Stitched on 40ct w/ GA threads
This one I used matching chenille for the necklace.

To find out where and what to purchase, look in my previous post.

The cat design is Oct 31 - Black Cat Watch 
I love these, they are super quick to make and perfect for gift giving.
You can use your own design for personal pleasure, as well
Now to stitch the witch, then the saltbox

Happy stitching!!!!
P.S. Thanks for the wonderful comments and visits
I'm so excited I have just over 500 followers, yipeeee
Tata for now

Monday, September 15, 2014

Time for Halloween

Happy Monday,

I finished another stitch and put it together as a necklace

Time for Halloween by With Thy Needle & Thread

You can buy the Jim Holtz idea-ology pocket watches at Michaels, hobby lobby or your local needle shop, not sure where else. I didn't buy a chain, I used cheap black ribbon, I think it looks better. You can use any color, you can even change out the color to suit your blouse, ect. to match. Also make them any length you want. The designer has other ones to stitch too, so you could change out the stitchy design and change the ribbon to the season
Now off to make the other two, what fun and it doesnt take long at all, it's a fast happy dance

Happy stitching!!
Happy fall!!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Away We Ride

It's done

Away We Ride by Blackbird Designs
Stitched on 30ct cocoa linen with over dyed threads

Check out Barbs, the wicked stitcher,  http://primpair.blogspot.com/2014/09/two-finishes.html
She finished hers too
Thanks for the fun ,Barb, so what's the next SAL, lol 

Good night!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poor poor pitiful me

Yep, pitiful
I was sure I would have Away We Ride SAL finished today, I was soooo close,
I will finish it this weekend, I will finish it this weekend, I will finish it this weekend

I will finish it this weekend, ok enough!!
I checked barb's blog, http://primpair.blogspot.com.
I didn't see a post of her progress or finish, so keep checking
She was close to finishing too

Good night!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Progress update 2X

Happy Thursday!!

I didn't get around to posting a progress post on Away We Ride last week, so here it is...

My goal was to get the border finished, yay me

Now.. this is this Thursday's update, I love the witches house

Maybe I'll have a finish by next Thursday, we'll see

Anna had a birthday yesterday. I mailed off a package to her, of course, the good friend she is

I bought her a Lizzie Kate Christmas ornament chart with the beads and the linen, I also made this for her

From the JCS Christmas Ornaments 2010 magazine. The design is by Plum Street Samplers

We had a awesome Labor Day weekend. We spent Sunday on the boat on Lake Delevan in Wisconsin.

Pictured is Dan with our daughter, Heather and three of four grandkids, they had a blast, something we have to find time to do lots more of. A little cruising, swimming, picnic, fishing, sunning, it was great, oh yeah, feeding the ducks our sandwich bread

Have a great upcoming stitchy weekend :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Yes, I started another fall/Halloween stitch

Fancey Blackett- Shoo!

By Pineberry Lane

Is my progress on The Blackbird SAL, Away We Ride,

I'm hoping I have these two, plus a couple more done in a month or so
Happy Stitching!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

SAL update

Hello stitchers,

Here's my weekly progress on Away We Ride SAL

It's by Blackbird Designs, stitching on 30ct cocoa linen, I can't put it down, once I start stitching
Stop by and see Barbs progress at http://primpair.blogspot.com

I had another surprise bd mail day

Love the pretty card and the little pretty bag

Annette from http://californiastitcher.blogspot.com sent me these goodies

Some pretty silky silks and one of those pocket watch doodads to stitch the Halloween Time designs that I also received for my birthday
Thank you! Annette

Happy Market Day Shopping!!

P.S. I see some MUST HAVES! What about you?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Away We Ride progress

Happy Thursday!!

Here's my progress on the BBD SAL a few of us are having
You can jump in anytime

And here's some stash I received this week

I received the Time For Halloween chart for my birthday from a non-blogger
Thank you! Brenda

I also received this package of goodies from Anna, http://wis-northwoods-stitching.blogspot.com
Not the right shade of linen, it's more brown tanish

Thank you! Anna
It means alot to be to be able to open a BD present and it be cross stitch related
Make me happy :)

Happy stitching!!