Monday, October 29, 2007


Hi! Well, I took everyone advice and stitched instead of raking.

I worked on CDC, here's my progress

I am stitching it on 32 ct Sugared Ginger from Lakeside Linen using DMC 4130 Chilean Sunset.

I am making progress on my Painted Ponies

I have a mane and then lots of backstitching.

Thanks so much to Chiloe's corner for finding the designer of that mystery chart. Here's the link for it if you were interested in it...
Peak in at Chiloe's wonderful blog.
I am sorry to say no stitching today, I do have to go rake today at least a little.
Oh by the way I seen this on someones blog and feel the need to pass it on. Take a peak at this site about the children's movie The Golden Compass, you might rethink about taking your children to see.
Well! off the rake, I wish I could fake. lol.
Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Good Afternoon folks, let me introduce you to The Halloween Queen.

How do you like the leaf frame? lol.

And here's my little front door buddy.

I have only stitched a little on Painted Ponies. I have only the one mane left on the last pony and then all the backstitching. So it wont be too long for that finish too.

First priority is the leave raking.

I have blisters, and they are still falling. They are everywhere. One good thing... there are hardly any acorns this year. Does that mean a mild winter?

Lets remember those in the firestorm in California and pray for them at this devastating time. And those who also weathered the bad storms in our Southern region.

Rake??? or Stitch????

I think Stitch, lol.

Until next time....

Oh! P.S. thanks for those who took the time to look at that pattern in the last post. I am thinking with Carolyn that it might be french. There is a similar pattern by De juex?? But, oh well, I really dont need it anyway.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hi! If anyone has the time. I am wondering the designer of this pattern. I found it on ebay and cant find no other info on it.
Ebay Item number: 320173114186
It's so much appreciated. Thank You!!
I Have halloween Queen finished.
I will post again in a day or two.
Off to catch up on some blog reading.
Happy Stitching! and Thank You for visiting.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hello! and Happy Weekend to everyone.
I am so overwhelmed with the You Make Me Smile Award given by
Stitchyangel's Treasures you have truly made my weekend, Thanks so much.
I am sure it probably had to do with my recently finished Witchy Washy, hanging out my colorful laundry, lol.
The rules are to send to 10 people, but rules are made to be broke. So, I am breaking. Everyone's post and comments and e-mails make me smile. Consider everyone that reads my story to be given that Smile Award.
It is just too hard to pick ten.
I am sure everyone has been picked a few times by now anyway.
On the stitchy front...
I finished Salem Sister's by Plum Street Samplers on Wednesday and framed it yesterday.
This was a SAL with Sharon & Lizzy.

I have stitched a little on Poppies
I had started Windy Hill by Brightneedle some time ago. I think I am going to start it again on a darker fabby. It looks like the greens are too light on this color. I just am not motivated by it.
I am almost done with Halloween Queen, just the border.
When thats done, I am going to focus on CDC, my deadline of Thanksgiving is coming fast.
I didnt start And A Forset Grew just because my needle hand has been achy.
But I sure have been studying it, lol.
Possibly achy from all these years of stitching?
Well, I promised myself this was going to be short and sweet.
Happy Stitching!!! until next time...

Friday, October 12, 2007

AAFG and Witchy Washy

Hi! I just had to post to tell you I finally received my JJ's order yesterday. Here is what I got.

And A Forest Grew with fabby, I am so excited to finally start it.

Also received SB /Trick or Treat, misc. Sampler threads and the buttons for WW.

I went to Hobby Lobby this morning, which was a no-no. I just ran in to get a few DMC colors for AAFG and look what I else I just happened to pick up, lol.
Snowman latch hook rug, Care Bear blankie to stitch for Brianna and a

Punchneedle kit. Has anyone ever did one? Any pointers?

And here's my finished Witchy Washy with buttons and all. I think I will take that one to the framers with CDC (no its not done yet). We'll see about the frame.

Brianna now weighs a whooping 7 lbs. 5 oz. She is a little porkers compared to the 3 lbs. She is still on the heart monitor with no incidents. Hooray!!!

Anyone who is doing AAFG, do you use one or two threads and do you like it?
I think I am going to use one.

I have to quit buying... I just have way too much stuff going.
I have seen the Quaker Christmas Sampler on quite a few blogs and I love it.
I also love the Medieval Pheasant Tapestry too.
How do I fit more hours in a day??
Thank You for all the e-mails and comments.
I am so honored that each and everyone of you keep coming back to visit me. You all inspire me so much.
Keep on stitchin"
Have a great weekend all.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been framed...

Hi! All
I hope you all are doing fine. I did some framing on Tuesday. You all have probably seen them finished, but not framed.
The Packers, I did many years ago and just threw it in a box. I don't think the person I stitched it for is no longer a GB Packer fan. But, oh well! it's framed now.
This is the very little progress I made on my SAL SS yesterday. I was hoping to finish it, but just too much going on.
Here is the progress on a fresh new start from my recent stash purchase.
It is "Country Poppies by Cedarhill. This is one of my favorite flowers. When I seen this I just knew I had to have it. I am stitching it on 28 ct. Graziano Milan.
I have made no more progress on Halloween Queen, but plan to have that done by the 31st. hehe
I have been working here and there on Painted Ponies, and now have two ponies done and one to go.
JJ's finally mailed out my order on Tuesday. So should be here today?? fingers X.
I will leave you with a photo of Kellie's very first 6th grade band concert, playing the clarinet.
It was so fun. The other kids never played, so its new to me. Kellie just finished volleyball last night. So I will have a few weeks off before basketball, wheww!
Happy Stitching!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Saturday Road trip

Hi! Everyone.

We took a road trip in by Chicago to a needleshop Welcome Stitchery - and then on to Hoffman Estates to Cabela's Official Website - Quality Hunting, Fishing, Camping and Outdoor Gear at competitive prices.
Here's a photo of my stash I bought. The two upper left charts are the ones I bought a few weeks back when we went to the wedding. I am trying to organize it this afternoon, so I can start one or two new ones tonite.
I bought a couple halloween charts, but plan them for later on after Christmas. I was kinda of dissappointed they didnt have all the fabby I wanted. They have such a huge selection. I plan on stitching alot this week, plus frame a few. I did get a couple of frames plus some threads that are not shown.
Here's the inside of the Cabela's, it was so awesome. There was so many people shopping there. They had a grand opening, they opened a few weeks ago.
We both spent hours and money in each of our stores, lol.
Now I have to get stitching.
I did get my invoice for JJ's and should be excepting a stash postie within a few days now, yippee.
I finished Witchy Washy, but want to get the buttons and apply them before I show a pic.
I hope to be done with my SAL Salem Sisters this Wednesday, already have a frame for it.
I hope to have a post with atleast one new start and a few framed finishes in the next couple of days.
I did get The Gift of Stitching, Thanks for all the comments about whether to get it or not.
Well, there's my run down, lol.
Better get a stitchin'
Take care!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

My needle's are smoking....

Hi! I stitched all day Saturday and Sunday.
Here's a little progress.
I just have the rest of the words, her dress and the bottom border.
Have a great week all.
Tata for now...