Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tadaaaaa Spooky Row

Do the SpOokY DaNcE!!!

I was going to start Trick or Treat Row. I think that one will have to just wait for awhile. I don't think I would stitch on it too much with just finishing a similar pattern.
This is where I am at with "My Needle's Work", it's kinda of crooked from the q-snap, but I did press it, lol.

I think I am going to start this

There Was An Old Woman by Prairie Moon. I just picked out a misc. fabric without a label.

I have to get stitching on AAFG and ATS, But Halloween is just around the corner. excuses! excuses!

Thanks so much for visiting me.

Happy Stitching! and Don't Forget To Floss!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Spooky Row

I am a little bit further on this then it actually shows, I took the pic on Friday. I should be done tomorrow, if everything goes well. Fingers crossed XX
I am finally caught up on LHN, My Needle's Work after frogging the long stem.
XX Fingers crossed there too XX
Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A finish!!!!!! is A GoOd ThInGs

I finally finished Birds of a Feather "Good Things" I stitched on Cashel linen, 28ct Putty using Sampler threads and DMC.

Kellie and her friend is always at our house making cookie dough. This time we did something a little different.

Salt Dough Fun yeah!!!! I forgot all about it, I use to make it for the older kids when they were younger. let me show you a pic of the unpainted creations, before I give the recipe

Now for the recipe please read the whole thing before you start.

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

Add water, a little at a time, stir, add a little more flour it it gets too sticky.

knead the dough until it is soft and smooth, with no lumps.

After you make the figures, place them on a cookie sheet with aluminium foil. Low heat 200 F bake till hard, if they are still a little damp on the bottom it will dry nice in the sun. The girls figures were left in the oven for about 3 hrs. depending the size, they were still kind of soft on the bottom, but painted them anyway. The girls also wet the parts with a brush and water to make them stick together.

The dough is safe for all ages, if they like salt, lol.

Let cool before painting, you can also use a clear shiny glaze coating too. So do you want to the the results....

Oh! wait a minute I received two awards

The first by Sally

And the second by Dawn B.The idea of blogging is cool enough, but then to do it with a touch of 'kreativity' is fun! I've seen so many outstanding blogs, some simple, others more complex, and enjoy so many of them for what makes them unique. A person's blog style, color choice, and content allows us to know more about each other across the miles and foster friendships. So I humbly accept these awards for whatever reason makes me 'kreativ' and passing it onto these 5 'kreativ's' :You can accept this award and pass it on to five. Linking back to the person whom gave it to you.

I spent alot of time scanning blogs and each and everyone I choose had at least one of these two awards.

Now I will show the little critters.

It will be interesting what your little future artist create.

Thank You all for visiting me and leaving comments and e-mails, I do enjoy them.

Happy Stitching! and Don't forget to floss!

P.S. The Spooky Row alphabet is NOT glow-in-the-dark thread.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Spooky Row

I started Spooky Row by Bent Creek the other nite

Do you like the green?? The fabric is 32ct Dirty linen mostly with DMC.

I think I will have enough fabby to stitch BC Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet also.

I reserved Scream House by Just Nan. I can't wait to get that, but will it be finished for Halloween, probably not this year, lol.

I have to scoot, if everybody wants some din din

Don't forget to floss!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

All righty now...

This is the stash I bought last weekend, it not much just because I was looking for a few certain things that I couldn't find. Like Scary Carrie by Lavender Wings and Monster March by Glendon Place. I also want to order Scream House by Just Nan. So I am saving my money for those.

The fabby is 32 ct Iced Cappuccino, a very large piece and a piece of BOAF 32 ct Sparrow, just because it is discountinued and it was there
BBD Thank You, Sarah Tobias and BBD Merry Christmas Ella Vaughn and a few needed GAST

Here we are on the bike. The background is that of Dan's mom's property, a beautiful pond, the house is in front of the bike. She had a 4th cookout, so we stopped by for a short time.

I was feeling so down about my HAED. The next day I received a RAK from Joanne The perfect pick-me-up. She saw I had There's No Place Like Home on my wish list for trades and was so generous to sent it to me, how awesome is that? She even threw in a VC silk and a roll of ribbon. Thank You so much

As for actual stitching I have been trying to stitch on Good Things, so hopefully a finish soon. A little on ATS, but nothing to post about, the same with Emerald Mermaid. And this I keep forgetting to take a pic of My Needle's Work by LHN. I have not a clue what the fabric is, just a piece waiting to be used.

My wrist is feeling much better with the naproxen, but i cant take that forever. And yes I can still stitch, the only thing that would stop me from reaching for the needle is blindness. I will try to pick up my HAED again soon. Thanks for all the support on it and the Birthday wishes. I try not to make a big deal out of becuz I need no more of them. I have had too many already, lol.

I want to Congratulate all the new mommys-to-be, seems like they are popping up all over, must had been a cold winter, lol

We have been so busy with Kellie's baseball games. I did have a photo of her pitching, but it vanished into thin air.

I will leave you with another proud photo. Brianna (grandbaby). Heather had this taken the other day for her first birthday. This is my favorite one Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am just sew upset....

Hi! I am just so upset right now, I dont know what to do.

I started HAED Celestial Night a few weeks ago.. And I restarted it last night after getting an evenweave over the weekend. It is soo much better then the dublin. I got just as far as the first one when... A thought came to me about the branches coming into the stitching and noticed that the DMC 939 is just about that to the 310. There is no way you will see the trees or the reflection on the water against the 939. Boo! Hoo! I am wondering how the designer made this possible to distinquish the details, there's no way. So I guess this one is trashed. I was so thrilled about it too. I will have to really study the Halloween Fairy, if and when I even feel like starting another HAED. Bummer!!!! makes me feel like I don't want to pick up my needle anymore :(
But anywho, it was my Birthday on the 5th. DH rented a Harley and off to the shops we went. It was my day. I picked up some great charts and fabby. I will post a pic later. I went to great shop that is kinda of a long way, but going on the cycle made me feel less guilty about the gas prices.
I want to wish Vonna, A Belated Happy Birthday!!, if she even reads me anymore. We share the same BD.
Life has been so hectic around here. I was spending alot of time pulling weeds, now I am reaping my harvest. I have been freezing green beans and snow peas up the ying! yang! It will payoff this winter though, yum! yum!
I want to thank all the stitchers that traded with me. I must say the Penny Rug was the most popular, even after it was crossed out. I got some really nice charts, (Most Noble Pursuit) oh yeah!!
I am so far behind in commenting, so I will try to catch up, if you guys try not to post for one whole day, lol.
I have read and commented a little, but not enough to make a dent in my GR.
That will change in the next few days. DH is going fishing and DD is going to a sleep over, me alone :) Anyone want to come over and stitch with me??
Happy Stitching!! and Don't Forget To Floss!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th