Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm a Grandma...

I am a Grandma 10 weeks early. Mother & baby are doing fine now. My daughter had severe pre-eclampsia?? (dont know the correct spelling) but you get the idea. It was emergency c-section on Tuesday morning. heather's body was really sick and need a blood transfusion for play-lits (spelling??) they were rock bottom, just under 20,000. She is doing so much better today. She gets to come home hopefully tomorrow. baby Brianna will be in NICU for 2 months give or take. problems arise daily with her, but they deal with it day by day. Survival rate is 100%. She weighed 3 lbs. but is now at 2lbs. 13oz. Here is a pic of our little princess
Brianna may have heart surgery, where they make an incesion on her back and clamp her extra artery? ususally it closes right after birth on full term, but not premies. I could go on and on, but I am so tired of repeating everything. it's been such a long week for me. I am finally getting rest tonite, but not after I read some of your blogs. There are so many and I cant wait to see what each and everyone has started and finished. Again I have no stitchy news, as I have not stitched for awhile, probably a good week, since the tree fell. Heather is coming here for a few days, till she gets home sick. Her bed is so high, we need to get a step for her to get in bed and she cant drive for 2 weeks, so I will take her to finish her summer courses, what is left of them. She doesnt really cook, so I will feed her good too. I feel so bad for her being 20 and having a not so good pregnancy with back aches and then this happening. Please keep Brianna in her prayers, as she needs all the help she can get. Our church held a pray circle which really made me emotional. I promise to have stitchy news next time I post.
Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scene at my house Wed. nite

There's no stitchy news to report. Here was the scene at my house Wednesday night.
A storm moved thru and a tree come down across the driveway. Woohoo!! No work for me, wrong. Out of all nights I wanted to go to work. I had a 1-1/2 hour ADG (air dangerous goods) certification to take and just wanted to get it done that night, so I didn't want to worry about scheduling it again. My guys scrambled to get the driveway open for me in the pouring rain, I love you guys!! We have so many trees that was the only way out. Here is the next day clean-up.
Friday, I did alot of raking, that is less leaves i have to rake this fall. We are going to plant another tree.
I did get a score 94 out of 100, which is really really good. I have worked there for 11 years, so I kinda know what I am doing. Everything changes so much, sometimes I never know what to expect on my certifications, as there are many. Here a pic of my DS finally. I snapped it with the others. Know keep in mine he is single, so if you know a young gal... He has a really good job, has a nice truck and a boat. Enough bragging, lol.
He had just happen to get rained out of his job, so he could help his daddy, hehe. He is a heavy construction equipment operator. He didnt want to mess with DH toy, hehe.
This old man survived.
I tried to stitch this morning, but couldnt keep my attention on it. I went 2 days without stitching, I hope I didnt lose my mojo, lol. I will try again later. Will post again soon.
Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

CDC update and new BBD WIP

Hello! It's a yucky day here in Illinois, so what better time to spend on the computer, NOT. Here is my Cirque Des Cercles update.
I hope the new camera shows a better pic then the old one did. It looks like it on the up close one anyway. I am still figuring it out.
I started yet another new one. It is the freebie from BBD called Thistle Manor. I am stitching on the 28 ct Jobelan Antique Copper that I received and didn't know what I was going to stitch on it. Well, that didn't take long now, did it? lol. I am stitching with Black Berry. After the house was half done, I didnt know if I liked the colors together, but oh well...
I thought since a pic of my niece and her DD was still on my camera from my parents party, I would show them off. Abbey(7) & Amber
Amber is expecting about the same time my daughter is due,(Oct.) I better get stitching some baby stash, huh? The new baby will also join a brother Jacob (4) at home too. This will be my first grandbaby, someone had asked me that in a coment, and I just remembered. My DD is having a girl and sweet Amber, a boy. One of each and I cant wait. At least its not me, lol. I am too old anyway, lol. Its my time to enjoy and give them back, when I want, lol. I have never posted a pic of my son, so that will come soon.
I don't know what i just did, I am sure happy blogger saves automatically, wheww!!
I better go stitch awhile before dinner. I am in the mood to stitch Painted Ponies, so that one will get my attention tonite.
Thank You for all inspiring comments & e-mails. It means the world to me.
Happy Stitching!!
NO frogging!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

1st place

My DD baseball team played their championship tonite and WON, way to go team
My DD is kellie is the middle one. I never heard girls screaming and squeling so much and so loud.
It was so exciting. I dont think I will be able to go to sleep tonite, so maybe I will stay up till i cant hold eyes open to stitch or read. I received part of my birthday gift in the mail today. I am still expecting another package.
I have already kitted a few projects ready to go.
The charts are Raise The Roof, Witchy Washy with the 32ct Belfast-flax
Blackbird Designs Sunflower House with the 30ct R&R Friendship Blue
Brightneedle, Under the Sea no fabby yet
Casey B, Carrot Cake no fabby
28ct natural light Linen for Glory bee Stitching
28ct Jobelan Antique Copper for ?
and 36ct Edinburgh-Flax (huge piece) for And they Sinned which I still need to find the chart
I am so excited about starting these and more.
I cant even remember off hand what I will be getting soon, lol.
I have been reading "Water For Elephants'" which I seem not able to put down. It grabbed me in the very first chapter. I do have a update of SB's, "Baby Bug Ball" that I worked on a week ago or so and that is all the progress I have made on anything, except for the book.
I am still struggling with the chart and threads a little, so its going slower then I want. I do have a update for CDC, but still have to take a pic, I haven't worked on it for awhile, so maybe i will put in a few more stitches, before a post about that one. It is my favorite right now, but the book is so dang good.
Well, better go and make some progress before it gets too much later. Tomorrow will be a productive day, as I will be alone, and nothing planned, but that always seem to change. Until next time... Happy Stitching!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Its so hot here, almost 100, if not already as I am writing this. Does anyone like to stitch Santa? I know you ladies are gonna think I am crazy. But... I found this 10 year old? UFO in my stash. It is Santa's Wish List. The finished size is 15-5/8 X 22-1/4. It is stitched on 27ct evenweave fabby. It was a kit, so all the thread is there. I no longer have an itch to stitch this anymore. Would anyone like to trade for a UFO, that you no longer want? If you are interested , Please e-mail and let me know. I know there's no way I want to finish it and there's so much work in it, that I dont want it packed away again. It is almost half done.

I could try to sell it on e-bay. I just mailed out a bunch of stuff, so I dont feel like listing anything right now.
I had quite a bit in paypal, but treated myself to some new stash for my BD, seeing all I got was a camera. Which is taking me forever to get the right size for the blog. I think I have it figured out now. It took my stitching time away. Although I made a mistake of having a glass of wine and then stitching, that's a no-no for me. Live and learn. I had to frog alot on my Fairy Lights. I was up all-nite trying to figure it out and stitching and restitching after my little nap to sleep it off, lol. So, It 's not sitting very well with me today anyway.
Here is a pic of the gift I sent to Vonna with other goodies. It took me three days to stitch and finish the tuck.

My parents party was an success. And I am glad it's over.

My parents have been married 60 years. Yeah for Mom & Dad.
I was born on their 16th Anniversary. If there is a difference in my new camera and old, the hen was taken with the old camera. I hope there is. Thank you everyone who reads my blog and leaves comments and e-mails. Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Big shout out

Here's a big shout out for Vonna HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I share the same birth date. Here's a card with a little something for me
she sent me the cutest BD card with a post card from IN. three beautful DMC variations and the sought after peacemakers needles. I have heard so much about them, I cant wait to try them out. They don't sell them anywhere around here. Thanks so much Vonna, all them will come in very handy. I haven't had too much time to stitch latety, as I am getting a party ready Saturday for my parents 60th Anniversary. Shhh!!! It's a secret and its at their home, hehe. We share the same day. They always say I am still their little firecracker even if I was a day late. DD and I spent the afternooon celebrating at Red Lobster with them this afternoon and then DH and kids are taking me out tonite for dinner. I am so full now, they will have to wheel chair me home tonite, lol. Two big eats in one day. Then to top off my BD I will want to go to Starbucks for a mocha frap since we will be in town. Happy Birthday to Vonna, and Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad. Hope everyone has a fabulous day with many more.