Saturday, May 21, 2011

WIP's and a brag post

For the Witches Hollow fans

For the Jardin Prive fans

A big Thanks goes out to Laura for posting the La D Da trunk show at Inspired Needle

I dug this out right away on Thursday. To my surpirse I had already started a little of the border

"Mocking Bird"

Now for the brag...

DD Heather graduated college, Class of 2011, Associate Degree in Nursing

She had a recognition program in the morning for the presentation of pins. She received one for nursing and one for the Alpha Delta Nu Honor Society. We are so very proud of her. In the class of about 40, Heather was the only one working full time and schooling full time, plus with a family. Thank Goodness!! she has a fine husband that supported her.

She works at a hospital in the PICU, in June she is going to the cardiac unit.

I am missing the stitch in at Inspired Needle tomorrow due to gas prices :(

Thanks again for all the comments and e-mails, they are what keeps me in stitches.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

J.P update

Happy Hump Day!!!!

This is the progress on the Jardin Prive

Sampler aux Bouquets I, stitching II and then III. I am loving the called for DMC, so pretty!

If you are looking to buy the charts, Cathy at can get them for you, just give her a call.

Next is a pincushion I sewed, it fits perfectly in my scissors holder. I believe it is the material from Blackbird Designs fabric

I broke down and bought the Soar Sampler by With Thy needle from Brenda's blog.
Cathy sent me a piece 32ct black belfast along with the JP III

There seems to have been some hanky panky going on in my back yard, lol

Good day!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My space

Happy Friday!!!

Here is a peek into my stitching room

Someone and I can't recall right now, ask me what do I do with my finished stitching that has to be framed or finished finished. This is how I keep my pieces

I hang about 7 or 8 give or take to a snap or clip hanger and display them on my white shelves which just happen to have holes on the corners, perfect! you can kind of see in my first photo

How do you store your stitchy pieces??

I have a little more stitched on Witches Hollow then this, I took this pic last week, having good intentions to posting before this.

In this next snaps are pictures of my new grandpuppy. I met Remington on Easter Day at my house with my son's family. Daltons perfect playmate, you should see the two of them, 9 month old boy and 7 week puppy, I need to get some photos and share soon

Thanks so much for all your comments and emails, they mean the world to me.

Happy Spring!!!! Happy Stitching!!!! Happy Gardening!!!

or whatever you find joy in doing