Saturday, September 26, 2009

The kitchen is done....

for the most part, the contractors are done.
Not me! Now to fill up the cupboards, what to keep? what to discard?
If you are on my facebook you got a sneak peek.
Since this is a stitching blog,
here is the only thing I have to show, my Wednesday SAL
I am loving it
Sunflower House by Blackbird Designs

I was so happy to receive my JCS Christmas issue last week. This year, I love it far more then the Halloween issue.

Here is a package of trade goodies I received from Brenda. If you are reading this Thanks again!!

The extra JCS will come in so handy for my parents house.

I will be adding more things, hopefully later to my trade blog. I really should try to catch on blog reading before I do anything else.

OMG!!! Did you see The_Goode_Huswife new releases???

It looks like Ida Mae Crow has a companion

Happy Stitching!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Beware!!!! Talk about scam...

I just called Just Cross Stitch magazine and they don't seem to care that The National Magazine Services, Inc. are charging more then 20.00 for their subscription. I got a NOTICE OF RENEWAL for 65.95 for 2 years, Bogus!!! It should only be 42.00. Return by Sept. 30, 2009
my subscription goes to May/April 2010
I called, but they are in heavy call volume all the time


oh! BTW!! I was JCS first complaint

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Please! Don't hate me...

Because I have the most beautiful flower frog of them all

A big big Thanks to Deb for such a generous give-away. I think they display my Ginghers beautifully.

Here is some stitchy progress

Dancing on the Moon by BOAF

Halloween House #15 added to House #9 by Judith Kirby.
Lastly is here kitchen progress

I am still not very comfortable with the back splash color. We might just add tile to cover it. The other 3 big walls will not be this color, so if I can find a suitable color, this will stay, maybe.

The floor is being put in as I type this. The countertop guy comes tomorrow. There will be an island in the middle there someday, probably tomorrow after the flooring in finished. The contractor's got a chuckle from my art work, now behind the cabinets, lol I didn't think they would pay attention. I had fun! that's all that counts.

Thanks so much for all the comments and emails I get. I feel so blessed

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Monday!!
Block 5 is done

Villages of Hawk Run Hollow

You know I preordered the BBD halloween stocking booklet

I received some frightfully great mail this past week

Lori RAk'd me with this adorable chart

Boo name Tag by Bent CreekThanks!! Lori, Your a real sweetie

O.K. I started this like a week ago 1/1 on 32ct Cognac. The witches hat by CindyMae Designs

I just can't get this done with all the frogging on the quaker design. I break the thread trying to get the little stitches out. Then the frog poop is another problem with such a small design. I try to use tape but I don't want it to pull on the stitches that are done and make then fuzzy. Oh well!!

Kitchen update:

The plaster is now dry after a week. I painted (we won't talk about the color) where the cabinets are going. I think there will be tile for the backsplash after my paint choice. The cabinets are being installed today, anytime now. I will have a photo in a day or two.

~Live Well~laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Friday, September 4, 2009

Starr of Mine and winner

Happy Friday!!

I finally finished "Starr Of Mine"
Half way through stitching this I seen the TV series "The Bachelor" Why??????????????

By Little House Needleworks in TGoS

Stitched on 32ct unknown scrap of blue.

I picked a winner this morning for a beaded FOB

Congrats!! Sue I don't think I have your addy, so could you please email me.

Does this box look a little over stuffed????

She is my box kitty, no matter how small it is.

I will update a progress kitchen photo soon. The plaster guy has been here all day yesterday and today, it's looking good. I have to paint when it gets dry and then the cabinets go in, yay!!!

It's hard roughing it!!

The appliances are here in the garage. We have the flooring picked out and ordered. We still have to go shopping this weekend for paint, sink and back splash. I get a new table set, because the one I have doesn't match the cabinets, For your info I didn't plan that, lol

o.k. yes! I did.

I will leave you with a photo of me and my precious Grand sweetie pie

Have a super duper weekend!!!!!!

~Live Well~laugh Often~Stitch Much~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LQQkie! What I won

Happy Wednesday

Oh my Gosh!!! I am blown away with the win from CindyMae
Feast your eyes upon these wonderful Halloween ornies SHE designed.
Quaker and Halloween, what could be better?!!!

She stitched them up and sent me the chart. They are perfect as I need some ornies for my three spooky trees I have to fill.

Run over to her blog and check out the other designs she has for sale. The chart is very professional, better then some I have.

What a great time to help out a fellow stitcher and blogger too. Cindy Mae's hubby has a serious health issue and I sure hope he's on the road to a full recovery.

Here's the other part of the package she sent.

Thank You so much for all you sent, I love it all.