Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Weekend! busy, busy week, where do I start? hmm! Well, Smidget is feeling awhole lot better. Here is a pic, I promised of the kittens at DH's shop.
There are 6 in all. They now have their tiny little eyes open and all seem healthy. My DD is already begging to bring one or two home, lol, NOT. Here is a pic of my oldest DD and her BF. She is expecting and says she looks
terrible and I better not post it. Hi! Heather!! LOL. They were out fishing all day and stopped to see the kittens. We were a little concerned she was going to lose her job at the hospital She worked so hard to get in. Her CPR training expired and she had three days to find someone to certify her. She finally did after numerous calls. She finally found a fire dept that had someone that would train her the next day. God Bless you! She did lose a day of work, for suspension, but now is back to the hospital. They are putting her through school, but she would have had to pay them back for this last school year, plus the summer courses she is in now. But, everything is alright, at less for another year.
Now, on to the stitchy stuff. I worked quite abit on the WFL, just to stitch the fairy hanging from the vine. I am
really enjoying this stitch. I was so excited to get the mail and find a freebie chart that Sharon's Cross Stitch Obsession had sent to me, that was so kind of her. It is "Shine On Harvest Moon" its just a quirky fun design. I have never stitched a MonsterBubbles design, although I have thought about getting Johnny Appleseed, but I cant find the fabby, I like for it. It's so hard to find fabby on the internet, without seeing it in person. So, anyway here is my start on it.
I have did quite abit on Baby, Bug, Ball by SB, but forgot to take a pic and I am chugging away on CDC. I will take a pic of that, if/when I get a new camera for my birthday, (keeping fingers crossed). DH says "I get a new gas grill", hehe, not even funny, lol. I am really wanting to start Salem Sisters, I have the chart and kitted it up the other day, when I seen it almost finished on another blog. It was really neat. I have BBD "Sunflower House" to start too. I am despartely looking to get the chart "And They Sinned" with the fabby, but it's hard to pick it out on the internet, it's a huge piece so I want to make sure I love the fabby, before spending a lot of money on it. If anyone has any suggestion on fabby, please let me know. I was hoping to sit and stitch all night, but the neighbor just called to tell us to come down for a fireworks display tonite, arghh!!! what to do. lol. I hope everyone has a beautiful 4th of July and remember keep reaching for that needle.
P.S. Thank You! all for the comments and the inspiring post you create yourself as well.
Keep motivating me

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lost & Found

Hi! Thanks again for all the awesome comments you leave. I dont have much to brag about my WIP's. My DD and I went berry picking this morning, up the road. Here's the harvest reap. Don't they look scrumptious?

Here are some crazy finishes, I did a long time ago. Do you remember whenever you finished a project and put it in a hoop with lace, lol. These must be from the early eighties.

They weren't so funny back then. I dont have a clue what to do with them now, except take them apart and find something more updated to do to them.
My friend gave me this really cool needle thread & needle holder

I was hoping my scissors would fit too, but I cant find them. I hope nobody finds them by sitting on them, ouch!!
Please keep my kitty in your prayers.

She had surgery yesterday. And still is very weak. I think she is mad at us too. So, there won't be any additions from her anyway. Which reminds me, I still owe you ladies a pic of the newborns at my DH shop. Mother had them in a dark corner in a box, we fixed her. The picture I did take last week didn't turn out too good. Besides they were under her too much really to see them. But, I will try a pic the next post.

Oh yeah before I leave here's a link for free thread Hand Dyed Fibers, I just found it and the mail lady still has to pick up my SASE today. I dont know how long its been going. I am probably last the last person to find it. And it's everything not to buy more stash, The Stitcher's Closet is having a 15% off sale, and with no shipping and tax, I can get a really good deal, right? lol. Have a great weekend!! I wish you all a Happy Stitch with no frogging!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

New stash

Hi! Like I need something new, like a hole in my head! lol. My DD had baseball games yesterday. My LNS was kind of close. The last time I was in there I liked this pattern, but just kind of passed it up, just becuz I HAD to have other stuff,lol.
I wasn't even home for an hour before I started it. But just becuz it was so hot and after being out all day I was ready to relax in the air. I am stitching her on 28ct Wichelt Babble Brook with GA midnight. I am going use Kreinik metallics for the inside of the wings, that should give them a shimmering look. That's two WIP's that I am currently stitching with, in one color and I am loving it. I can't wait to get this one done.
Click the link to get a update on my Cirque des Cercles. CDC will probably take me 2 years to finish. I am going to take my time and savor it, lol. I usually don't post on Sunday, but had a little free time before I go make my rounds for Father's Day. I usually like to stitch in the afternoon or evening. I seem to not mess up as much as in the morning. Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quick update

Hello! Here's my only stitch update. Painted Ponies, one down, two more to go. The pony looks dorky, I think, But when I do the bs (yuck,yuck, yuck) I'm sure it will look alright.

Back stitching really does wonders.

I did this way back in 1983,

I didn't realize it was that long ago, till I looked at the back. I dont even remember what designer it is. I have worked a little on CDC, but nothing to brag about yet. I have to make this short, as the cat at DH shop had 6 kittens late yesterday afternoon. I want to go there and change the bedding. I will take a pic only if they are cuter today, then yesterday, lol. Ta Ta for now.

Monday, June 4, 2007

I said in the last post, I would share my headache relief remedy. Here it is ...

I seen a commercial for Oprah that Dr. Oz had this special rememdies. So I had to write it down to remember to watch her, yes, I had to write it down to remember. I am not a real huge fan. I am so glad I watched it. I went right out and bought the same exact thing he and other patients talked about. I was so freaked out my first couple of times I used it. You pour water with saline up one nostril and it goes up thru your sinus up in your forehead and comes out the other side. yeah! but it works I do it every single day. It flushes the allergens, pollen and etc. out of your sinus. You can not use too cold or too hot of water, it has to be just right to be comfortable. I have not had a headache or migraine in two weeks. And I always thought it was stress. I feel so alive, it has changed my life. I dont have to say "not tonite dear, I have a headache" LOL and tell my dd that I cant help her right there and then, just give me awhile to get rid of this headache. I never did go to the doctor. I hate taking meds to fix a migraine and then have 5 other side effects to go with it. I will do the Neti Pot everyday for the rest of my life, if it keeps working and gives me relief and freedom. I was hoping I could get more stitching done with no more headaches hehe NOT! I now have poison ivy all over my forearms and dont want to get the cortizone on the fabric. So.... Stay tuned for the next post in a couple of days. It will be a pic of my give-away drawing. Happy Stitching!!