Thursday, March 27, 2008

Another finish and framed

Baby Bug Ball kit by Shepherd's Bush
Sitched on 32 ct. belfast linen-light sand with silks

I hope it is clickable for a better view. If not I try to post it again, so it is.
I was surprised to find all I had to do was the beading and add the buttons, so I finished it Monday and found a frame at Old Time Pottery this week shopping with Kellie. With kellie being on spring break this week, it was a nice time. I framed it today and thought I better post tonite, tomorrow I have Brianna so you know where I am coming from, lol.
Here is my progress on BBD.
I frogged the roof and some I had done around the windows and replaced it with the called DMC. I like it so much more, so it was worth it.
I have to get working on ATS the next couple of days, the update will be due and its been neglected.
I still have a generous amount of silks from the SB kit, so I am thinking next week I will try a FOB or something with one of the bugs. They are so cute.
I will give the SB to heather to hang in Brianna's room.
Well, I better wrap things up around here before nitey-nite.
Oh! here's something cute, have your volume turned up.
Happy Stitching!! & Don't forget to floss ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

WooHoo!! Happy Dance


Happy Spring Everyone. First day of spring and we have a winter weather warning 4"-8" expected tonite. I dont know if I am excited or dissappointed.
I finally finished Back On The Road Again. It was a mystery SAL on the wXSw yahoo group with Helga and Barbara Ana, two wonderful designers.

A few people asked me recentlty about it. I believe the design might be on and will be for sale that goes to charity.

I am going to try to finish Frappucinno later, just have half the border left to stitch. ATS is getting neglected latelty. I hate the alphabet for some reason, it is worse then the clouds.

I am going to try to also pick up SB later too. That one has been hanging around too long.

There is a new mystery Celtic design on looks like it might be fun a fun stitch.

I have the Spanish Sampler SAL kitted with black fabby.

I am awaiting my silks from Vicki Clayton for a Goode Huswife design.

Thanks so much for your continued visits, the comments and the e-mails. I appreciate them so much more then you know.

Happy Spring

Happy stitching!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patrick's Day

The Lively Leprechaun
Betsy Franco

I caught a lively leprechaun

With stubble on his face.

He promised loads of buried gold

And led me to the place.

But when I let him loose to dig,

He leaped and led a chase.

That lively laughing leprechaun

Had left without a trace!

Friday, March 14, 2008

MSAL page 2 finished


Here is my progress on Back on the Road Again MSAL
page two is now finished, I just love that little car, it's so darn cute.

And here is my progress on Good Things by Birds of a Feather

I know.... not very good pictures

Brianna is gone for the day and I have to run errands and do some house work.

I am going to try to camp out in my stitchy corner this weekend.

Happy Weekend!!
Happy Stitching!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

BBD start and stash

I started BBD Where My Heart Blooms the other night and finished the roof last night.
Here is some of the stash I have acquired over the last couple of months.
Sisters and Best Friends- Holly Jolly Christmas unknown fabby, but not what it calls for

Little House Needleworks- Prairie Sampler & My needle's Work Blue Ribbon Designs- letters, leprechauns and Luck with water lily fabric

Blackbird Designs-Where My Heart Blooms, Live Each Season & Bittersweet Moon

Haberdashery Designs- Voodoo Boy & Divination Sampler

Prairie Moon- There Was An Old Woman

Notforgotten Farms- Jingle All The Way & Thomas

I finally receieved all my 20 skiens of balsam fir for Christmas Quaker, which was on backorder, so it would be from the same lot. So I just might start that soon. Today I was organizing all my hand-dyed threads and have so many doubles. I try to write them down in my spiral notebook, so if I go to a needleshp and find a chart, i know what threads I have. I was surfing and found these printable Checklists for Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Arts (Sampler Thre.(You dont have to register to print the list) I know they will sure come in handy for me. Thanks for all the comments on MS, I will have to think what I want to do. I forgot to mention, I already tried a maroonish mat, but didnt like it against the gold frame. Maybe a pillow perhaps

Does anyone have BOAF Valentine Holiday they would like to trade or sell?

Well, off to make some yummy din-din.

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Need your opinion

Hi! I finished Midnight Stroll last night and had this frame I was going to use it for. I love this frame, the color really makes the stars stand out. Do you think I should put the alphabet on the bottom to fill it in more?
Or does it look o.k. as it is?
I do have a miter saw, which I could cut it down, but would rather not. What do ya's think?
Thanks for the help!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

It's so nice to be home....

Hello! While Florida was warm and wonderful, it is sooo nice to back home. I am happy to report for the most part of the taxes, my work is done, Happy Dance!!!
I come home and plunged right in and finished it up yeasterday. I have been on and off reading blogs and have seen some very nice things.
We left this friday afternoon
We went to Epcot on Monday

MIL, her husband Gene, Kellie and me in front of the Epcot water fountain. A lady come up and asked if she could take a pic. I figured she would take off running with my camera, lol. The last one is at night with it lit up.

We went to Ft lauderdale on Tuesday. It is a awsome city with beautiful beaches...
Wednesday we drove to West Keys, that did not impress me at all. downtown was a nightmare. There was a needle art store there by Duvall St and after all that traffic it eneded up being a needlepoint, no cs :( We got otta there and headed for the beaches, which they are not popular for :( lots of seaweed

We are not sure what this was, but Dusty was playing with it and all of a sudden this inky stuff was all over, like a squid? They did have signs up No Conch Collecting, we didnt see any :(

Saturday we went to SIL in St Petersburg, here is coming over the Sunshine Parkway, it was really foggy

The kids and DH did salt water fish off the dock and dusty caught a blowfish. DH and Dusty fished all week at fresh water lakes. They really loved the Stick Marsh in Fillsmere by Vero Beach. They were in heaven catching 10 lb bass.

Monday when we come home we ended up getting 5"-6" of snow. I do so love snow, but it can go away now till next winter season.\

O.K. Now for the stitchery. I started Frappucinno and this is all I did the whole time we were gone. We were going just too much to sit still. Although when we come in for the night and watched the weather is the only time I got to stitch. It was so nice not to do tv or computer, which we did have access to, but was too busy to think about them.

Here is my 1st of the month progress "And They Sinned" I received my Superbowl stash packages, including all that floss. I have all the motif's cleaned up and ready for the alphabet as soon as I finish the angel next to the tree.

Congratulations! and a big Thank You! if your still with me, lol.

I am so glad I put a roast in the crockpot, I had planned on posting and surfing the web all day, lol. The thing I missed the most while away was cooking.

Oh! by the way alot of stitching shops I got off Hoffmans did not exsist anymore, so if you use that for a store locator get the number and call beforehand. I didnt waste lots of time becuz I have a GPS which really helps out alot.

Until next time.... Happy Stitching!!