Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MSAL part 1 finished

Although all four parts are out on the MSAL with Barbara Ana and Helga. I just finished part 1

I received my BBD Club "Where My Heart Blooms" and fabric the other day.
I dont suspect I will get my superbowl orders before I leave for Florida on Friday late afternoon.
Thanks to the couple of you that directed me to needle shops in Florida. I still have to visit Hoffmans to find more, lol. I am thinking I will pack LHN Frappuccino kit. I am not seeing much stitching time while down there. Monday will be in Orlando, Tuesday & Wednesday in Miami and down to the Florida Keys (Key West)Thursday to the huge flea market north of Sebring?,

Friday will be in St Petersburg,

Saturday in The Villages and anywhere else in between. I dont look forward to much sleep either. We will mainly be staying at Lake Placid condo with my MIL. I cant wait to visit the needleshops and see all the wonderful new things from Nashville. I will miss my preview party's here. For those who live in the upper midwest states I will bring some warm weather back, hehee.

I wont be posting again until after I get back on the 24th. I really need to spend more time on taxes before we leave, Blah!!

There will be no tv and internet time while we are gone. Dont you think thats a good idea?

Thank You for all the wonderful comments on my biscornu, thats what keeps me stitching. I love to visit and hear from you all.

Take Care & Happy Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

yeah!!! 2nd Biscornu

Happy Friday!!
Yipeee!!!! I finished my 2nd biscornu and am happier with it then the first and am sure my 3rd will be even better :)

I had purchased a piece of black 28ct fabby for my 2nd CDC awhile back. I thought I would try a small project like a biscornu. Boy! oh! Boy! Am I glad I did becuase I will not be stitching BAP like CDC on it. It would be way too stressful for me.
I am still plugging away slowly buy surely on ATS.
I really need to pick up AAFG.
We have had so much snow (I just love it) 11" the other day, 1"-3" tonite and a Albeta Clipper moving down from Canada (gotta love them) on Tuesday?
Hubby just got home with pizza, gotta run...
Have a great stitchy weekend!!

P.S. On that Noah's piece there is no sign of anything on it to tell me a thing about it. I asked the seller about it but all he said" If you appreciate something like that you can have it for 3.00 hmmm... yeah I appreciate it Thank You very much (grrrr)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Flea market find

I took my dad to a indoor flea market yesterday. I saw this needle art hiding behind some stuff and ask if I could have a better look at it?

It was cheap as chips at 3.00 I have no idea what I am going to do with it.
Anyway just thought I would share it with you.

Yeah!!! Rockford’s own “groundhog,” Kliffton, predicted an early spring on an overcast Saturday morning.

Mother nature is dumping another round of snow as I write this.
Off to finish my Biscornu... stay tuned.

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving comments. I really love to hear from you.

Happy Stitching!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

How to...

How to weigh yourself

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.

January's ATS progress

Happy Weekend!!
My clicky finger is really moving today over the sites that have the Super Bowl sales. I filled my gas tank up the other day at 2.98 a gallon ready to travel to a needle shop, but Mother Nature dumped 7" yesterday into last night. I am hoping the roads will get better for tomorrow and DH will drive me. It's in by Chicago and the news says they received 10"+

I bought a new tote for my stash and its not full, so I really feel the need to fill it, lol. I heard a quote the other day, "Don't stop living just to save money" Believe me I wont stop living, lol. I plan to live forever to do all my stitching, lol.

Here's a month's worth of stitching. I dont think I will ever get this much done in a month again. I have page one almost done. I need deep sea to finish a few small motifs. finish the leaves on the tree, grapes and the angel. I may take out the bs in the angel's wings, becuz one side is alot darker, it just does not balance out right. It sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

Here's small progress on the mystery SAL. I finally got my fabby and started the other day. Three parts are already out. Egads!!! I better get a stitchin'

This morning I ordered over $100. worth of threads, not including the few charts I picked out, all on sale. Does anyone ever spend that much money on floss at one time?

24 skeins are for Quaker Christmas, so that right there is 36.00.

Oh well!! Time to read a few blogs and then off to take a power nap.

Happy Stitching!!

P.S. For any stitchers living in Florida, if you can email me and direct to me to your favorite LNS, I would really appreciate it. We are leaving on the 15th of Feb. and staying with in-laws in Lake Placid, however we will be all over the state visiting.