Sunday, September 20, 2015

Birdy Stitching Roll and Houses

Happy Sunday! One and all

I stitched this up awhile ago, but just couldn't understand the instructions. So when Anna was down on Friday, we spent way too much time figuring it out. I love Lori's designs, not so much the instructions.

Birdy Stitching Roll Kit by La D Da

This is definitely not one of my favorites

Wayward on....
I joined a Facebook group called Alpha Trio SAL, the design from Sheepish Designs
You can now get the charts from Emli's, she has the rights to continue to sell them.
I had two of the three charts, so I am happy to have them all now 
I'm stitching them vertically on 40ct Maritime White linen. I haven't decided the on the threads quite yet. I'll do a floss toss tonight. We start, I believe Oct. 1st, so you still have time to gather your charts and fibers, come on, we will have a blast.

Now..for my framed Hawk Run Hollow Houses is framed...

Ahhhh, the glare, not happy, they are so much better in real life
I've had Villages framed for a couple years 
I used the same kind of frame, but in a different color
I am stitching Autumn, but not enough to show, maybe when my first block is done. 
Time to go out and mow

Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Resurrection

Good evening! 

Anna ( ) just left my house a little awhile ago. She came down to my house from Madison today. If you recall in an earlier post we were going to finish a hoop box. 
Here they are...
Halloween Recurrection by Lone Elm Lane stitched on 32ct tarnished silver linen w/DMC and WDW
Mounted on 6" hoop
The pictures aren't the greatest as the sun had went down when I remembered to take a pic of them before she left.
We love them and are so proud
Mine is on the left, Anna's on the right

I made us lunch, then we ordered pizza for dinner.
I've had such a hard time with the La D Da Birdy Stitching Roll putting it together. I'm pretty sure we spent more time trying to figure it out, but we did it. 
I'll show it in a another post when the lighting is better. I also have my HRH Houses framed.
Almost time for nighty nite
Good night and sweet dreams

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mourning Tree Sewing Bag,

I'm back again with another finish, finished, it must be that time of the year I get motivated. Cuz most know how much I love autumn 

Mourning Tree Sewing Bag by Stacy Nash Primitives 
Stitched on 40ct pewter linen W/ GA threads
It's my own finishing design

Why my carpet shows a different shade, beats the beep out of me
The backside 

And the next is the inside.
I am thinking of putting Velcro on the flap. I was going to use buttons like Stacy, but I thought I would make a wool flap, just because I didn't know how to sew the button holes.
It's not perfect, but it's o.k. for me

I love using my grandmas old buttons on the flap. I had a hard time deciding... See why
I made this little itty bitty pincushion out of a new thimble and some velvet
I thought I would add crushed walnut in the bottom for weight and to keep the pins sharp and clean
I can't remember where I seen this done, so it's not my idea
I will now be keeping my eyes peeled for more vintage or antique thimbles. I have a few but didn't want to experiment with those
It was so hard to take a photo of it. I used some comic board for background light
Oh yeah! and I also made the dragonfly stick pin

Is anyone going to the Needlework Galleria in St. Charles, Missouri? Sept. 24-26 
It's in the Embassy Suites Hotel. It's all on one floor with stores and some designers. They have their rooms set up to shop. They have classes too. There's even a stitchers lounge on the main floor. The hotel is located about one mile from downtown. It's really neat walking down the street, shopping in all the specialty and vintage stores. There's even in a needle shop located on main st, it's called Stitchers Etc. We usually have a light lunch and sit out on the sidewalk. It's a really fun time. I'm only letting you know about this event, if you are planning to attend, I'll be there, look me up

Happy Stitching!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Winner! Winner!

Good Afternoon! 

Looky what I got in the mail...
Map of Hawk Run Hollow,
Marty announced she was having a contest on her blog
The contest was who could name places from all of the other HRH that was going to be the map.
And I did!!!
I asked her to sign it for me and she did
Anna is bringing my framed Villages on Friday from Lynn's of Madison 
I have started Autumn, but still on the first block
I have Autumn on Lazy Bear Mountain all kitted up and ready to go, designed by her sister Kathy Barrick.  They need to slow down. So I can catch up, lol

I finished my September ornament,
Nordic Yuletide by Summer House Stitche Workes
I think here is like eight different designs, one can be found in a JCS Christmas issue
Here are all three, so far

I picked not one winner but two for the stick pins and this is the results 

Patti from winding
Shelly from shelly-anarizonastitcher.blogspot .com

Here's my progress on Penny Pumpkin

Have a great stitchy evening!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween Resurrection

Happy Sunday! 
I wanted to share, really fast this morning before I take out the door 

I finished stitching Halloween Resurrection by Lone Elm Lane
Stitched on 32ct Tarnished Silver linen with DMC and Weeks thread
I just love the skeleton boy and dog. It came out blurry, but will have a better photo with the finish.

Anna is coming down on Friday. She finished hers too and has her hoops glued, so we can mount the linen and fabric and put the hinge on for the lid. She was down a couple weeks ago and we stained our hoops with high gloss American Walnut. Feel free to join us, just shoot me an email

I made the same hooped box with Honeybee Hill by BBD in May 2014 and loved how it turned out and it was really really low cost, just some work. 

Some stitchers asked how I made the tart tin pincushion...
Here's my best shot
Depending how big the mount is, cut a circle of fabric bigger then the object
Hand stitch a gathering stitch around the fabric circle 1/4" from the outer edge on wrong side of fabric
Roll a ball of stuffing and place on wrong side fabric circle, pull the thread to gather tight around the stuffing, tie to secure then glue it in the tart tin. Sorry! I'm not very good at giving written instructions

I don't have enough time to draw a name for the stick pins, but I promise next post I will announce a winner or two :)

Happy Stitching!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gobble Gobble

Good morning! 

It's such a lazy stormy morning here, I have another finish
The limited edition Gobble Gobble by With Thy Needle & Thread, sold out

I made these stick pins and kept forgetting to share pics
I made the little pincushion from a tart pan, some stuffing and Halloween fabric, it took all but like 5 minutes to make.
Here is a much better pic 
I haven't had a give away for a really long time and I really love them, so here goes
If you would like to win a stick pin, leave a comment with the color you prefer
I really do appreciate the ones who take time to read and especially leave comments. 
Thank you to all my new followers as well
Good luck!!
Stay tuned for another finish as well, Mourning Tree sewing bag
Make it an awesome day

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mustard Seed Manor

Happy Hump Day!!

I'm happy it's already Wednesday, yay, when it feels like Tuesday
I do hope everyone had a fun and safe long Labor Day weekend
We went out for a Harley ride to Wisconsin, as always, for a couple days, but it was almost too hot for the bike. I did get to a couple needle shops, I didn't buy much. They seemed not to have any of the newer stuff.

I have a finish I want to share 
Mustard Seed Manor Sewing Book by Stacy Nash Primitives
Stitched on 35ct 18th Century Rook W/Gentle Arts threads
Brown Check homespun, and wool

Let's try that again with no paw. 

I'm not sure if I have a photo bomber or she's my stitchy protector, she's a sweetie, she always has to be involved.
There was lots of hand stitching on this piece with the front linen piece, the inside black wool, the pocket, the pincushion and the binding, but well worth it.

I received this in the mail last Saturday 
Limited edition kit of Gobble Gobble by Brenda @ With Thy Needle & Thread
Unfortunately it's sold out
It's a very small piece, so I should have this done real soon

I received a call from Lynn's of Madison that my HRH Houses is ready to be picked up from framing. 
I know I waited along time to frame it. The frame matches my HRH Villages.

Happy Stitching!!