Monday, January 14, 2008

Woohoo!! LQQkie at my fabby

Good Afternoon!!

I received my fabby from the Needle in A Haystack. All I could think when I opened it was WOWZA!!!! look at these colors, they are so rich. I am so happy. I only paid 20.45 w/ shipping

What a deal? huh?

They shipped with lightening speed too.
The colors are richer in person then my camera probably captured.
I am a happy camper!!!
I just wish they were marked with the color and count, but that's o.k.

I see JoAnns has a big fabric sale too. I would love to make a cube. I did buy the cube the other night, that's a start huh?

When I first got my ATS chart, Kellie and I were looking it over and talking about what was going on in the scene. Well, I made her promise me that she wouldnt let me set it down, to make me keep stitching it, no matter what. Well... after 2 weeks, she is really really annoyimg me.

She went to a sleepover on Saturday nite. Ha!! I can stitch on something else, lol. I didnt even want to go out to dinner with hubby,lol. But I did, but was in a rush to get home.
While we were out he got a call saying that the heavy equipment that he donated for the massive clean up effort for the tornado (took place that day). They felt bad that the machines were full of mud. Hubby said "That's o.k. me and the wife will swing by later and clean them off with the power wash." whoa!!! back up.. me and wife, huh? I dont think so, I have to stitch. So we called DS and I coaxed him to go by the shop and give them a shower, and he could have my leftovers from Olive Garden. Yipee!! it worked.
Kellie come home Sunday and I had to confess right there and then. She knew I stitched something else and this is what I started..

Bad! Bad! Me!
It is Birds Of A Feather "Good Things'
I displayed my Favorite Ginghers Alyssa. I thought they went good with the colors, lol. Someone had emailed me and asked what Gingher's were with the pinkeep pic. They are Sophia.
I just watched the noon news, brrr!! it's suppose to get really cold this weekend.
I took my CDC into Michaels to see what the cost would be
Gulp!!! With 60 % off, it would come to 140.00 . I did find a frame I liked that I could do it myself, for half off it would be 24.00 , plus other material.
I did buy a frame Friday night for Fairy Lights finally and put it together yesterday. I took the pic in my kitchen for better lighting. I love it.

Well.... I think that's it, if your still with me. I know i usually have small post. I guess I am just jibberishy happy.

Hey! Is anyone doing the mystery SAL with the wXSw : Wonderful XS World? I just joined and I love the designs of Barbara Ana and Helga Mandla. I joined at just the right time.

Happy Stitching!!


Clara said...

Thanks for your comment, and I am glad you liked my cardinal. I saw the photo of the fabric you got. That's pretty neat. I haven't done much on anything but aida, but after I finish the RR I am in I am going to try a different fabric.

Jennifer aka Sweet Pea said...

Have you tried taking it to an LNS or a shop that specializes in framing? You might get a better price (and nicer work). Or if you're comfortable framing it yourself, you can try pricing it out on I've ordered from them plenty of times and have always been satisfied with their products, but their customer service is simply outstanding.

Marita said...

That fabric looks yummy enough to eat!

Itching To Stitch said...

Wow, what great linens. They are all so pretty. How could you put ATS down? Bad you!

Your Fairy Lights looks beautiful framed, nice job ;)

Suzanne said...

I love all the fabrics you have purchased, the colours are so beautiful. The new design you have started is really great.

I love my DH, but I hate when he organises me to do things without my OK, especially when I have set aside the time to stitch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ranae!

Your fabrics are gorgeous, can't wait to see something stitched on some of them. Tina at Stitching in Texas just did a cube with different sides that are stitched (not with a piece of styrofoam). The weather here is in the high 60's , hubby and I went goofy golfing today, very nice. Michael's marks up their framing prices assuming the discount in their price so they're really not giving a discount at all, you should check into a professional framer with their own framing store, you could get it for about the same price (maybe even less even without the discount) and have it back quicker and done by a real professional! Fairy Lights looks absolutely beautiful, you framed it yourself? Great Job!!

Dawn B. said...

Thanks for the comment I always love yours. That fabric looks very preaty and I like how you framed the fairy. We all get a little long winded sometimes...LOL

Kim said...

hehe, congrats on the fabulous linen acquisition! i love when a new shopping venture works out well :)

Anonymous said...

wowza is right! Look at all that fabric. The colors are awesome! Fairy lights really looks great in the frame in you picked out. Great choice! I plan on joining in the mystery SAL on the WSW! I have my fabric and floss ready. I am waiting on my order for the DMC variations. Have a great week!

Sharon said...

Great colors, I ordered a couple myself and I am waiting for them. Fairy lights looks great and I love your new BOAF start!

Pumpkin said...

Oh YUMMY! Those fabrics look so pretty!

I've never seen that chart Good Things before and I must admit, it's very cute! You are quite the enabler in this post ;o)

Your fairy is truly lovely in that frame! You found a super match.

Barbara said...

Oh Ranae, you naughty enabler! Thanks to you, I just ordered a bunch of R&R fabrics that I simply cannot live without, now that I know they're on sale!

Good Things is one of my UFOs that I hope to do this year. I started it for an anniversary gift - not saying which anniversary! ;)

Vonna said...

WOW...those are some pretty fabbies...lucky you :) I went and looked after your last post...but I'm so in love with Sassy's that I can't think about double crossing her LOL!!!
YOU sound like me saying we've gotta hurry up I need to stitch :)

Julie said...

WOW a rainbow of colours, how lovely

Your framed piece is superb, well done and i love your new start, sometimes you need to take a break to come back and enjoy the piece you have been stitching on

Carla said...

Hi Ranae!
I'm also doing the wXSW Mystery SAL! I can't wait to see the first part on Wednesday!! I'm a huuuge fan of Barbara Ana's designs
Your fabric are BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors you got!!!
Your fairy looks great framed! Framing jobs one US are way to expensive! US$140 with a 60% discount...yicks!!

Beatrice said...

Yup Yowza..The colors are wonderful ! what a deal all the fabric. Yummy.
Your frame for the fairy is perfect congratulations on that good choice.
Bot you nearly got roped into doing some hard labor there. Good thinking calling DS.Food works!!
Take care and stitch with happy fingers.

Cindy said...

Very pretty fabrics :)

Kajsa said...

Wow, that fabric are so pretty. I wonder if they still are doing the sale?

Your new finish is so cute, I haven't seen that chart before.

stitcherw said...

Your fabric is gorgeous. It would have been nice if it had been labled at least with the color. You can figure out the count, but it you want more of some of it sometimes figuring out the color can be rough.

You made a nice start on your new piece, and Fairy framed up beautifully. I've been trying to frame my own items lately too as I can't believe the high framing costs to have it done. However, one of these days I really need to try and learn to sew so I can do some alternate finishes too. Looking forward to seeing your framed CDC too.

Laura (nutmeg5) said...

Wow Ranae, that is some fabric haul! Lots of lovely colors there. I love the Birds of a Feather piece and can't wait to see more of how it stitches up.

Sally said...

Wow fantastic fabby! There are some gorgeous colours there!

Fairy Lights is beautiful and I love your new start:)

I've not seen the mystery sampler. I did join the group last week so will have a look:)

Kathy A. said...

Wow, Ranae - those fabrics look good enough to eat. Not hard to tell I am watching my diet is it LOL
Your fairy is stunning framed. The color and style is perfect. Your new start looks like fun. Enjoy

The Silver Thistle said...

$140?! OMG!That's £280 here!

We're usually stung here for DMC threds and it costs a fortune for them, compared to there in the US, but I can't fault my framer or her prices. I'd fall over if it cost me anywhere near that for framing, lol.

Even my really, really big projects with double matting and expensive frames come to about a quarter of that.

I'm feeling your pain :(

Hope you work something out for CDC. It's such a beautiful project and many, many hours of work.

Jaimie said...

Great fabric! The colors are so beautiful! I love to order something and get it right away!

BeckySC said...

OOOH, yummy fabrics :) I look forward to seeing what you decide to stitch on each one :)

Stitch Wizard said...

Wow you really got some wonderful fabric!! That is just awesome! I was thinking of ordering from Needle In a Haystack and now that you told us how quick they are to send things I definitely will! Glad to know someone provides good customer service too. Thanks for the nice comment in my blog!! Debby :)

Lelia said...

Awesome Fabrics!! Bright & colorful stash : ) Luv your BOAF Good Things - very nice project

Wanda said...

Oh what wonderful fabric you did get a deal! Fairy Lights is gorgeous wonderful job!