Monday, March 3, 2008

It's so nice to be home....

Hello! While Florida was warm and wonderful, it is sooo nice to back home. I am happy to report for the most part of the taxes, my work is done, Happy Dance!!!
I come home and plunged right in and finished it up yeasterday. I have been on and off reading blogs and have seen some very nice things.
We left this friday afternoon
We went to Epcot on Monday

MIL, her husband Gene, Kellie and me in front of the Epcot water fountain. A lady come up and asked if she could take a pic. I figured she would take off running with my camera, lol. The last one is at night with it lit up.

We went to Ft lauderdale on Tuesday. It is a awsome city with beautiful beaches...
Wednesday we drove to West Keys, that did not impress me at all. downtown was a nightmare. There was a needle art store there by Duvall St and after all that traffic it eneded up being a needlepoint, no cs :( We got otta there and headed for the beaches, which they are not popular for :( lots of seaweed

We are not sure what this was, but Dusty was playing with it and all of a sudden this inky stuff was all over, like a squid? They did have signs up No Conch Collecting, we didnt see any :(

Saturday we went to SIL in St Petersburg, here is coming over the Sunshine Parkway, it was really foggy

The kids and DH did salt water fish off the dock and dusty caught a blowfish. DH and Dusty fished all week at fresh water lakes. They really loved the Stick Marsh in Fillsmere by Vero Beach. They were in heaven catching 10 lb bass.

Monday when we come home we ended up getting 5"-6" of snow. I do so love snow, but it can go away now till next winter season.\

O.K. Now for the stitchery. I started Frappucinno and this is all I did the whole time we were gone. We were going just too much to sit still. Although when we come in for the night and watched the weather is the only time I got to stitch. It was so nice not to do tv or computer, which we did have access to, but was too busy to think about them.

Here is my 1st of the month progress "And They Sinned" I received my Superbowl stash packages, including all that floss. I have all the motif's cleaned up and ready for the alphabet as soon as I finish the angel next to the tree.

Congratulations! and a big Thank You! if your still with me, lol.

I am so glad I put a roast in the crockpot, I had planned on posting and surfing the web all day, lol. The thing I missed the most while away was cooking.

Oh! by the way alot of stitching shops I got off Hoffmans did not exsist anymore, so if you use that for a store locator get the number and call beforehand. I didnt waste lots of time becuz I have a GPS which really helps out alot.

Until next time.... Happy Stitching!!


Teejay said...

What a great sounding vacation! Very nice.

"And they Sinned" looks so charming, all of the color and design in it is wonderful. I especially love the peacocks in it.

Cindy said...

It looks like you had an awesome vacation! Hopefully you brought some of that warm weather back with you :)

You made some great stitching progress!

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Ranae

Your pictures are just wonderful to look at! I bet you had such a great time. We haven't been anywhere for about 4 years and I would love to take a trip if we can just figure out someone responsible to look in on our little dogs. Two in the house have special needs so we need to find someone trustworthy and take a trip sometime. I have never been to Florida. Your And They Sinned is beautiful! You are doing a great job on it!! Debby :)

Kathy A. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation Ranae. sun and family are such great cures for anything. Stitching willl always be there and so will your stitching friends.

Pumpkin said...

I forgot you were in Florida you lucky girl :o) Those are some beautiful pictures. Heck, anything without snow looks really good right now. LOL!

Your stitching is beautiful!!!! I can't wait to see more.

Cheryl said...

Looks like a fun time!! How nice to get some sun and warmth at this time of year!
Great progress on ATS

Sally said...

Fantastic photos Ranae. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Your WIPs look gorgeous:)

Kathy said...

Sounds like a nice trip and you had a great time. Welcome home even with the snow.

ATS is looking good. What an undertaking. Love the design, but soo big.

I bet you had lots of blogs to read after being gone.

Julie said...

Welcome Home Ranae, your WIP is looking wonderful, thanks for sharing your pics, looks like you all had a great time

Aussie Stitcher said...

Glad that you were able to have such a great holiday, love the photos. ATS is looking wonderful, well done.

Novice Stitcher said...

It was fun to have a vicarious trip to Florida with you. Welcome back! Did you get any stash at the stitching stores that were still there?

jane said...

Well, now that you have had a taste of "summer", I'm sure that you ARE tired of snow! Me? I would dearly love some snow! We always get the dreaded 'icy mix.'

Your pictures were beautiful...and your stitching! What a wonderful vacation!

tkdchick said...

Awww I need a vacation in a hot place! Looks like you had a great time!

K in NY said...

Sounds like you had a great trip, even if the LNS were closed. Great start stitching Frappuchino.

Carla said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your trip to Florida! Sounds like you had a wonderful time :)