Monday, April 28, 2008

UFO finish Happy Dance

I have been absent due to the fabulous weather. We have been hiking, (which feels really good), cleaning up the landscape, cleaning windows and patio furniture, Kellie has baseball, etc.
The last couple of days has took a turn for the worst. It is dark, cold and rainy.
It was sunny for a few hours yesterday, just enough time for me to decide to take a few pics.
It's not a huge happy dance, but I am pleased to get it out of the box, lol.

Warm Winter Wishes by Waxing Moon Designs

It's a little crooked due to laying in the grass, that needs to be cut.
I also made a biscornu and in the process of making a second one.

Autumn Biscornu by Helga Mandl

Silly me, stitched the first one by turning the fabby, so I have the diagonal corners stitched the wrong way. Not on the second one though, I marked it.

I was so happy to win LHN "My Needle's Work" over at Sharon's blog. I have have admired her blog, way before I even started my own blog. She does some awesome stitching and is so friendly. Sew! Go take a visit and see what I mean.

A very big Thanks to Sharon for being so generous (((hugs)))

I will leave you with a few pics from my yard.

P.S. Here is a Quaker freebie

I am off to play catch up on my almost 300 unread blog post in my GR.

Happy Stitching!!


Julie said...

Nice to see you back here, i was wondering what you were up to.

Lovely WM design, i think i have that somewhere. Love the biscornu too, pretty colour fabric.

I love your flower pics, especially your little pink rosebud in the last one!!

Stitchingranny said...

I love the snowman warming his rump, and that darling little fairy amongst the flowers must be your granddaughter I guess.

Suzanne said...

It's always nice to be out and about when the weather is fine. A little sunshine does wonders for your soul. Your snowman is really cute and I do love your biscornu.

Dawn B. said...

The flowers are great. Love the two finishes.

Carol said...

Both finishes are wonderful - love the garden too :-)

Kathy said...

Wonderful finishes. Love the Waxing Moon one. That is in my stash. I think it is so cute.

Flowers look great. Good that you are working in your yard. I have not done any yet. Seems like Spring is not coming. Not doing the work in the cold.

Nicola said...

Great finishes Ranae. Lovely flower photos, especially the one of your granddaughter sitting amongst them.

Itching To Stitch said...

Winter Wishes is cute, and I love the biscornu's you made ;)

Sally said...

Love your Warm Winter Wishes finish Ranae. It's so sweet.

The biscornu is so pretty.

Lovely photos of your garden especially the one with your grandaughter:)

Barbara said...

Congratulations on your finishes! :D And I just LOVE the cheery springtime pictures you've shared!!

Marita said...

Love the Warm Winter Wishes finish. Congratulations, it looks great.

Your biscornu is adorable and so is that last little pink flower in your garden.

Carla said...

Congratulation on the ufo's such a cute design!! Your biscornu looks great too!!
Cute pic of your grandaughter :)

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching & your Spring pictures are wonderful!

Lennu said...

Thank you for sharing so many photos, your garden looks very pretty! I just love your stitching :) The biscornu is lovely!

staci said...

Very cute finishes...I think I've got that waxing moon one somewhere! And what a cutie you've got growing amongst the flowers, lol!

Thanks for the freebie link, another one to add to my never-ending pile!!!

Lili said...

Ohhh... Lovely pics and the cutest little baby girl in pink... She's so beautiful!!!
As always, beautiful stitching here...
Take care,

Barb said...

The WM piece is so cute. The flower pieces are beautiful!

stitcherw said...

Warm Winter Wishes turned out wonderful, what a cute finish. Glad you've been having nice weather to do things in. We had lovely weather for a bit, but then it turned colder and damp here as well, and that just seems to be sticking around now. I sure hope summer or at least real spring gets (and stays) here soon. Your biscornu turned out very sweet as well, and I loved all the beautiful pictures of your flowers.

jane said...

I'm behind reading too! What a precious little one!