Thursday, May 8, 2008

BEWARE!! x-rated x-stitch

Did the title catch your eye? LOL
I didn't even notice the mermaid was topless, till I was stitching her.
Good Things/ BOAF
Here is a new start, when I downloaded May/TGOF, it just jumped out at me.
Plant Love shown with Gingher "Abigail"

I am stitching it on 32 ct star sapphire

I finally broke down and bought, not one, but two HAED.
OMG! what did I get myself into??
I fell in love with the new Celestial Night and thought I might as well get Pumpkin Pixie with it. I even ordered the fabby for CN. So keep on the lookout for that WIP.
The second biscornu I stitched from the last post. I received word that Sharon received it. She loved it!! Happy! Happy! It was so nerve wracking sending something handmade, but I finally did it. yippeee!!!
Well! I better stop yaking if I want some time to read your blogs, lol

Arghh! How come my photos aren't clickable for clarity anymore?????

Thank you for all your support.

Happy Stitching!!


Julie said...

Pretty flower. Plant love looks great but i shut my eyes to the rude one LOL (not really it's very nice)

Carla said...

Lovely stitching...the BOAF piece is beautiful...never seen it before.
Good luck with the HAED piece, I've never stitched one myself but my sister finished one a couple of years ago and it's beautiful...hope to see pics of your progress soon :)

Littlebit's collections said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Your work is very good. said...

Very naughty, Ranae... :o)
Plant Love looks beautiful!!!

Barbara said...

You are going to get SUCH weird hits due to that title. LOL!

I started this BOAF 3 years ago, but started with that miserable, never-ending border and it is a dusty UFO now. Seeing yours, however, I may just blow the dust off it ... ;)

Suzanne said...

What a cute design the BOAF one is, even if the mermaid is topless! :)

You are so brave to purchase two HAED. I don't think I could even contemplate one.

Teejay said...

Nevertheless, it is adorable! So is Plant Love, your work is always so precious!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Welcome to the world of HAED, I am hooked. Plant love is a cute design, and ATS is looking wonderful.

Cindy said...

Yea! So glad to hear that you decided on a couple of HAED designs :) I am looking forward to seeing your progress...they are so much fun to stitch!

Cheryl said...

Ive never stitched a HAED before! Good luck!
Lovely stitching. Havent downloaded May's TGOS - cant wait though, i love this one you're stitching and i love The Sampler Girl one too that's on the cover!

Sally said...

Oooh a topless mermaid!! That is terrible! LOL! Love this piece. Really appeals to me living by the sea. Your start on Plant Love is gorgeous.

Kathy said...

Like that mermaid design. Not seem that one before. The project from TGOF is very pretty. Like those scissors. Been looking for some more of those limited edition Ginghers around here and not been very successfu.

HAED patterns. Wow!! Are you going over the edge. I have looked at several, but they scare me off since they are solid stitching. Not sure I would ever finish one. Good Luck.

Carolyn said...

The mermaid design is really cute so far. Plant love is looking beautiful. Have fun stitching on your HAED they have really some gorgeous patterns. Happy Mother's Day!

Pumpkin said...

I was able to get my little hands on Good Things and have started it myself :o) Yours is looking fantastic! What color fabric are you using Ranae?

I saw that LK too and loved it as well :o)

What kind of plant/flower is that? It's beautiful!

Stitchingranny said...

What a fun design - I am sure if anyone is really worried they can stick a bikini top on the mermaid lol.

I like the Plant Love design too, its so sweet.

Sandra said...

That is sooo cute!!! Mermaids should be topless, no undersea stores to help them make big fashion statements lol

I love the tiny "love" piece, will it be a scissor's fob?

And the ATS is gorgeous!!!!

Beautiful stitching! BTW I added a link to your blog from mine :)

Itching To Stitch said...

Both WIP's look great, topless and all ;)

Kajsa said...

I love the little crab, and the mermaid looks fab, x-rated or not.

Thank you for your comment on my BOAF, that one was a bit risque too.

What flower is that? It looks interesting.

Mylene said...

Good things is looking wonderful as well a the Plant Love.

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog.

stitcherw said...

Both WIP's are looking lovely. I especially like the colors in Good Things.

tkdchick said...

Your WIP's are looking great!