Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am just sew upset....

Hi! I am just so upset right now, I dont know what to do.

I started HAED Celestial Night a few weeks ago.. And I restarted it last night after getting an evenweave over the weekend. It is soo much better then the dublin. I got just as far as the first one when... A thought came to me about the branches coming into the stitching and noticed that the DMC 939 is just about that to the 310. There is no way you will see the trees or the reflection on the water against the 939. Boo! Hoo! I am wondering how the designer made this possible to distinquish the details, there's no way. So I guess this one is trashed. I was so thrilled about it too. I will have to really study the Halloween Fairy, if and when I even feel like starting another HAED. Bummer!!!! makes me feel like I don't want to pick up my needle anymore :(
But anywho, it was my Birthday on the 5th. DH rented a Harley and off to the shops we went. It was my day. I picked up some great charts and fabby. I will post a pic later. I went to great shop that is kinda of a long way, but going on the cycle made me feel less guilty about the gas prices.
I want to wish Vonna, A Belated Happy Birthday!!, if she even reads me anymore. We share the same BD.
Life has been so hectic around here. I was spending alot of time pulling weeds, now I am reaping my harvest. I have been freezing green beans and snow peas up the ying! yang! It will payoff this winter though, yum! yum!
I want to thank all the stitchers that traded with me. I must say the Penny Rug was the most popular, even after it was crossed out. I got some really nice charts, (Most Noble Pursuit) oh yeah!!
I am so far behind in commenting, so I will try to catch up, if you guys try not to post for one whole day, lol.
I have read and commented a little, but not enough to make a dent in my GR.
That will change in the next few days. DH is going fishing and DD is going to a sleep over, me alone :) Anyone want to come over and stitch with me??
Happy Stitching!! and Don't Forget To Floss!!


Lucy said...

I'm so jealous...alone time..I love it!!! What time should I come over???

Suzanne said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you! I am glad that you had such a great day. I look forward to seeing your purchases.

With the colours so close together on your HAED chart, maybe the detail will show itself once the design gets bigger. I am sure that it will look just fine as you get more done. Perhaps the trees are meant to be very subtle in the background and not really obvious. Don't give up, I am sure that it will look great!

Julie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you Ranae

Cindy said...

A belated Happy Birthday wish to you :)

Don't give up on the HAED yet! When I first started mine, I couldn't believe how many different shades of beige were used in such a small section of it. Once I worked on it a while, I was amazed at how much the details started to pop out. It is hard to see at first, but will well be worth it.

BTW...I agree that evenweave is a much better choice than linen.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ranae!! Hope you find a solution to the HAED problem so you'll get your stitching mojo back!!

Barbara said...

I'll come over to stitch with you! :D

I hope your birthday was great. I wish I'd thought/known to include a birthday card & gift with our exchange.

Chiloe said...

Happy belated birthday !!!!

I heard a lot of people being disappointed by those designs as you can only see the details from far away. (like a painting actually) I don't think I could stitch one of these designs: it's too frustating and seems to take forever to stitch .

I wish I could go and stitch with you !!!

Pumpkin said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!!!! I'm sorry I didn't know :o(

Could you not just frog? I know, I know, you've stitched the same area twice already :oS Have you contacted them to make sure it is a mistake?

I hope my swap arrives next week and it was a fun thing to do. Great idea!

If you were closer I'd jump at the chance for a stitch in ;o)

Vonna said...

HEY, I read you...I'm just so busy with the kids that not much commenting goes on! And I thought of you on the 5th too ;) Happy Birthday!

Now sorry to read about the HAED...I definitely wouldn't even TRY to do one of those...don't get down..your a wonderful stitcher and look at all your finishes just this year!
Keep up the chin and start something totally different and totally new!

Beatrice said...

Happy belated Birthday.
Sorry to hear about the HAED...I'm sure it will take a lot of patience.
I'm going to do mine no matter what!
Did you see the pattern I chose on my Blog this week? Blue!
Don't give up it will be stunning just not fast!

Stitchingranny said...

often i find that these colours that look almost identical when you are working on them look completely different from a distance. Why dont you join the HAED forum and ask if anyone else has stitched this design and how they got on. It seems a shame to scrap it before you find out.

I get behind with blogging all the time everyone is so busy. Thanks for the lovely comments and do try the silks - they might be twice the price of the floss but you only need one strand so your thread goes twice as far for the money.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Don't give up on your HAED, the trees will stand out more when you get to the lighter parts of the sky making for a subtle look in the darker areas. Evenweave will work much better than linen.
Happy Belated Birthday, the bike ride sounds like fun!!

stitcherw said...

I'm so sorry the HAED is causing such frustration. Hopefully you have some new stash that will be lots of fun (and no frog visits or other problems while you're working with it) to make up for the issues with the HAED. Looking forward to hearing and seeing what goodies you got. As for coming over, I wish, that would be such fun to have a stitching get together.

Sally said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ranae!

I am with the others on the HAED. Sometimes the colours do look really close but as you add more detail etc the design does come to life. If you hold it far away you can see it better.

Kathy said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Sorry to hear of your frustration with the HAED piece. Have never done any, so I am not really any help.

Hope you enjoyed your day of shopping. Nothing is as good as a day out shopping.

Good luck getting caught up with the blogs. I have been behind now for over a month. I think your idea of everyone taking one day off would be great. Maybe then I could get caught up. LOL!