Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank Goodness it's Friday!!!!
This year I have really sucked stitching Halloween, so here's another flashback, I believe from last year

There Was an Old Lady by Priairie Moon
I did get kinda festive for a potluck at work last night. This is what I made up for a healthy wise snack
Apple wedges cut to look like a monster mouth and slivered almonds for teeth. They were a hit.
You can also use caramel wrap cut to make a tongue or friut roll ups. I was in a hurry making them up and just couldn't figure out a way to make the tongue stick without falling out.
The couple in You and Me Sampler now have heads so they can kiss
I did change the house to a log cabin, a few people picked that out the last post and I forgot to mention it.
I started Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

I am going to take my sweet little time with this one versus Villages. I am going to savor it, lol

I don't like posting much anymore, either blogger changed or its my computer.

Happy Hallow's Eve!!!!!


Nancy said...

I love your Halloween flashback, and I really love those apple mouths!

Margaret said...

Love your Halloween piece from last year. Love your WIP and Houses too! Hope blogger treats you better -- I would miss your posts!

Margit said...

I love your Prairie Moon stitching!

Melanie said...

Hee heee, love the apple mouths!

Annette said...

What a lovely flasback!!
Cute scary apples, Nicely done.
And what a great progress!!

Kim said...

I love the apple teeth Renae--Lol!
As usual-I always love your choice of patterns and stitching.

Barbara said...

I just LOVE those apple mouths! What a cool idea! And your stitching is great, too!

Roberta said...

Just love the apple treats!!!

Pumpkin said...

Your apple mouths are so cute! Very creative :o)

Your WIPs are lovely. Can't wait to see more!

Happy Halloween!

Brigitte said...

The Prairie Moon Halloween piece is great. And so are your apple treats. Very funny, lol.
Nice WIPs, Ranae. Hmmm, I should take out my Houses and add another house ...

Julie said...

Cool apple mouths!

Missing your postings, i hope it gets easier for you to share with us xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That witch is just frightful (but, in the very best of ways!) Very cute!

The apple mouths look positively spooky!