Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Pageant and stash

Happy May!!!

We are so fortunate to be one of two high schools in the US to celebrate the crowning of a May Day queen. The school has been doing it since 1933. This year it is the 80th year
The freshman just watch
The sophomores do a march with the flags
The juniors wrap the pole and
then there are six seniors that are considered for the queen
Kellie a sophomore, she is holding the blue flag

This is the current queen this year, last year's queen is sitting on the top left of the photo

We got there an hour early, it was packed. The town is dead for May Day and football games

Before the wrap, the cheerleaders cheer for the queen, two girls sang, one played a piano song and there was a men's ensemble to entertain the queen.

Then the juniors are escorted to a circle around the may pole

The lights get turned off and the strobe lights and the music start to play

Here is the list of the 80 queen's announced since 1933

Next year they are going to try to get as many as possible to return for the celebration.

Quite a few are still in the community

It is a fun event and is so sad more schools don't practice the ritual

O.K. on to the stitchy stash

I can't wait to start this sampler by Heartstring Samplings

"Never Let You Go"

I'm going to my parents to get coffee to stain the 35ct cream linen tomorrow, so by Friday night it should be ready for needle and thread.

I love the Scripture verse:

I wish I was a little seed I'd grow & grow & grow

I'd twine myself around your heart and never let you go

Better run and make some dinner as I am late and everyone will be home soon

My computer is taking way too long to upload photo's

Happy May!!!


Margaret said...

That's really cool! I bet the students love the celebration as well. Love your stash. Funny -- I have those pieces too. lol!

milly said...


Lovely photos of the pageant, it looks great.

I love your new stash too!

Annie said...

I didn't know there were any May Day pageants left. My Mom used to talk about dancing around the May Pole, but I never saw anyone do that.

You always have the best new stash!

valerie said...

Wonderful photos of the pageant. I think it's great that the school still keeps the tradition alive!

Nancy M said...

We were just talking at work about whether anyone celebrates May day. Now I can say they still do!! Nice stash! I am doing a box finish in an online class right now. I've done one box on my own, but thought it wouldn't hurt to do a class and get any more tips!

Deb said...

That is so cool! I don't think that anyone around here does something like that, but they should.

Great stash too!

Cathy B said...

I love this sampler from Heartstring Samplery too and hope to start it soon!

Catherine said...

What an awesome tradition!! Many schools are so lacking in those types of things that used to be such a big part of the community.
Love the goodies and that sampler is in my pile too!

Linda said...

Oh I remeber the May day celebrations we used to have when I was small...I am glad to see there are still those that use the May Pole...wonderful...the girls all look so pretty. Love the new stash!!

Dee said...

My elementary school did the maypole. The sixth grade girls are the ones that did the pole.

All the other classes did some form of show to celebrate May Day. It was a BIG thing back in the day.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a lovely pageant! You got some great stash!

Kathy A. said...

Wow that is just amazing. I have never seen a May Day celebration. That would be so cool.

Penny said...

What a beautiful celebration! Love your stitchy stash! I'm stitching the Heartstring Samplery piece and really enjoying it. I can't wait to watch your progress. :)

Mouse said...

ohhh that was lovely to see the may queens and all those pretty dresses too :)I'm still the rose queen ;)
lovely stash haul and love the HS piece as well ... can't wait to see you start them all love mouse xxxxxx

Chris said...

What a great post! It looks like an amazing tradition.
Lovely new stash!

Julie said...

A wonderful tradition, thank you Ranae for sharing your super pictures, i must admit i would have loved to have been to an event like this.

Laura said...

Wow! The May Queen tradition is SO COOL!!! So pretty!

Love your stash!!! That new sampler by Heartstrings is so gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person! You are brave to stain your own fabric. Maybe you can do a class for us in Terre Haute!!!

That is kind of a good idea, we could all bring some scraps and play around with that!!! You know they will have free coffee in the room!

Have a good rest of the week!

BrendaS said...

What a wonderful celebration. Thanks for sharing:)

Great stash! Love the new sampler too.

SharoninStitches said...

What a wonderful tradition!

SharoninStitches said...
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Annette said...

I'm in love!! What a great tradion.. I love it..
Al those beautifull dresses,, and the idea of it..
Beautifull pictures... thanks for sharing them.

Giovanna said...

Nice new stash! I have the new LF and am coveting Never let You Go - it's beautiful!

Krista said...

What a great event, all the dresses look so pretty. You have some great new stash! I am working on that loose feathers too and can't wait to get the Never let you go pattern too.

Carol said...

I so appreciate you sharing the May Day event with us, Ranae--I never knew there were such things... It must be so much fun for the participants and viewers both... All that pastel loveliness :)

Enjoy your great new stash!