Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIPing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday evening!

Here's a few WIP's, I've been stitching on 
A little here, a little there

Mourning Tree Sewing Bag by Stacy Nash 

The Book of Spells by The Goode Huswife

Heartland Sampler by The Scarlett House
As you can see I'm all over the map on this one

The Red Deer Sampler  by Gigi R

I finished stitching this one..
For Spacious Skies by Heartstring Samplings
Did you notice I stitched the verse in dungarees instead of schneckley? I didn't think I would have enough to finish the verse after stitching the house, I had very little left over from another design.
I'm finishing it into a pillow, maybe with sawdust, maybe with lavender.
 Decisions! Decisions!

Tata! for now


Ranae Ehmen said...

I haven't a clue why you have to click the pic to see the whole picture

Robin said...

Your finish is super and I like the words in the blue. You have a nice pile of WIPs that you are working on.

Robin in Virginia

Barb said...

A great finish! I like the words in blue. I know how it is to be counting each piece of floss you have left to finish a design! You are making good progress on lots of projects!!

Lillie said...

Beautiful selection and lovely design. You've made good progress too

Jennifer M. said...

Those are some lovely projects you are working on. Great Work!

Annie said...

Love how you work in rotation. Keeps it interesting for larger projects. I'm a one-at-a-timer, but I mostly do smalls.

You pick such pretty patterns too. Your blue choice looks fine. I too know that feeling when you have to gauge whether you have enough left.

Vickie said...

The verse done in Dungarees is great.

Phyllis said...

Great stitching!

Carol said...

What a great bunch of projects, Ranae--I like the blue lettering change very much!

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...your stitching is just beautiful...I love all of your WIP's that you have.

Your Finish is just gorgeous...Congratulations on your finish.

Happy Stitching
Linda K

pj said...

You are a busy stitcher! Love Red Deer my stash so need to start it soon.

Margaret said...

Everything looks great! So pretty!

Anna van Schurman said...

Love those flowers in the Red Deer Sampler. Just fantastic!

Julie said...

Lots of lovely little x's being put into your lovely projects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

oooo Book of Spells! That's a familiar one to me. I like your fabric choice.
Check what size the photos are in your blog post. If they are extra large then they may be too wide for the template of your blog. You'll have to change one or the other to fit them in.

Brigitte said...

Great finish, Ranae. And wonderful progress on your WIPs. Red Deer Sampler is a fantastic piece.