Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hello! I have been so busy, I have tried to get on to leave a post and get back into stitching, as I have slacked off the last few days. Here is my updated stitching on the palomino. I think my messing up and to keep working on it, helped out alot, then to throw it in my box, never to been seen again. I need to start working again on my L'Autumn. I started it after the New Year. It seems to go quickly, the stitching is just outlining. It is so hard to get the linen for the Birds Of A Feather designs, I went with, I think a dark color and I dont know if I care for it, the more stitching I do on it. It is a huge pattern 293 x 383, 32ct for a finished size of 24 x 30, whew!!!!! I am sure it will cost a little to have that matted and framed. oh well, here it is . The picture didnt come out right, I lighten it up, thought that would help. Maybe next time I will get a better pic. Can someone tell me how to enter a favorite bloggers list, without the whole address showing? I have tried and tried this morning. Well, off to read some stitching blogs and get motivated. Happy Stitching!!


Sue said...

Your stitching looks great.

Try out Google Reader for your blog list. I love it, it's optional to have the list show or not (I don't) and it automatically lets you know when someone on the list has posted.

stitcherw said...

Your projects are both looking good.

As to the blog list, when you post the link in the sidebar I found a templete already there for one link. Using the templete that is there, I substituted the web address I want in the first area of the link and then put the name of the blog in the second section where the blog address would have been repeated again. Hope that makes some kind of sense.