Saturday, July 21, 2007

Scene at my house Wed. nite

There's no stitchy news to report. Here was the scene at my house Wednesday night.
A storm moved thru and a tree come down across the driveway. Woohoo!! No work for me, wrong. Out of all nights I wanted to go to work. I had a 1-1/2 hour ADG (air dangerous goods) certification to take and just wanted to get it done that night, so I didn't want to worry about scheduling it again. My guys scrambled to get the driveway open for me in the pouring rain, I love you guys!! We have so many trees that was the only way out. Here is the next day clean-up.
Friday, I did alot of raking, that is less leaves i have to rake this fall. We are going to plant another tree.
I did get a score 94 out of 100, which is really really good. I have worked there for 11 years, so I kinda know what I am doing. Everything changes so much, sometimes I never know what to expect on my certifications, as there are many. Here a pic of my DS finally. I snapped it with the others. Know keep in mine he is single, so if you know a young gal... He has a really good job, has a nice truck and a boat. Enough bragging, lol.
He had just happen to get rained out of his job, so he could help his daddy, hehe. He is a heavy construction equipment operator. He didnt want to mess with DH toy, hehe.
This old man survived.
I tried to stitch this morning, but couldnt keep my attention on it. I went 2 days without stitching, I hope I didnt lose my mojo, lol. I will try again later. Will post again soon.
Happy Stitching!!


Vonna said...

Your DS is a handsome young man...I'm surpirsed he doesn't have a girlfriend! :)

tkdchick said...

You've got a good looking DS!

That must of been quite the storm to come through!

Stitchingnow said...

DS is very handsome indeed. That is great about your score. Congrats. Good that the guys could get the way unblocked for you.

Cheryl said...

What a good looking guy! Im sure someone will snap him up one day ;)
Just catching up after a week away...i cant believe how much you have done on CdC! Amazing! I have been too busy with all my other projects recently

stitcherw said...

Congrats on doing so well on your test. I'm glad they were able to clear the drive so you could get out, and also that the storm didn't do more damage. DS is a cutie, and I'm sure he'll find someone special.

Carla said...

Cngratulations on scoring a 94 in your test :)

Jenny said...

What a handsome son, oh to be single again. :)

You asked on my blog about the fair I went to, and just wanted to let you know it was the WI state fair. Entries are always due by first of July I think, but I think you also have to live in WI.

Maybe your county in IL has a fair?

Kajsa said...

Wow,that's quite a storm! I love your lot with all those trees.

Congratulations on doing so well on your test.

What handsome son you have, some lucky gal will snap him up when the time is right!

Julie said...

Does he camp, clean fish, and like cats? I'm learning to cook and have a fed job. :-) Just joking! Put all that wood to good use in the fall with a nice big fire. Oh I can picture it now. I can't wait for cooler weather.