Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been framed...

Hi! All
I hope you all are doing fine. I did some framing on Tuesday. You all have probably seen them finished, but not framed.
The Packers, I did many years ago and just threw it in a box. I don't think the person I stitched it for is no longer a GB Packer fan. But, oh well! it's framed now.
This is the very little progress I made on my SAL SS yesterday. I was hoping to finish it, but just too much going on.
Here is the progress on a fresh new start from my recent stash purchase.
It is "Country Poppies by Cedarhill. This is one of my favorite flowers. When I seen this I just knew I had to have it. I am stitching it on 28 ct. Graziano Milan.
I have made no more progress on Halloween Queen, but plan to have that done by the 31st. hehe
I have been working here and there on Painted Ponies, and now have two ponies done and one to go.
JJ's finally mailed out my order on Tuesday. So should be here today?? fingers X.
I will leave you with a photo of Kellie's very first 6th grade band concert, playing the clarinet.
It was so fun. The other kids never played, so its new to me. Kellie just finished volleyball last night. So I will have a few weeks off before basketball, wheww!
Happy Stitching!!!


Sally said...

All your framing looks brilliant Ranae! I should do more of my own too.

Your WIPs are lovely. I love the poppies.

Way to go Kellie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great stuff! I like the strawberries with the bluebird the best, is it a bd? I have in my to do someday basket, cedar hill's 'Easter Bouquet.'

Carla said...

Beautiful framed pieces Ranae!!! Your choice of frame for each one is perfect!!!

The poppies are looking great too!

Congratulations to Kellie for her first concert :)!!

BeckySC said...

OOH, the framing looks wonderful :)
Your WIP's are looking great :)
Congratulations to Kellie :)

Lelia said...

Excellent projects!! They look great in their new frames : )

Cheryl said...

Everything looks great framed Ranae!
Congrats to Kellie on her first concert!

Kajsa said...

All your framing looks great! Good job on that!

I really like the Cedar Hill Bouquets too, the poppy one are so pretty.

My son started band this year too when he started middle school and 6th grade. It's so much fun for the kids.

Squazi said...

The pieces all look fantastic framed. I like the poppy design.

Marita said...

Fantastic work with the framing! I love the witch with the pumpkin.

Kathy A. said...

Your framing is lovely. I especially love that witch! Nice new stitch on the poppies. What a proud moment for Kellie's momma!
I think we are soul sisters - I love pizza, fishing, reading,chocolate, stitching, pepsi too!!!LOL

Lucy said...

All your framings look great but I especially love the witch!

Jaimie said...

The framing is beautiful! They go so well with each individual piece! Congratulations to Kellie!

Barbara said...

GREAT stitching projects! And your daughter looks so proficient on her clarinet! :D

Sharon said...

Gorgeous framing Ranae! Great wip's-and not much more on our SAL. I have the top two rows to do. Will try to post a picture this week. Congrats to Kellie!

tkdchick said...

All your framed pieces look great!

Leena said...

Beautiful framing, they all look great! Congratulations to Kellie :)