Monday, December 10, 2007

baking, shopping, going crazy

Whew!! What a week of baking, shopping, decorating, sending cards. We went out and cut our tree last nite, so we can decorate that tonight. I didnt get too much outside this year, just because of the cold and too much rain. I live where not too many, only visitors, can see it anyway, back here in the woods. I decorate for Halloween too with only me to enjoy it.
I am so far behind in my blogs, I plan on spending most of the afternoon catching up everything to do with online. I dont have much to share as far as stitching. I finished up page 1 on AAFG and have added a angel to my Joyous Christmas.

I do have pic of some organization with my stitchy though. Look at these cute little suitcase-like boxes. In the big box I have all my starts kitted up and ready to go, (some, not all, lol). The second box is all my WIP's and the third is my threads that are doubles or I am using for current WIP's. If I had a stitchy group they would be perfect for travel, just throw in the WIP.

I bought these for xmas gifts to add towels and soaps, etc. but they were just too cute to give away. I went back for some more, but they were pretty much picked over, except for some damaged ones.
kellie played her clarinet in church yesterday and was very impressive, for only playing since school started this year.

I will leave you with a pic of sweet Brianna
I do have to get some stitches in and done before the New Year's big start.
I hope good fortune to you all this week. Thanks so much for visiting with me.
Happy Stitching!!!


stitcherw said...

Your new start Moonlight Stroll looks like it will be so cute done up, I love the little hedgehogs. Also, the cases you found look prefect to help organize your stitching, pretty and functional.

Congrats to Kellie on doing so well with her clarinet, and Brianna looks adorable.

Teejay said...

Your baked goods look delicious and those little suitcases are so sweet, I love them!

Vonna said...

Oh YUM! Your baked goods look super! And I LOVE those suitcases! WHERE did you find them...they are SO cute!
And hurray for your daughter and her clarinet..that was my instrument in HS :)
And Sweet Brianna...what a cutie! And growing too!

Chiloe said...

I love the suitcase: they are ready to be saved in case of an emergency ;-) lol I'm also curious to know where you got them? Were they expensive?

Brianna is soooooooo cute!

Suzanne said...

Great suitcases and an excellent way of storing your stash. The biscuits look very yummy!

Barbara said...

YUM!! I want some!!

Pumpkin said...

Oh yummy! Looks good :o)

Those cases are adorable! What a great idea Ranae :o)

What an adorable baby!

Sally said...

Love those cases you have Ranae. They are so pretty.

Well done to Kellie, and Brianna is so sweet:)

Carla said...

Love your new boxes!!
Brianna is a cutie!!

Kathy A. said...

Cookies - did you say Cookies - send some my way. LOL
I love those cases you put your stitching in. How to disguise stash and make it look good. I have mine in a lovely painted trunk. It is getting pretty full. Glad to see Kellie performing with her clarinet. That Brianna is just a sweetie. How pretty she is and how much she has grown.

Beatrice said...

Brianna is a beauty and Kellie is Too I Love the clarinet I wish I could hear her play.
Nice start on Moonlight stroll!

Julie said...

Your baked goodies looke wonderful, i can almost smell them over the here in the UK.

congrats to Kellie and Brianna looks such a sweetheart.

tkdchick said...

Those suitcases are cute... is that Christmas Elf Fairy I see???

Cheryl said...

Awww, lovely to see a picture of Brianna!

Sharon said...

You have been busy! Everything looks fab! Brianna looks great-she is a growing!