Monday, May 11, 2009


Hi! Like my title?

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day. I tried to get on the internet yesterday, but it just didn't happen. I haven't put one stitch in since Friday nite :(
First of all Saturday I went to Inspired Needle in Lemont, which is 1-1/2 drive one way. My hubby didn't care because there was a Bass Pro Shop close by. He just dropped me off and I went in to browse, buy and visit with the owner Cathy. She also has a blog Inspired News. I haven't really had time to browse it myself. I was so surprised when she gave me my bag of goodies. Does this remind you of chocolate? yummy

Here are the goodies that was inside that wonderful looking bag.

I love that she tags the fabby with the color, count and project it's intended for.
She even stuck a needle to size according to the fabric. How thoughtful and generous is that?

Cathy, I really enjoyed my visit to your store. I wish you prosperity in your new venture
You are well stocked and very very friendly and helpful. Thanks to Laura and Lelia for directing me to your shop.

We then headed back toward home, but not before having a late lunch at the Long Horn restaurant. They have some really yummy food. DH always has to eat there, and of course it has to be right next to the Bass Pro Shop.

Me... feeding my face.

Sunday... We visited my mom and then MIL

Later that day I received a fire pit from my kids. We had to put it to good use right away and make S'mores. By nightfall it was getting chilly and the fire felt so comfy. I snapped a few photo's.

Kellie and Dusty

DD Heather and GD Brianna

DD Kellie, me, DS Dusty and SIL Sean

I have exciting news. We will hopefully no longer have sucky dial-up anymore. While at MIL's yesterday. We were talking about how s-l-o-w ours is. We live in a rural area no cable, no DSL and no satelite signals.

She introduced me to her wireless card at our home. We get signals yeah!!!!

So late last night after everyone went home and we come inside. I played around and surfed and downloading was so fast, I couldn't believe my eyes. boom and it was done. Huh! No way! I love it.

So then today I have been checking and rechecking it out and finally ordered the USB wireless one. It should get here tomorrow, next day. I am shaking with excitement here folks, lol. Please please keep your fingers crossed and say prayers for me that it works out.

Does anyone else use the card or the USB wireless. Do you like it?

We get on the Internet Explorer tab, so I am trying to figure out how the web works that way. We have had AOL for 13 years, so we don't know anything different and AOL makes it just too darn easy, spoiled I guess. I am going to be spoiled taking the laptop with me anywhere I go I can surf.

Heck! I can surf in bed or the backyard. I can take it to my mom's and let them see what it's all about. It would blow there 87 year old minds, lol.

And oh! how the blogs will load so much faster. Which reminds me I am so far behind in reading and commenting. This darn dial-up and everyday thing get in the way. I will get to them soon. DH will be gone for 4 days fishing this weekend, so that leaves me four days to catch up.

Gosh! I have been rambling, lol

Thanks so much if your still with me throughtout this long post

My fingers are itching to stitch a little before we are off to softball practice.

Happy stitching!!


Kim B said...

No more dial up! Yay! And what a great bag of goodies!

Suzanne said...

What an awesome goodie bag! We haven't used dial-up now for years, we have been using broadband and I could never go back. The speed is just fantastic.

I miss lighting our outdoor fire place, I think we should get it out this year.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Your stitching is coming along great.
Your bag of goodies is to drool over.

You are getting really spoiled now. LOL

Enjoy your new connection to the world.

Daffycat said...

Awesome stash! I sure wish there was a Bass Pro near my LNS. I always feel guilty because DH sits in the truck while I shop. I'm sure it must feel like forever before I finish!

Laura said...

I am so glad you got to Inspired Needle! Didn't you just love it?? If you ever want to go again, let me know and I can meet you there! When I saw the brown bag, I said Oh yippeee, see went!

Being able to go anywhere in the house with the computer sounds great! Hope it works out well for you!

Jan said...

Glad you are saying goodbye to dial up!:) Sounds like you had a most wonderful weekend! An awesome bag of goodies, for sure!

Eva said...

I will need to check out the shop in Lemont! Sounds wonderful!

We are planning an outing to Welcome Stitchery on May 30th. Wanna join us?


tkdquintmom said...

Well, I could never get home with my stitchy goodies when my LNS was opened because she always used bags like that. The DH would see them and it would be like 'AH HA! I know where you've been!' We had to tell her to dump those bags to save our souls. LOLOL :-)

DonnaTN said...

I love my wireless DSL. Playing on the internet and reading blogs in bed is seriously addicting!

doris said...

Woo, welcome to the modern world! It's kind of like being on Star Trek, isn't it?

Love your new fire pit ... a great gift that you'll enjoy a lot. Nice stash items also.

Cathy Roginela said...

It was a pleasure to visit with you on Saturday! Thanks for the P.R. and kind words about my shop.

Enjoy your newfound freedom of roaming the house with the laptop! My DH uses the wireless card (for work) and it's pretty speedy. It especially comes in handy when you're in the car traveling ~ not the driver, of course!

Christine said...

What a wonderful goody bag! Glad you've got broadband now, it makes such a difference.
Got to ask, what is a Bass Pro shop?

Annie said...

Sounds like the best Mother's Day ever. Great set of new stitchy stuff. And that wireless card is going to change your life for sure.

Kathy A. said...

Wow, now that is some awesome gift bag. I know how you feel about dialup hon. I just went wireless on Saturday with a USB stick from Telus. I'm in heaven!!!!

Pam said...

Woo hoo!! How great is it that you don't have to deal with dial up any more? Have fun with your faster internet connection. And all of those goodies that you bought look great. Have fun with your new stash.

Siobhán said...

Love that goodie bag! It sounds like a great shop. The fire pit is neat, too; I'd love one of those! Cool idea.

We begged & pleaded for 3 years to get broadband in our house, but the phone company--who has a lock on everything, or did at the time--said the cables didn't extend to our house. My neighbor, whose house I could see from our front door, had it, but my house was too far from the exchange. We finally got it 3 years ago and life has been wonderful!! When we moved to Ireland, I had to go off of AOL and figure out how to do the Internet Explorer w/o the help of AOL. I think you'll find it very easy once you get the hang of it. Give it a few days & you'll never miss it! I hope the wireless stuff does work for you; crossing my fingers & toes! Less time connecting & waiting for pages to load means more stitching time! ;)

Pumpkin said...

I think it's so nice when a shop adds that little extra touch :o) I'm drooling all over my keyboard though! LOL!

A firepit! How nice! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

I don't mean to rain on your parade about your wireless stick Ranae but I hope you have looked into the cost. I know here in Canada the cost can get out of hand pretty quick and that's with only 1/2 hour of surfing a day! I do hope it's better for you though and will keep my fingers crossed :o)

Carol R said...

I think that wifi should be free worldwide so that wherever you are and whenever you feel the need to surf - it's there ready and waiting!! Well I can dream!

We always go the Longhorn Restaurant in Sarasota when we are in Florida - hubby's favourite eating place!

Beautiful presentation of stitching goodies from Inspired Needle.

Kathy said...

Sounds like you ahd a great Mother's Day. love the firepit. And that goodie bag!! WOW.
I know what you mean about dial up. :) One reason why I am on line so little on the weekends. I wait until I am at work. LOL

Jennifer said...

You should be able to keep your AOL even with the new wireles. AOL has a "Bring Your Own Access" plan - you don't pay anything for AOL, but you can continue to use their software (and keep your email addresses). Check for it under Billing or Account Management.

We've been on DSL or cable for a few years, and I've kept my AOL (I'm not a fan, but I've had the same email addresses since 95, so I don't really want to give them up). I can still use the AOL software no problem, and be on my own internet connection.

Carla said...

Yay! no more dial up!!!!
The goodies you received from the stitchy store are great!!!

TammyK said...

Cool stash! Love the fire pit :o) I know how you feel about dialup. We live waaaay out in the country too & we got a satellite. It's a pain but at least it beats dialup. Good luck to ya!

Tammy said...

Hate dial up! You will love your laptop and the new speed! Great stash--looks like you had a nice weekend!

Chiloe said...

What a nice bag you got !!! Lucky you !!!

Hope you'll enjoy your faster internet !!!

Julie said...

Great stash and how lovely to see you and your family having fun.

Good luck with the new toy, you'll be whizzing around the net at record speed.

mainely stitching said...

That's a great bag!! And I love your firepit - that would make a great Father's Day gift for my better half. LOL. (I'm always trying to think of gifts for him!) And it's very cool to see a picture of you! :D

Deb said...

Well, I'd be rambling too if I didn't have to deal with dial up any longer. Sounds like you had a great day with LNS shopping - your stash is awesome!

Sharon said...

Great stuff and the broadband is the best way to go!

Sherry said...

Sounds like a wonderful day for all but especially you! I love your goodie bag and I wish I was close enough to visit that shop!

Yea for no more dial up and the fire pit is great!

Meari said...

That's your backyard??! I am soooo there! LOL

What a great goodie bag you got from the shop. Hour and half away? Where at?

I have a friend that has the wireless usb internet. When it was used at my house, it seemed a lot slower than my DSL. But, I'm sure it's much faster than dial-up.

Looks like you had a good mother's day!

Lucy said...

Did someone say LONGHORN!!!!!????

CindyMae said...

What a wonderful bag full of goodies!!! I am excited for you to get faster internet, that dial up stuff is for the birds! Love the pics and the fire pit looks great! Hubby and I have talked about getting one!

Cindy F. said...

That is a great bag of goodies!! Wow!
and a firepit!! That is so cool!!
Great family pics:) Happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Kajsa said...

Nice stashing, that restaurant looks great too!

Anonymous said...