Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebration times, come on!!!

Happy Chilly Monday in northern Illinois,

Anna, Lois and I had a fantastic time once again at Celebration of needlework in St Charles, Mo. this past weekend

Here is an overview of the Embassy where it was held, beautiful hotel.
Can you see the stores and designers banners??? The rooms are all open air square,
There is at least 10 floors with three glass elevators

Anna and Lois standing in the doorway of Rosewood Manor, look at them stockings hanging over the window, everything in Karen's room is so awesome

Now for the stash....

Anna and I took both the round robins this year, we have 8 projects from different designers. Each designer has 15 mins. to spend their time talking how they got started, explain the project and answer questions.

Summer Quakers kitted up. Once again Karen signed my chart. I want to buy everything she has in there, but I allow only one thing each year. I bought Old Glory last year and just finished it. Maybe Summer Quakers will get done by the show next year.

Erica Michael's is awesome too. I bought this set. It's all one over one on gauze
I was so tempted last year, so this year I'm biting the bullet.
The frames came from Olde Colonial Designs room. I know I'm missing two frames, but I thought I better wait to see if I can do this, lol
Soooo before I chickened out... As soon as I got unpacked I pulled it out and got started, here's the teeny weeny house done for Live Simply

I couldn't resist these witches, the good one and the bad one, from Acorn House. I love the wired bats. I need one more for Drac in the Box, from the JCS Halloween magazine.

Anna and I picked up Old Glory to stitch together last year, this year we picked the Jardin Prive, Bee Square? Cube?

Linen for some Halloween projects, and Praiseworthy Stitches, A Spooky Halloween kit, Wonderfully Wicked Whimsies.

I'm pretty sure that's it, lol

I better get a stitchin'

Thanks for taking time to stop by and for those who leave comments, I appreciate the feedback

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Melissa said...

'atta Girl, shop till you drop! Thanks for sharing your photos of the Celebration! Great stash haul!

Beth said...

How fun to be able to attend the Celebration. You picked up lots of great projects.

Blu said...

Great stash haul!

BrendaS said...

You got some fabulous stash Ranae! Glad you had a good time

Julie said...

How wonderful, what an amazing time you must have had. Lots of new goodies to keep you busy over the winter months.

Robin said...

What an assortment of stitching items you picked up, Ranae! Looking forward to seeing your SAL project progress with Anna.

Robin in Virginia

cucki said...

Wow super sweet stash
Hugs x

Shelly said...

Great stash! Looks like a good time was had!

Vickie said...

So cool that you went! I stitched an Erica Michaels exactly a year ago.Frustrating at times, but worth it!

Margaret said...

Oh wow, so much fun! Lovely new stash! Lucky you to get to go market!

Phyllis said...

Hi Ranae!! Waving here {{{ I can do for a wave. LOL
Well, it was so very nice to finally meet you as well as Anna and Lois. After missing getting together last year, it was fun to talk to you a bit.
You sure got some great stash!
I have stitched the Faith on silk gauze and have Hope and Love to do next. I got two frames from Olde Colonial for two other silk gauze pieces I did from Heart's Content as well as a few other goodies.
I know you can do the over one gauze..looks like you have a great start. It goes pretty quick..just have to give the eyes a break once in awhile.
If you pass through Arkansas again, be sure and get in touch with me.

Does Anna have a blog? I'd like to say "hi"...also Lois. I didn't get to talk to them much, but would like to keep in touch.

Chris said...

Looks like a wonderful event. I love the round robins!! Fabulous new stash :)

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

A super great haul!

Shirlee said...

What a fun time & what great stash you brought home with you!

Scattered Threads said...

Nice stash enhancement. You will be a busy lady:)
Thanks for the chuckle on stitching on that small piece before you chickened out. LOL. Love it!
Thanks for stopping by as well.

Lillie said...

What a haul and a great selection.
Happy stitching.

Karoline said...

Great stash! Glad you had a good time