Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Boy! Do I feel stupid!!!! I just read that the challenges like 25 and 50 are the wips that you finish before buying any new stash. And here I thought if I finished two, I would treat myself, like said in earlier post. Everyone was probably laughing at me.I dont see how anyone could do even 10 before buying. Before reading the blogs, I was really feeling like I had a problem buying and stashing so much until I read blogs, I now know its normal, I'm normal!!! lol. I said, I was going to finish my palomino, well that went down the drain, I just havent had the time to sit long enough to make that much progress. Its just too much confetti, and I guess I had more then I thought. Plus I had to work on my June Berries just because it was new. I am so tired, I dont know if its the warm fresh air or what. I geuss Ineed to go and spend time reading blogs to get inspired. I just love what everyone does and then I want to keep up,lol. Oh yeah! How come a couple of my commenters, I cant look at their blog like Mary Ann's and Julie's it takes me to their About Me but there's no link?? I am going to the Taste Of Home cooking show tonite, they are so fun. So, I wont be stitching tonite. Happy Stitching!! P.S. Is there a site that tells about the stitching clubs, or the challenges? I read about the round robin in blogs, Whats that?? Any help would be appreciated


Cheryl said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll add you to my google reader. Im only part of one group, here's the link if you're interested http://groups.yahoo.com/group/stitchingbloggers/
they don't have round robins or anything but they are a lovely group of ladies who are great at answering stitching questions or questions like those you've asked in your blog! Oh and don't worry abut 25/50 project challenges...i would never achieve that either and so i just collect stash all the time!!!

Hazel said...

Hello!! Just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I have just joined Blackbirds loose feathers club this year and I am lookng forward to stitching their designs. Round Robins are an awful lot of commitment so I have never joined one but there is a wealth of info on them if you do a search. Lovely palamino you're doing. I could never do the 25 or 50 challenge either so don't worry you're not alone.

stitcherw said...

Like Cheryl and Hazel, I'm not really able to do, or interested in, the 25/50 challenge either. If something appeals to me I pick it up. I've had a couple patterns I really liked go OOP, and while I was able to find most eventually, I decided I'd rather stash if I can than take the chance of never being able to get it if I wait to long (and a 25/50 challenge would take me forever).

Also, even if I never stitch them all (and with all I have I'd never be able too), I have such fun in just owning my stash and spending time just looking through it all that it is worth it to me. The only thing I try to do is keep the number of WIP's I have to a managable level, so that eventually I'll get at least some of them done.

Not sure on the round robins. I've never been to interested in doing one, as don't want to have to be committed to a certain timeline or type of project. However I do see them mentioned on different peoples blogs at various times, so when you see one mentioned you might ask that person how they got into it. Also, one of the CrossStitch Boards, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CountedCrossStitch/
tends to have a lot of exchanges they organize. Not quite the same thing as a round robin, but close. They've had tea towel, bookmark, fobs, and several other exchanges at various times.