Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday Nite... and its a party

Let me just start off by Thanking each and everyone of you who leaves me a comment, for someone who does not have a single person to stitch with, your comments mean alot to me.
It's my daughter's 11th birthday party. It's not at all quiet with 8 girls squelling. I thought I would get a lot of stitching in tonite, wrong, I don't think they will ever settle down. Here is a pic with kellie blowing out her candles. I made this delicious ice cream pie. It was so easy, All you have to do is put 12 ice cream sandwiches on the bottom of a pan and pour warm hot fudge over it with crushed heath bars, then another layer of ice cream sandwiches and more hot fudge and some whip cream, then throw it in the freezer. Yum! Yum! Easy! Easy!
I made this the other nite. Its always nice to finish something quick, So I picked this, and filled it with popourri? is that spelled right? and will give it to my friend instead with some chocolate kisses.
I pulled this out the other nite and finally figured that I put it aside, becuz I needed some threads for it, So guess where I went to today?

Yep, to my LNS, but thats not all I picked up. I bought the charts Halloween Thrillogy (Lizzie Kate) and Happy Halloween (Drawn Thread) anybody that has been reading, knows I like Halloween, plus they were on clearance. I bought Shepherd's Bush, Baby Bug Ball. It came as a kit so I got everything in it that I need, including silk thread, yippee, I want to start this right away, just see what they work like, before I get them for the Cirque Des Cercles. Which I received in the mail yesterday, so it was everything in me not to buy the fabric and fibers for it today. The fabric is on back order :(whew!!! I think I will take the girls out for a midnite walk, maybe the cool air will settle them down and they will come in cool and cuddle up to watch a movie, Sew I can stitch. hehe. I was thinking and I might make a pillow out of the Palomino. I need to stop thinking and start stitching. I hope everyone has a properous stitching week. And I hope you all get a good nites sleep :)


Jamie said...

Happy birthday to your DD. I have a long distance friend that stitches but other than that I also rely on my stitchy friends online. I hope you got some stitching time in and some sleep!

stitcherw said...

It is amazing how much noise little girls can make, even when they are trying to be quiet so you can't hear them. It's been years since my daughter was young enough to have a party like this, but I still remember the giggling that seemed to go on forever.

You got some fun stash, and baby bug ball will be adorable done up. The little bag finished up lovely, I'm sure your friend will enjoy it along with the chocolate.

Lana said...

wow! Sounds like you have had quite a stash haul in your house! Great! So, 8 squealing girls, huh? Wow! That'd be major Execdirin poppin' for me! LOL! Hope yo uall had fun, though. That ice cream pie looked delicious!

Name: Vicki said...

It sounds like your daughter had a great birthday! My daughter's birthday is coming up in May. She'll be 18. I think I'm just going to give her money and let her go out and party with her friends! We'll have a small get-together with just her, me, and her dad. All your pieces look so good!

Sally said...

Looks like you DD and her friends had a great time Ranae!

Your new stash looks brilliant!

I love the little bag you made up for your friend.

Carla said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter!
Nice stash...I LOVE Baby's Bug Ball!!

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! Great stash you got! I cant wait for you to start cirque though :) I love the gift you made for your friend

Angi said...

What a fun party that looks like!! How cool! The ice cream cake sounds absolutely yummy! Beautiful finish, congrats and great stash!!