Saturday, June 30, 2007

Happy Weekend! busy, busy week, where do I start? hmm! Well, Smidget is feeling awhole lot better. Here is a pic, I promised of the kittens at DH's shop.
There are 6 in all. They now have their tiny little eyes open and all seem healthy. My DD is already begging to bring one or two home, lol, NOT. Here is a pic of my oldest DD and her BF. She is expecting and says she looks
terrible and I better not post it. Hi! Heather!! LOL. They were out fishing all day and stopped to see the kittens. We were a little concerned she was going to lose her job at the hospital She worked so hard to get in. Her CPR training expired and she had three days to find someone to certify her. She finally did after numerous calls. She finally found a fire dept that had someone that would train her the next day. God Bless you! She did lose a day of work, for suspension, but now is back to the hospital. They are putting her through school, but she would have had to pay them back for this last school year, plus the summer courses she is in now. But, everything is alright, at less for another year.
Now, on to the stitchy stuff. I worked quite abit on the WFL, just to stitch the fairy hanging from the vine. I am
really enjoying this stitch. I was so excited to get the mail and find a freebie chart that Sharon's Cross Stitch Obsession had sent to me, that was so kind of her. It is "Shine On Harvest Moon" its just a quirky fun design. I have never stitched a MonsterBubbles design, although I have thought about getting Johnny Appleseed, but I cant find the fabby, I like for it. It's so hard to find fabby on the internet, without seeing it in person. So, anyway here is my start on it.
I have did quite abit on Baby, Bug, Ball by SB, but forgot to take a pic and I am chugging away on CDC. I will take a pic of that, if/when I get a new camera for my birthday, (keeping fingers crossed). DH says "I get a new gas grill", hehe, not even funny, lol. I am really wanting to start Salem Sisters, I have the chart and kitted it up the other day, when I seen it almost finished on another blog. It was really neat. I have BBD "Sunflower House" to start too. I am despartely looking to get the chart "And They Sinned" with the fabby, but it's hard to pick it out on the internet, it's a huge piece so I want to make sure I love the fabby, before spending a lot of money on it. If anyone has any suggestion on fabby, please let me know. I was hoping to sit and stitch all night, but the neighbor just called to tell us to come down for a fireworks display tonite, arghh!!! what to do. lol. I hope everyone has a beautiful 4th of July and remember keep reaching for that needle.
P.S. Thank You! all for the comments and the inspiring post you create yourself as well.
Keep motivating me


Sharon said...

Oh my Ranae, you already off to a great start on MB chart! Those kittens are adorable. I am glad Heather found someone to do her cpr with. They have started that too at my hospital-that suspension junk.

stitcherw said...

The kittens are so cute, they must be such fun to watch trying to learn how to get around. Glad everything worked out for your daughter, how scary to be having to scramble so hard at the last minute to get recertified.

Both your projects look lovely. Good luck finding the fabby you are looking for. There are so many gorgeous ones available, but it is so hard shopping on the internet as the colors that you see on the monitor are so often not true.

Carol said...

What adorable kittens!!! And please tell your DD, she does NOT look terrible :-)

Carla said...

Cute kitties!!! Nice start on both projects :)

Itching To Stitch said...

WFL is off to a great start. Love those kitties ;)

Karin said...

Gorgeous little kittens - what sweeties they are.

Cheryl said...

Awww those kitties are gorgeous!!
Both your projects are coming along great

tkdchick said...

Your projects are looking great!