Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hi! Where has this week gone? Here is a recap on my WIPs.
Wild fairy Lights is just about done except for a leaf and the inside of her wings. Which I am debating what to use. I was to lazy to take it out of the scroll bars,lol.

Here's Witchy Washy by Raise The Roof Designs. This has been such a joy to stitch.

My Cirque des Cercles update is here, if you dare to take a look, hehe! I have only stitched a little since the last time I post of it.

As for having Baby Feet framed, I ususally do my own framing. I am the proud owner of a miter saw. I love to paint my own frames and it is so much cheaper. I forgot to mention that I had a letter which I wrote to Brianna and had it put in the back, so if she ever rips it apart, she will find it, and hope she cherishes one day. I didnt tell anyone, so HUSH is the word,lol.

There is so much rain and flooding here. I will post pics the next post of what it looks like in my backyard. we do have a creek behind us, but hopefully will never reach us. Kellie had her first full day of school yesterday, so I thought I would go down to our local firehouse and help with sand bagging, until I saw there was a group with orange jumpers, lol. I kinda of changed my mind and hoped they all had it under control. I hope the sand bags worked to keep the flooding waters out of their homes. Alot of people packed up their kids and pets to stay at a safer home. While they stayed to do anything to save their homes. My prayers are with all through out the states in similar incidents.

I will leave you now again with pics of my favorite grandbaby. Heather has been trying to feed Brianna with a bottle, but not to successful just yet. She has to get that breathing, sucking and swallowing thing down yet. But the due date was Oct. so she still has awhile to work on it. Heather was so excited to give Brianna her first bath yesterday. I wasn't there to get pics, but she has some. I thought last week I was coming down with a cold virus and stayed away, but I guess it was allergies. Now I have poison ivy/oak again. Well, without further ado here she is

Well enough for now, I am off to read a few, just a few, lol, blogs then off to stitch abit.

Have a great week and stay dry for all those that are soaked.

Happy Stitching!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I've been hoping for a picture of Brianna. She is so tiny and cute. Hope she gets the feeding task figured out soon. She needs to pack on a few pounds or however you would say that in the UK.


Julie said...

Ranae, your grandbaby is beautiful. Is this your first grandchild?
I love the idea of adding the letter to the back.
Wild Fairy and Witchy Washy are looking great.

Dawn said...

Your WIP's look great! Brianna is SO cute. I'm sure she will catch on to the bottle soon. My heart goes out to your family. ((hugs))

Sharon said...

My goodness Ranae, you certainly are a fast stitcher. I love the progress on CDC-you have done a lot even with the frogs visiting. Your fairy and witches clothsline are progressing very well. Come stitch for me please! LOL Brianna and your daughter look great together.

Beatrice said...

Brianna looks beautiful.
The letter is a moving touch...I hope she finds it!!
Witchy washy is soooo cute I may have to do that one. I love Halloween.
Stay dry Ranea.
The pictures are lovely.

Karin said...

Gorgeous grandbaby! Hope she continutes to be healthy and happy. You've made great progress on your stitching.

Itching To Stitch said...

Brianna is beautiful!!

I just love Witchy Washy ;)

Vonna said...

Your daughter looks so young, beautiful and full of enthusiasm feeding her baby. I'm glad things are going well with her :)

Your stitching is glorious!

tkdchick said...

Your WIPS look great and I look forward to your finishes.

What a great idea to hide a letter inside your framed piece!!!

Sally said...

I hope the rain and flooding stops for you soon Ranae. It seems that so many places the world over are experiencing bad weather of late.

Brianna is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us.

Love both your WIPs. I must go look at your Cirques.

Leena said...

Brianna is so beautiful!

Your WIPs look lovely :)

Stitchingnow said...

Wow you have mad lots of progress this week on the stitching front.The letter idea is a good one. Grandbaby is just to cute for words. Hugs to all

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your grandaughter is beautiful. You have made such great progress on CdC, it is looking wonderful.


Carla said...

Your grandbaby is adorable and so tiny :)
I think the letter in the back is a nice surprise

Cheryl said...

awww look at her, shes so lovely. She looks so delicate.
By the way...how do you get so much stitching done?!! Im so impressed and i couldnt believe how much you'd done on CdC

stitcherw said...

She's getting so big, it must be so exciting to see her continue to do well. Hopefully she'll have the eating figured out soon so that she'll have another milestone passed.