Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Feet framed...

Hello! I hope this finds you all happy and well. Here's my weekend progress:
Wild Fairy Lights and I started Witchy Washy just like I said I would. You gotta love her purple and green bra,lol.

I don't think I ever showed off my Footprints In The Sand, as I just ran across it while searching deep for a frame for my Thistle Manor. I stitched this many years ago and am going to hang it in our bedroom once again.

Its so hot and muggie here... my DD and her BF made me some new scissor FOB's. I love them so much. The girls are turning into couch potatoes. As summer winds down, I hope the hot weather does too. I too am feeling drained.

I think the hotness as gotten to my furbaby too, lol. She loves her new playgym.

I thought this made an interesting topic. It's called the Fallen Gaint and he travels all over the U.S. You can tour the inside of him, heart, lungs, all that. Very educational for kids. He was set up in our mall's parking lot. I just happen to stop at Starbucks and snapped a pic of him.

Last but not least here is my framed Baby Feet. What it cost and the job they did i felt like I could have did it myself, but oh well!!

I did find a frame for BBD in a box, it had a 50 cent sticker on it. It has a touch of burgandy that really brings out the Cherry Bark thread I used.

It looks like some of the pics are blurry, will a low battery make that happen?
Brianna is now weighing in at 3lbs. 10 oz. woohoo.
I am kinda slow at my blogging at times, I promise to get to all the blogs sometime or another.
Someone ask me if I set goals or have a rotation, the answer is no. I just stitch whatever I feel like that day/nite. It's just too much pressure and stitching is a leisure actitvity for me. I will be stitching a SAL with Lizzy, but I can handle that once a week. We are stitching Salem Sisters, but more on that later.
I havent updated my blog list on my sidebar, so if your blog is not on there, doesn't mean I dont read your blog. I went with google reader, Blogrolling does not update fresh post anymore.
Ahhhh!! There, I think I have covered everything, lol.
Thank You!! Thank You!! for all your comments and e-mails. For my silent readers, Please leave a comment, so I can enjoy reading your blog.
Well, off to stitch...
Have a very happy week all.


Vonna said...

Wow..you are one busy lady :) Looking at all this lovely stuff makes me feel like I've done next to nothing!
Hurray Brianna! I'm glad she's gaining weight!

Itching To Stitch said...

Well, you certainly have been busy. Everything looks great, I love the baby feet. So glad to hear Brianna continues to grow and do well ;)

Carla said...

Your framed pieces look great!
What a nice thing your dd and her bf to make you scissor fobs :)

stitcherw said...

Lots of wonderful pictures to see, you've been quite busy. Fairy Lights is looking so pretty, and your others are great as well. The fallen giant is great, I'll bet it would be really interesting to go through. I'm so glad that Brianna continues to gain weight and do well.

Stitchingnow said...

That last statment you mad mad me giggle. (there I think I've coverd it all )This post makes my life seam so boaring and ordinarry. Glad you have had such a good time. Glad to hear about Brianna gaining some weight. Sure people think I still need to do so and I'm 41 now..LOL Love the WIP and the baby feet turned out good framed up and all. Foot prints is one of my favorite poems. guess one of these days I might just do that one too. I have found Goggle reader seams to be much better too.

Julie said...

Thank you for the update on Brainna. Its good to hear she's doing well.
Wild Fairy Lights and Witchy Washy are looking great. The laundry series are all so cute.
I'm still stuck on a 50cent frame. Where do you shop?

Lucy said...

I think we've all been slow to blog and read them...love the scissor fobs..nice job!

Sharon said...

Both of your framed pieces came out lovely. The scissor fobs are adorable. I have Salem Sisters kitted up-maybe I could join in sal?

Beatrice said...

Yippee...3 lbs. What a little porker.
I'm so happy she is doing so well. Lots of love and prayers go to you and your family.
Your photos are wonderful.

Kathy A. said...

I am so happy to hear that Brianna is doing well and gaining weight. I love all your stitched pieces. Who is the designer of Witchy Washy! I just love that one

Kajsa said...

Look at all that stitching! It's beautiful and you have been busy haven't you?

Happy to hear that Brianna is doing good!

tkdchick said...

Wow everything looks fantastic! Yes custom framing is very expensive... most of the time its the markup. Some moldings are just expensive! That's why I took a framing course at my community college and I've been making my own frames and mats for a few years now. I'll be putting up a batch of framing picutres sometime between tonight and Tuesday... all done by me.

Yes a low battery can cause blurry pictures. Change your batteries and everything should be sharp and clear again!

Lana said...

Oh!!! That is what that is! That giant was at our K-mart not too long ago, as hubby and I drove past we were wondering what that was about! cool! nice framings!

Cheryl said...

Wow, so much to look at! Baby feet looks great, i try and frame smaller pieces myself where possible (well, my DH actually does it for me) but all my big projects i intend to pay to get framed.
Woo hoo for Brianna!

Sally said...

Love your WIPs Ranae! Wishy Washy makes me laugh!

Oooh I have that Footprints and have it hung on my landing above the stairs:)

Baby Feet and the BBD look lovely framed and the scissor fobs are gorgeous.

Wonderful to hear Brianna is continuing to do well.

Leena said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, it's always great to find new blogs and I'm happy I found yours :) You have beautiful stitching here and I stayed here for a while and read your previous posts too. I've added your blog to my reader as well, so I'll be back :)

Congratulations on your grandbaby, she seems to be doing well now. It must have been very frightening at first. Your furbaby is cute too :)

Hazel said...

What a fun post! Lots of interesting things. Love that giant!! Great wips too. xx