Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello! I cant believe how time flies by us sometimes. I have been so busy with Brianna (4days a week) DD volleyball practice & games, classes and misc. things. Since I started blogging I have ignored some things I enjoyed and plan on getting back on track with things like WALKING, I havent even walked up the road for months, just to the mailbox,lol. The wedding last weekend went off without a hitch. Here is the bride and groom. It was a beautiful day.
DH was so nice to let me stop at not one .... but two needleshops. They were really small and I left with two purchases PS Pumpkin Patch and BOAF School Girls Wish Sampler. I did take a pic, but I had the wrong magazine in the photo. I had the Christmas Ornament, but somehow another one got thrown in???? LOL
As I was taking pics, I guess Smidget thought it was time for her photo to be in my blog again. This happens quite often. She just plops right down, lol
This is the pic I intended in taking
Yes! It's another update of WW. I know you are probably getting bored of seeing this WIP. The next time I have a pic it will be finished.
Here is Halloween Queen. I cant wait to stitch her pumpkin head, lol.
Here's the update on my SS Wed. SAL. The week prior I only stitched a couple of words, but really done alot on this past Wednesday.
Hopefully two more Wednesday and I shall be done. With a few getting close to being done, I am going to concentrate on CDC and Painted Ponies. I am going to finally give myself a deadline and have CDC done by Thanksgiving. And PP has to be done, so I can send it off to one of my readers. I do have a couple biggies I want to start around New Years. Will share at a later time.
I am still awaiting a invoice for JJ's. They must be really backed up from all the sales on Labor day. I want to pay for it and get my stash, NOW!!! lol.
Well, better to go and get ready for a nippy Friday Night Football game, yeah!!!!
Happy Stitching and Thank You for visiting me.
Edited : The groom is my nephew.


Stitch Wizard said...

Ranae, you have some great photos up here!! I love your kitty too!! Is that your daughter getting married? Your stitching is really pretty too!! I got the round robin done for this time and now have to work on that dreaded model and get those done too. I don't think I will take another one for awhile. I want to work on Harbour Village. Oh well all in good time!! Have a great weekend!!

Debby :)

Sharon said...

Nice looking couple! Your wip's are gorgeous and you got so much done on SS! I am waiting for threads. Even with being so busy, you manage to stitch quite a bit. I think you are doing great!

Carla said...

All your wips are coming along great Ranae!!
I also bought some stash on JJ Collectibles during their sale on Laboy day and received it on Monday! I guess you could email them asking about your order.
Have a lovely weekend!

Cindy said...

Love all of your wips! I have several of those in my "to do" stack :) Just started CDC today, and I'm thinking that I might be very motivated to stitch that one diligently!

Hazel said...

What a nice wedding photo. Love your SS design. It's really coming along. xx

Sally said...

Smidget looks so cute:)

Your WIPs are lovely.

The bride and groom are a lovely looking couple:)

Beatrice said...

Smidget is a smart cat...He knows how to get your attention. LOL!!
That is so cute. The photo of your nephew and his bride is lovely!!
And WW is coming along great.

Kathy A. said...

oh my - only 86 days to Christmas!!!!! Now you have me in panic mode. Just kidding! We are having Christmas at Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren since we will be in AZ for the winter. so I only have 7 days till Christmas and no gifts bought

Shell said...

a lovely couple and what a kind DH stopping off at 2 shops.I enjoy following all your W.i.p.s especially "witchy washy"

stitcherw said...

Smidget looks quite comfy camped out on your stitching. If I don't pick my work up each time one of my kitties always wants to curl up on, or sit on, it as well. I keep trying to tell them I really don't need their assistance (and extra specialty fiber) but they don't listen, LOL.

Two of your pictures wouldn't load for me, but the others did and they look great. You've certainly been busy stitching. Halloween Queen and Salem Sisters are really coming along.

Cheryl said...

Lovely wedding photo! I love wedding pictures.
All your stitching looks fab! I cant believe you might have CdC finished by Thanksgiving. That's incredible.

Julie said...

Smidget is so cute! I'll occassionally take pictures of something at my parents and their cat Clovis usually manages to get some part of himself into the picture: tail, paw, big fat gut!
Your WIPS are coming along nicely.

Mary Ann said...

WOW!! Lots of lovely WIP's! And, Smidget just wanted to be admired along with the stitching pictures! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely WIPS,

Great picutre of the happy couple!

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Lovely Wedding piccy of your handsome Nephew and his beautiful bride, Ranae. :-)

How Sweet of your DH... two Stitching Shops and nary a complaint from him! :-)

Smidget is adorable and I can't wait to see your finished Witchy Washy... It's gorgeous!

And Wow... you've been so busy on Salem Sisters... I'm sooo behind...

You know I love Halloween Queen... ;-)