Saturday, September 15, 2007

I found time to post...

Hi! I hope everyone is doing well. I will start off with my Wednesday SAL of Salem Sisters
That is the WIP I have worked on the most. Wednesday is a commitment, lol.
I have worked on Painted Ponies here and there
I have been so busy with school starting and kellie jumped right in with Volleyball games, which is very interesting. Brianna is home and I will start watching her starting Monday all day, till Dad gets off at 2:30. Heather is taking on a Huck postition at the hospital and is planning on starting school in the spring, since Brianna is on a heart monitor. I have been busy cleaning the carpets, dusting, washing curtains, etc. all that good stuff, NOT, lol. I was gonna watch her at her home, but that is too many hours away from home to get things done around here.
Next off I will share a few photos of us boating the Mississippi River on Sept 2, the weather was beautiful but the waters were rough. The first is a eagles nest, it doesnt look like it, but it was huge, a couple people would fit inside it. It was empty, but when we came back by it, there was an eagle on the branch, but DH was going too fast and I couldnt have my camera out.
I have locked through the Dams before but each time it is interested and you get to talk to people while waiting for the water to rise inside to go up river or wait for the water to lower going down. There is Sean hanging on to the rope inside the lock through. We waited for 1-1/2 for a barge to move thru, but we fished in the mean time. It takes about 15 minutes to lock. Usually it is fuller with boats, I think the colder weather kept people from boating that day. I did have a pic of the tugs with barges, but lost it.
Heather's baby shower was last Sunday afternoon, of course it was the first football Sunday. Dad and Grandpa had to watch her. Here are some pic of her in her Chicago Bears cheerleader dress and Dad has his shirt and cap on. They are not big fans, lol.
I think I finally might have a stitching friend, keep fingers crossed for me. I have known her since we were babies, our moms were pregnant with us together. I knew she had started cross stitch a few years ago and jumped right into doing big designs. We have kinda drifted apart, but still send cards. I have e-mailed her about stitching and she is interested in going to the LNS with me for a few weeks now, but the timing is always wrong for one if us. I beleive she only does the kits, but was telling her about all the fibers they have now. i hope I didnt scare her, lol.
Well, she had went to a stitching shop many years ago with me and she bought this design, just because she liked it. I asked her if I could borrow it. I dug it out "Dream Catchers" I dont have much left to finish it. And then I found the duck one, cant find the chart, but I know I have it somewhere around here.
I have been busy with my new phone, all the gadgets on it confuses me, lol. I had the old one for two years. I now have a camera, speaker, voice command, navigation, web, music, etc. Why?? I wanted to be styling, lol. No, thats all they basically had, except for the keyboard one, but that didnt impress me. Kellie was so excited to get one too, but we blocked some stuff, so she cant do everything.
Oh yeah! I forgot to take a pic of something. I will post it next time with a stitching update. Heather and I took back a few doubles and exchanged them today. There was a Jo-Ann Fabrics right next door, so I took two minutes and ran in to make a purchase. I am sure that was all the hint you needed, lol.
I hope I didnt bore you all with this long post, please come back, lol. I havent been posting, becuz my lack of stitching, but have been trying to read blogs on and off. The computer was turned off for 2 days, thats the first time in ten years. I hope I havent lost my stitching mojo. I finally have a chance to see tonite, if I ever get done posting. DH is gone this weekend, he's been home because of the area flooding we had and the fishing tournaments have been cancelled for three weeks, but not this weekend, lol. I so looked forward to this weekend. Kellie is staying at a friends tonite and so all is quite, except for this dang keyboard, lol.
I cant believe its already 9:30 pm and I am tired from shopping today.
Well, I better go and find my mojo.
Thank You All or reading my blog and commenting, I appreciate it more then you know.
Happy Stitching and have a great weekend (whats left of it).
TaTa for now...


Kathy A. said...

My goodness girl you have been busy. Brianna is looking very dashing in her bears outfit. Did I read that you had a cross stitch pattern of Painted Ponies? My granddaughter collects them and I would like the pattern. Who is it by?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Brianna is such a sweetie, I hope you can get to meet up with your friend soon.

Carla said...

Your wips look great've made great progressn on Salem Sisters.
Brianna looks so cute in her cheerleader outfit!!

Sally said...

Brianna looks so sweet in her outfit:)

You have been really busy with your stitcher. Both your WIPs look fantastic.

Sharon said...

Ranae, you are a busy lady! Brianna looks adorable in her cheerleader outfit. I love your SS, especially the colors-I haven't made it that far-I do have the bird done except for the feet. See it on my blog! Your other wip's are great.

Leena said...

Brianna looks so cute!! Your WIPs are wonderful.

Kajsa said...

Brianna is such a cutie, what a great outfit.

All your wip's looks really nice, can't wait to see more of Salem Sisters.

Julie said...

Oh little Brianna is so cute in her Bears outfit!
Can you, should you eat the fish out of the Miss? They suggest you not eat more than 1 fish a day from the Kansas River. Worries me a bit!
We have Eagles that nest at area lakes and then a bunch that come through the area in early winter/late fall. The first weekend in December is Eagle Days and sometimes we've counted near 200 eagles at a time. I'm sure I'll go this year, so I'll get pics to show.
I hope things work out with your stitching friend. If it doesn't, look into starting a stitching group with an area church. Invite all types of stitchers: knitters, etc. Even if they're not doing the exact same craft, its nice to meet with other crafters. Try for once a month. Just an idea.

stitcherw said...

She's adorable in her Bears dress, such a cutie. Also, nice progress on Salem Sisters and Ponys.